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Han Sen learned everything that had happened from Bao'er, and he became more and more sure that the woman was a member of God.

Han Sen was silently enraged the whole time. After listening to what she said, he asked a few more questions and did not lose his temper. He did not say anything further. He let Bao'er continue to rest, and he went to the Martial Hall.

The God organization was very strong, and its core members had already risen to the Fifth God's Sanctuary. Obviously, they possessed even more geno armors. Han Sen knew that if he wanted to really eradicate the threat, he had to stand at the same height.

"Strength, I need more strength." Han Sen stepped toward the Martial Hall, and there was pure rage burning in his heart

He hadn't had this feeling of powerlessness for a long time. He hadn't even noticed when the God organization attacked Littleflower and Bao'er. If it wasn't for Bao'er, he couldn't imagine what the consequences would have been.

"Strong, I have to be stronger." Han Sen's body gradually turned into the super king spirit When he entered the Martial Hall, he was completely transformed into a super king spirit.

Today was the time of his battle with the Armored Man. He had been hesitant about this fight. He wasn't sure he could win the battle, and he didn't want the two of them to injure each other. But now Han Sen realized that he could never back down or return to what he had been. He must get stronger and stronger to be able to cope with unknown and powerful enemies.

Divinity's Bout had already been packed with various creatures. Even the Martial Halls of the major shelters had already been packed to max capacity. All creatures wanted to know if Dollar would fight the Armored Man.

"He's really coming. It seems that Dollar isn't willing to quit."

"It doesn't matter. He is too much weaker than the Armored Man."

"Watching such a battle will still be worthwhile. Fighting Dollar will let the Armored Man show more strength."

Seeing the image of the blazing white light appearing on the battlefield, all the creatures watching the battle were excited. Most of the spectators didn't care whether Dollar won or lost. They would get to see an exciting battle either way.

"Will Dollar be okay?" Even Tang Zhenliu couldn't help but worry that the Armored Man was too strong. People couldn't see any hope of Dollar defeating him.

Gu Qingcheng's injury was almost recovered. She also came to the Martial Hall to watch this matchup, but she had not spoken. She just looked at Dollar in the light and shadow, and the Armored Man who had just entered the battlefield.

Luo Haitang was also watching this game, looking very dignified.

Almost all the strongest beings of the Fourth Sanctuary were watching this battle, and among them, there was a very special existence.

It was a dragon-like creature, but it had four pairs of eyes on its head. The eight eyes were divided into two rows, and they almost reached the top of its head.

The eight eyes were different from normal eyes. Each eye seemed to be a Tai Chi. They were black and white, with white pupils in the black eyes and black pupils in the white eyes. It looked very strange.

"The Eye of the Gods. The god commanded that you see clearly what kind of creatures they are. You have to look carefully and be sure not to miss anything." Next to the eight-eyed dragon, a strange squirrel-like creature called.

"You can rest assured that with my God's Eye, I will see who they are," the Eye of the Gods said with full confidence. Its eight yin and yang eyes looked at the light and shadows in the Martial Hall.

The continual rotation of the yin and yang eyes seemed to pull the light and shadow into its eyes. Gradually, a figure emerged in its eyes.

However, it was a bit strange that the figure reflected in the eyes was neither Han Sen nor the Armored Man, but a white jade.

The jade took the form of a dragonfly skeleton with fire burning beneath its eyelids, and the gaps between its bones also burned the ice flames. It looked strange and gorgeous.

After watching for a while, the Eye of the Gods smiled and said, "The Armored Man is a creature of the shackles, not a human being. Let the gods be relieved; this is too simple for my eyes."

"The other one, what kind of creature is the one who calls himself Dollar?" The squirrel was not happy because of this and pointed to Han Sen's figure.

"Wait, I will see." The light and shadow of the eight yin and yang eyes disappeared, and then started running again. Slowly, a figure appeared in his eight eyes.

This time, the figure that emerged was the super king spirit body that Han Sen had turned into, with its long, white hair of the body. Light surrounded the body like a flame.

The squirrel kept looking at the Eye of the Gods. After seeing Han Sen's figure being reflected, he immediately shouted, "Is there a problem with your God's Eye?"

The Eye of the Gods frowned and said, "My God's Eye will never go wrong. If the reflection remains the same, that means this is his original body."

"Does that mean he isn't human?" asked the squirrel.

"Should not be..." the Eye of the Gods said hesitantly, looking at Han Sen on the field.

On the battlefield, after the Armored Man entered, his body ignited with horror. He walked toward Han Sen step by step like some god of ice and fire. With every step, the flames on his body grew stronger, but they did not go to Han Sen. In front of him, the flames shrouded most of the battlefield.

The flames followed the Armored Man, and the whole heaven and the earth were turned into flames around Han Sen.

Everyone held their breath. The momentum was too repressive, so they stopped breathing unconsciously, and their eyes were staring at Han Sen.

Han Sen summoned the Little Angel to merge with himself. The spectators couldn't see the Little Angel; they could only see Han Sen's holy light, rising like a volcano, and a pair of white wings spread out behind his back. A halo appeared over his head and a transparent sword in his hand, exuding a sense of purity and brilliance in the light.

After combining with the Little Angel, Han Sen began to run the Blood Legion technique, causing his body to change again. The blood slipped out of his blood vessels, suffusing his organs, flesh, and bones. It made his body completely different from an ordinary human's, or even from a creature.

Feeling the incredible power generated by his body, Han Sen did not hesitate to summon his Destiny's Tower immediately. He wanted to win this fight.

The moment that Destiny's Tower appeared, the Armored Man's eyes got colder. They stared at the geno core in Han Sen's hands, and the flames on the Armored Man's body became even more terrifying.

To the spectating creatures, it was strange to see Dollar summon a tower-shaped geno core instead of his Coin or Blow Blood geno cores.

Destiny's Tower had been gone for too long, and most of the creatures had only heard of it. No one had ever seen what it actually looked like. It was also impossible to think that Han Sen was holding the legendary Destiny's Tower.

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