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The man collapsed in front of Han Sen. Before Han Sen could react, the man was picking himself back up off the floor.

The liquid inside the tank had been an almost jelly-like substance. It remained in the open tank, just wobbling in place. None of it actually came spilling out

"Who are you? You have walked into the Main Control Room. You know you will die for this, don't you?" The man spoke to Han Sen with the human language.

Before Han Sen could respond, the man saw the open door. Outside, he saw that the exterior had become a total ruin. When he noticed that, the expression on his face changed.

"Betrayer! You must die!" The man was enraged. His armor emanated with a scary power, and he tried throwing a punch at Han Sen.

"Betrayer?" Han Sen wanted to explain, but he could feel that the power headed for him was far too strong. If he stood and spoke, he'd most likely end up dead.

Han Sen summoned his white crystal armor and threw a punch to intercept the man's fist. He felt as if he had hit a train, and the sheer force sent him flying away. His body hit a crystal wall, and he ricocheted off into an open plane of space. He flew so far away, and when he finally came to a stop, he heaved blood.

The blood floated in the empty air around him. There was no gravity, so it didn't fall. It looked rather strange.

The man came right before Han Sen and threw another punch.

Han Sen thought the man was too d*mn strong. He was far stronger than Han Sen, and he had geno armor. It looked as if he was the one who could utilize the full strength of such a set of armor. Han Sen had yet to learn how to do this.

Han Sen transformed into super king spirit mode and combined with Little Angel. Then, he used the Blood-Pulse Sutra. Even with all that, he was still at a disadvantage. He was punched another two times, and more and more blood came out with each hit.

"Stop it! I'm not a betrayer of any kind. I came here for a baptism!" Han Sen exclaimed. It was okay to have an enemy, but it wasn't okay for him to be framed for something he hadn't done. He wasn't who the man thought he was.

"Pah! You are trying to find an excuse now? How can a creature from the sanctuary possess a geno armor? You are not a creature from the sanctuary!" The man did not believe Han Sen, and he continued throwing punches.

The man's skill was average, and he wasn't particularly dexterous. It was his strength that was incredible, and his speed, too.

Han Sen had to use his Dongxuan Sutra and phoenix techniques to keep up with the man.

Han Sen knew he couldn't win, though. And the best he could do was kite the maniac. When Han Sen actually did try to punch his enemy, his fist couldn't make a dent.

"Someone else gave me this armor. It isn't mine! If this was my own armor, shouldn't I be able to use its power? Why aren't I?" Han Sen tried his best to explain, despite the blood oozing from his aching mouth.

The man froze and came to a total stop. He looked at Han Sen and asked, "You really are a creature from the Fourth God's Sanctuary?"

"Yes. Follow me, if you don't believe me. I won first place in Divinity's Bout. I took the passage that opened for me to get here." As Han Sen spoke, he wiped the blood away.

The man heard what he was told, but he ignored Han Sen after that. He raced back into a room amidst the ruins and came back shortly after.

"I am sorry! You really did become the first Son of God. It is my mistake!" The man rubbed his nose and felt rather sorry for what he'd done.

"What is going on?" Han Sen asked the man.

The man frowned. "I don't know either. I was in charge, overlooking the C-3 Control Room. While I was soaking in the geno fluid, the control room vibrated. Some power went inside me, and I must have fainted. When I woke up, I saw you. The place was like this."

"What is your identity?" Han Sen noticed the guy wasn't fully awake, but he still wanted to ask the man questions.

Han Sen still treated him with suspicion, but he listened. The man said, "I am a soldier from the Third Division Special Forces. Which are you from?"

"Third Division? Which one is that?" Han Sen was in the special forces, but there were many third divisions. He didn't know which one was being referred to. He had never heard of a regiment named so simply in the Alliance.

"How many Third Divisions do the crystallizers have?" The man looked confused.

"Crystallizer?" Han Sen was shocked, but he didn't shout it out and make his astonishment look obvious. He looked at the man and said, "You are of the crystallizer's Third Division?"

"Are you not a crystallizer?" The man looked annoyed, but he went on to say, "What happened here? Why is the Main Control Room in such a state?"

Han Sen was shocked. The man before him was a living crystallizer. Han Sen had guessed they might look like humans, but he never expected them to look identical.

Han Sen even thought the man might have been tricking him. He did look exactly like a human, after all.

"Brother, I'm going to tell you something. But don't get mad when I do," Han Sen said, looking at the man.

"Go on." The man nodded and looked serious.

Han Sen thought even if he didn't try to explain how things were, the man would find out eventually. There was no need for him to lie.

So, Han Sen told him about the galaxy. The man listened to every word spoken, but his face turned green and pale like a lightshow.

After Han Sen explained, the man said, "It looks like we lost, then."

"Lost? To who?" Han Sen asked.

He didn't reply to Han Sen, he just stared at him. After a while, Han Sen's skin flared up with goosebumps.

"I'm certainly handsome, but you still shouldn't look at me like that," Han Sen thought.

"Can you help me with one thing?" the man asked.

"It depends, but if I can help you, I will," Han Sen said.

"If it is possible, can you take me with you? I want to integrate with modern society." When the man asked this, he looked very embarrassed.

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