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It happened in a millisecond. The Blood Dog's body suddenly split up into multiple parts, and they all became smaller Blood Bats. They then flew towards Dragon Lady.

Dragon Lady was not weak; she was a king spirit, after all. She was also one of the strongest king spirits there was. Seeing the Blood Bats come towards her, though, she couldn't help but scream. She summoned a big pot out of the sky and used it to trap the Blood Bats inside.

In the next second, Dragon Lady flipped the palms of her hands over. A fire began to blaze at the bottom of the pot, with the intent of cooking the bats that were trapped inside.

The bats inside all gathered up together, becoming a Blood Dog once more. With canine strength, it leaped up and knocked the lid open. Then the beast leaped towards Dragon Lady once more.

Dragon Lady summoned a cleaver and a frying pan. With both of them held akimbo, she did battle with the dog as if she was using a sword and shield.

Han Sen was surprised by what he was seeing. It was rare to see a spirit with so many different geno cores. It was almost as if she had more than Han Sen.

That being said, she had told Han Sen that her geno core was a set While it did look as if she had many geno cores, all her summoned cooking utensils were from the same geno core. Because of that, she could only take one rank on the leaderboards, unlike Han Sen.

With that magical geno core and the power she possessed, the king class Dragon Lady was able to do combat with Blood Dog.

The field they were on was an unfortunate place for them to be, though. When volatile powers were cast, the ground was churned inside out and destroyed. Scars were left everywhere across the landscape, and it was difficult to find an open space with decent footing.

Dragon Lady's fork could not stop the dog for long, so she tried slashing it But when she did, Blood Dog again became a swarm of bats. They raced towards her and bit her. When that was done, they reverted to the shape of a dog again.

Blood Dog looked immortal, and Dragon Lady's methods left her unable to do anything significant. If that were to continue, it was only a matter of time before she lost.

Han Sen was in no rush to fight, though. That was because Blood Dog had immortal powers. Even if he did strike, it did not seem as if it would help. He knew he'd have to find a weakspot first.

Physical power did not seem to work. Dragon Lady's cleaver had whacked the beast a few times, and she had even brought it down on the monster's neck, but none of that seemed to do a speck of damage.

Any blood that was sprayed would turn into bats, and they'd fly back to the dog and heal.

After watching the beast for a while, Han Sen could not determine its weakspot. Dragon Lady was also starting to struggle. So, Han Sen decided to summon Golden Growler and see how capable he was at fighting.

Normally, mount beast souls could not fight. But Golden Growler was different.

When it was summoned, Golden Growler roared. It ran towards Blood Dog with insane speed. It was a far faster creature than Blood Dog was.

Blood Dog wished to dodge Golden Growler, but Golden Growler already had its mouth open. While its body was the same size as an ordinary lion, its maw opened to the size of a house. Blood Dog was unable to dodge, and it was scooped up by Golden Growler's mouth in a flash. Then, it was chewed up.

There was a wretched, crunching sound, as if the bones were all being broken.

"Don't eat it! It's my ingredient!" Dragon Lady quickly said. She was worried Golden Growler would swallow the dog and she'd lose her precious ingredient.

It didn't happen, though. Golden Growler was only able to chew it for a while, before a swarm of bats came flying out of its mouth. When the bats reformed to the shape of a hound again, Blood Dog looked at Golden Growler with obvious fear. It wanted to fly and escape.

Blood Dog was incredibly fast, and it far outpaced Dragon Lady who was left unable to keep up.

"Get up!" Han Sen mounted Golden Growler and spoke to Dragon Lady.

Dragon Lady jumped up behind Han Sen, and Golden Growler carried them both in the pursuit of Blood Dog. It was much faster than the summoned creature.

But the dog was very devious. It kept changing direction, and the lumbering Golden Growler was unable to keep up with that.

When Dragon Lady got close to Blood Dog, she slashed towards it But attacks such as that would not work on the fiend.

"Do you have a way to kill it?" Dragon Lady asked with a rush. She was obviously unable to kill it, and she had no choice but to ask Han Sen.

"I don't know how to kill it, either. Blood Dog is invincible, it would seem. It'll be very hard to kill." Han Sen shook his head, as he hadn't had any promising ideas yet.

Dragon Lady kept trying to kill Blood Dog. None of her attempts worked. Golden Growler chased the creature for ten thousand miles.

Blood Dog kept running and running, until it suddenly came to an abrupt stop. It turned around and smiled at them.

Han Sen and Dragon Lady were given a spooky shock by that smile. It wasn't really a smile, it was more of a cruel, menacing grin. It was an evil display that only looked like a smile. It was, in fact, very scary.

Golden Growler was not afraid, though; it continued after Blood Dog. The Blood Dog jumped toward the mountain in front of it, and when the Blood Dog hit the cliffside, it fell inside.

The wall did not break; it was like the dog could just fall through the walls.

Golden Growler was unable to do this, and when he came against the wall, he came crashing into it.

Han Sen had a blackout. But he opened his Bulwark Umbrella to prevent any follow-up sneak attacks. When Han Sen's consciousness returned, he discovered that he had not been attacked. But what he saw surprised him and Dragon Lady both.

Behind the wall was not an underground labyrinth; it was just a field. There were lots of fallen buildings there. There was half a tower scattered across the ground, and a palace comprised of slopes. There were many stone constructs there, but they were all in ruin.

It did not look as if they had been built there, though. It was more as if someone had just thrown them all away, and dropped them there upon the field.

Han Sen didn't see where Blood Dog went to. He looked around and eventually found a human that was half-buried in the soil.

It was actually the effigy of a woman. She was adorned with a crown that was reminiscent of the sun. One of her hands held a book, and the other held a torch above her head.

There were a few more statues about, but they were all destroyed.

Han Sen looked at the buildings and the statues, and he frowned. The style of the rock was similar to that which he found in the Valley of Time. The stone was very similar.

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