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The shura king gravesite was above and beyond Han Sen's expectations. The grave itself was a planet. It was a planet that could alter its orbit, too.

The shura had moved the planet to a system in the barrens of space. There were many other planets just like it, and if the shura queen had not taken Han Sen there herself, he would never have guessed it to be the shura king gravesite when he initially laid eyes on it.

On the planet, a giant mountain opened up. It was the entrance to the graves. You needed an item to open it, and it was something that belonged only to the rulers of the shura.

Han Sen walked into the gravesite without hesitation. On either side of him, there were statues depicting beasts. When he entered, the Gravewatcher Beasts came alive. They opened their mouths, exhaling Falsified-Sky powers. The strength they wielded was god-class by Alliance standards.

There were so many Gravewatcher Beasts there, and they all used their Falsified-Sky powers together. It was like fighting a thousand God-class elites all at once.

But before the scary power reached Han Sen, it was warded off. The powers couldn't come closer than three meters from Han Sen. It was like there was an invisible shield protecting him.

The shura queen and Jade Ming'er were in shock. That unbelievable power could not even touch Han Sen. It was hard to imagine.

None of the tricks and traps of the gravesite worked on Han Sen. He didn't even ask them about the gravesite; he just kept on walking, without anything being able to stop him.

The shura queen was hoping that the shura king gravesite and its defenses would punish Han Sen. But now, she had no hope at all. Han Sen was nothing short of a genuine god. Nothing was able to touch him, and no power could bring harm to his body.

"How can such power exist in this world?" Jade Ming'er looked to be awe-struck. She couldn't wrap her mind around it.

She lost faith. She didn't think there was a point in practicing so hard. In front of Han Sen, her strength was nothing. She was little more than an ant.

"I came here to lead. Stop touching the traps," the shura queen said, walking past Han Sen. If Han Sen kept walking forward the way he was, all the traps and defenses would be triggered and broken. That would mean anyone could go in.

With the shura queen leading, they soon reached the deeper recesses of the royal shura gravesite. There were many coffins, and each one of them belonged to a separate shura king.

The back of the hall contained a humanoid, shura-shaped coffin. The shura coffin was standing atop an altar. In front of it, there was a pool that had long since dried up. There were some bottles next to it. Han Sen recognized them as being the same as the bottle of mysterious geno fluid.

"When my life ends, I will come here to die," the shura queen said.

Han Sen observed the whole hall, and he noted how there was not a single tablet or slab of text. There was not a single written word anywhere. It was just a place that was home to a number of coffins.

"Is it really rare for a shura king to sleep?" Han Sen opened his Dongxuan Aura and gave the place a scan. This seemed to be the only gravesite on the planet.

"Yes, it is only here," the shura queen answered.

Han Sen looked at the graves. "There are twenty-four of them, but there have been more than twenty-four kings, right?"

The shura queen shook her head and said, "I don't know. I only know what's written on the decree. This is the first time I have learned about the number of coffins here."

Han Sen used his mind to open the twenty-four coffins. Each coffin contained the body of shura.

"Han Sen! You said you would not destroy the bones of our ancestors!" Jade Ming'er shouted angrily.

Han Sen smiled darkly. These are not the bodies of shura kings."

"What?" Jade Ming'er was frozen.

The shura have had more than twenty-four kings. If this was true, there should be more than twenty-four of them here. The coffins would all be filled up. There wouldn't be one left empty for your mom, at least." Han Sen looked at the humanoid-shaped coffin atop the altar.

Han Sen walked up to the altar and opened the coffin. He couldn't use his mind to scan that coffin, so he was curious what material it had been made of.

The coffin was dark green, but it seemed very old. There were no decorations or carvings on it. The shura coffin looked very simple, almost primal.

Bao'er curiously looked at the shura coffin, and she used her fat hands to touch it.

Han Sen pressed on the shura coffin, and he tried to open it. He realized that it wouldn't budge. That surprised him.

In the Alliance, not many powers ought to have stopped him.

Sen gathered up power to try again. But again, there was no change, and Han Sen's power was insufficient to move it.

"There's more to the shura alphas than meets the eye." Han Sen was getting excited, and he was one step closer to getting what he wanted.

"Jade Shura, how do I open this?" Han Sen looked at the shura queen as he asked.

"This is our alpha's coffin. No one touches it, and none would dare open it. If you cannot open it, then how are we supposed to?" the shura queen said.

"No. I know you know how to open it." Han Sen looked at the shura queen coldly. "This is not a grave. If I have guessed correctly, then the shura kings do not die here. The story of shura kings coming here and waiting to die is a lie. They entered your coffin, but the way to open it would be something known only by the kings themselves. In these circumstances, that would be you."

The shura queen looked pale. She knew she couldn't hide things from Han Sen.

The shura queen shyly said, "You are right. The shura kings, if possible at the end of their lives, walk into this coffin. This is what the alpha taught us. It is the hope and desire of every shura king."

"What hope?" Han Sen asked.

"A hope for continued life," the shura queen said. With a highlight of hesitation, she went on to say, "There are words in the decree saying that when our lives have reached the end of their tether, we may come to this shura coffin. It is said it can extend our lives. It can allow us to be reborn. If you open it before that, however, bad things will happen to you."

Han Sen knew what she meant, and he coldly said, "You can decide whether or not to open the coffin now, then. Open it, or see the destruction of the entire shura race."

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