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With Stay Up Late around, Han Sen didn't dare go anywhere. He was afraid that if he left, Stay Up Late might harm his family. Fortunately, though, there was no explicit need for Han Sen to return to the sanctuary, due to the fact he had already maxed out his geno points. He could practice with hyper geno arts from the comfort of his own home.

Stay Up Late did not do anything outstanding. And while he was living with Han Sen, he actually helped out with the housework.

Not long after, the man had gotten used to the livelihoods of humans. He even found employment for himself at a high-class hotel, where he could be a waiter. A waiter's profession was not to be underestimated, either, particularly in those days. Waiters were a luxury, and had very high-paying wages.

But Stay Up Late still wished to live with Han Sen, something that made Han Sen feel perpetually odd.

"Han Sen, is there a place I might be able to test my power without leaving a result or record?" Stay Up Late asked Han Sen out of the blue one day.

"If you'd like to go, there is a place I can take you to perform a private test. The data won't be recorded and won't be known by anyone in the Alliance. No one will see your numbers." Han Sen himself was quite curious about the man's power.

"If it isn't too much trouble, please take me there," Stay Up Late said.

"Of course." Han Sen agreed. He took an aircraft to a training room owned by Fang Jingqi.

The Fang family had a lot of different business ventures, but Fang Jingqi was not there, currently. Fang Xuexi worked in the training room, though, and that saved Han Sen some trouble.

Fang Xuexi took the pair to an enclosed, private testing place. Then, the recording devices were turned off.

"Brother Sen, I am leaving now. Call me with this if there is anything else you require." Fang Xuexi then gave Han Sen a communication device.

"Okay, but do you have time later? Let's call Danfeng and get something to eat. We haven't had a get-together in a long time," Han Sen said.

"Okay. Let me give Brother Fang a shout. We will leave once you are done," Fang Xuexi said with a smile.

After he left, Han Sen pointed to the machines and explained their functions. They were professional, state-of-the-art technologies. They could accurately gauge high levels of force, up to one-hundred-thousand. That being said, Han Sen knew the strength test would be useless.

Stay Up Late gave the power-tester a good hit. Then, the machine immediately hit the max number.

The other tests displayed similar ridiculousness. Most of them were maxed out, and so there was no way for Han Sen to tell what the exact number of his power was.

But that was because he was making use of his geno armor. If he did not use it, his body would only be a bit stronger than a top-tier demi-god.

But when he wore the geno armor, his power really was nuts.

"Since you are here, why don't you give it a test?" Stay Up Late asked Han Sen after his own tests were concluded.

"Okay." Han Sen knew Stay Up Late wished to see his results, and it wasn't as if Han Sen was going to keep his abilities a secret Han Sen actually fancied knowing how high his fitness level was, anyway.

Han Sen walked in front of the power tester. He gathered up his power and punched it hard.

Stay Up Late looked at Han Sen's data. He didn't allow his expression to change at all, but he was absolutely shocked on the inside.

"A body with these statistics can qualify him to be a new soldier. And all the data is really weH-distributed. It is very rare to see someone's fitness be so well-balanced. He is most certainly qualified. If he could gather geno armor, he might be able to go out." Stay Up Late retreated into thought after viewing Han Sen's statistics.

Stay Up Late watched Han Sen finish his tests, and as he did, his eyes sparkled.

After the test was done, Han Sen, Fang Xuexi, and Zhang Danfeng went to meet with each other. Stay Up Late, in the meantime, went home. He wasn't going to follow them.

When Han Sen entered the sanctuary next, a month had passed.

Crystal Core, Real Blood, and Coin had all reached super class. Bulwark Umbrella had yet to hit that prestige, though. Han Sen thought he could go and accept challenges in the Fourth God's Sanctuary to level up the umbrella and the Dongxuan Sutra, but Dragon Lady asked him for help first. That was why he had come.

Dragon Lady brought Han Sen to Starcloud Field. That was far away from Han Sen's own shelter. There were no powerful creatures or spirits there. Han Sen was there because Dragon Lady fancied being emperor-class now. The only thing she was missing was a certain key ingredient to leveling up.

Dragon Lady thought she could summon her ingredient to level up, but she did not know how well the summoning would go. She knew that it'd be a berserk super creature once it was summoned correctly, though, and for that, she'd require Han Sen's help. She was not confident she had the ability to kill one by herself.

To avoid the creature causing harm to the shelter, they had gone all that way to Starcloud Field. It was in the middle of nowhere.

Are you ready? I am going to summon it." Dragon Lady, out on the field, asked Han Sen.

"Yes." Han Sen nodded.

After receiving her answer, Dragon Lady summoned the ingredient.

Han Sen had seen Dragon Lady summon ingredients many times. Even before he met her, Serpent Throne simulated her and did the same thing to summon ingredients as she did. As a result, he wasn't surprised.

But this one was special. When she began the summoning ritual, the bright afternoon suddenly turned into night. The sky was cloaked in blood-red clouds, like a crimson sea of thrashing waves. They blotted the sun and covered the entire sky. The whole region was dyed red.

Han Sen looked up into the sky, and from the bloody waves, a crack formed in the atmosphere. A scary energy came out from that tear, and it sent a chill running down his spine.

Dragon Lady's face looked morbid. She had known that she'd end up summoning something powerful, but seeing all that was still a shock for her.

A blood-red talon came swinging through the rip, and then, the rest of a red body. When it came out in its entirety, it roared into the sky.


Han Sen and Dragon Lady, after seeing it, were both surprised. This was far different than what they were expecting. The creature was actually like a wolf, and its size was no larger than an ordinary dog. But despite that, it was very red; so red, it looked as if it had been painted.

After the Blood Dog roared, it leaped towards Dragon Lady. She was the one who had summoned the beast, so naturally, it made her its first target.

It was Dragon Lady's ingredient, and thus, Dragon Lady was its ingredient.

Blood Dog looked very angry and very murderous. It was like a red beam of light when it jumped at Dragon Lady.

Dragon Lady made a call, lifted her fork, and thrust it towards the enemy. It became a light of its own, and it pierced right through the dog's body. She then lifted the dog's body into the air.

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