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The shura queen walked to the altar and stood before the shura coffin. After bowing sincerely before it, she drew a dagger and stabbed at the head of the coffin.

The dagger was purple, and it had been forged from a strange material. It sort of looked like her horns, but it was darker, and it looked heavier.

The shura coffin did not have a seam, but the dagger was able to slip inside without any resistance. The handle was still stuck on the outside, however. It looked like a horn atop the coffin.

There was a katcha noise, and then the entire coffin began to shake. The door opened to reveal what was inside.

Han Sen kept a firm eye on the coffin, and when it opened, a scary presence emerged. It came at the shura queen and Jade Ming'er, and the power tried to pull them inside the coffin.

Even with the power that the shura queen possessed, she was unable to fight back. She and Jade Ming'er fell forward.

Han Sen moved his hand and cut the power off. He pulled them both back, and then, the coffin shut and returned to appearing just as it had before opening. The dagger on the coffin was gone, though.

It was only open for a moment, but in that time, Han Sen had seen darkness inside the coffin. It was like a black hole. This wasn't just an empty box.

The shura queen and Jade Ming'er were in shock. They did not know what had happened, and they were left shaken and pale.

Han Sen tried to push the coffin open, but again, it was no longer budging. So, he asked the shura queen the obvious question. "Where is your dagger?"

The shura queen had a wry smile, and she said, "The dagger has returned to the altar on the shura's main planet. The next shura ruler will be able to take it from the altar.

Han Sen did not say anything. He believed that was all they knew. Han Sen used his powers to grab the shura queen and Jade Ming'er. Then, they teleported into a shura palace.

"Keep being the good queen you are. Pretend nothing happened." Han Sen looked at the shura queen and Jade Ming'er. After that, Han Sen disappeared with Bao'er.

The shura queen and her daughter were left standing in silence, quite rattled. They could not believe a scary human such as that could exist. The fate of the entire shura was in someone else's hand, and she was helpless to stop it.

Han Sen took Bao'er home. The shura coffin was obviously a path that led to another dimension, but Han Sen did not know where it went to.

Han Sen guessed that it led to the geno universe, and they would teleport to a place occupied by the Demon. If that was true, it all made sense. But that path did not look safe at all. It was obviously an unstable path, so the success rate of making it through the teleporter would be very low.

The shura alpha said they could only try it immediately before their death. That meant entering it could be dangerous. If that was a path that led to the Demon, then that was fairly awesome.

The sanctuaries and the geno universe were separate. He hadn't expected Asura to have been able to forge a path such as that. It was not stable, but it was amazing.

This was all guesswork, though. Perhaps the path didn't actually lead to the geno universe.

Han Sen did not plan on trying it. If that was a path to the Demon, it'd be even more dangerous for him than going back to Return Ruin Sea. Sharon had died by Han Sen's hands, and many Demons would undoubtedly want to see him dead. If that path led to the heart of the Demon, it was unlikely Han Sen would be able to run.

Han Sen also learned that Asura had not died. Perhaps the shura kings hadn't died, either, and they were just inhabiting a different dimension.

Han Sen suddenly thought of something. He had seen a person that looked like God's Retribution. He thought that it was just someone similar, not the actual man he knew.

But now that he had seen this path existing in the shura coffin, he didn't think so anymore.

If the shura coffin could lead to the geno universe, then Blood Legion might have something similar, as well.

"Blood Legion must be a factor here. The Nine-Life Cat can enter the sanctuaries, and after I refined the Nine-Life Cat pendant, I could do the same thing, too. The Nine-Life Cat is related to Blood Legion, so if the shura have a way to leave, then Blood Legion should know," Han Sen thought to himself.

"Blood Legion has a whole host of members, but I have never encountered too many. I learned the first-generation of the Blood-Pulse Sutra, and Little Flower and Little Ling'er have an impressive amount of strength. Blood Legion had been doing this for many generations, so they have to be much stronger."

But when Han Sen thought deeper about Blood Legion, he realized that they were probably like the shura. They might have a way to leave the sanctuaries, but there was no way for them to come back.

This was all guesswork on Han Sen's part, of course. But in regards to the absent geno fluid in the shura king's gravesite, Han Sen had no answer.

Traditionally, the geno fluid was prepared for a shura king to consume. Perhaps they used it before opening the coffin. But then the humans came to steal it, and it dried up for good.

"How can I contact a Blood Legion member to ask this?" Han Sen was annoyed, as he couldn't find any Blood Legion members.

"I don't know if Mister Lee is still in the human king coffin. He called himself the Blood Legion Leader, so perhaps I can ask him," Han Sen thought. But then, thinking of this, Han Sen was shocked. "The human king coffin is a coffin! Can that teleport you outside the sanctuaries, too?"

Just thinking about all this was useless. He needed to go to the human king shelter to take a proper look. It was strange that the coffin was in the sanctuaries, not the Alliance. There shouldn't have been a way for it to teleport all the way to the geno universe.

But when Nine-Life Cat first appeared, he made a point of lying down atop that holy coffin. Han Sen thought it was possible.

"Don't let me find you again, you *sshole Nine-Life Cat," Han Sen thought angrily.

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