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After going back home, Han Sen used the teleporter to return to the lower level sanctuaries. Then, he went to the human king shelter and found the holy coffin.

Han Sen had been unable to open it before. Now, he was still unable to open it. It made him frown.

"If a human god went to the geno universe, why aren't there any human races in the geno universe?" Han Sen did not understand.

Han Sen left the human shelter, shelving all his guesses. He continued to absorb the blood that stained the Blood Feather Knife, hoping to reach Marquise soon.

Power was what he needed if he continued to seek the answers to his questions. If Han Sen was able to beat up the Demon leader, he might be able to learn all that he wished to. But he didn't have that power; he'd been forced to resort to super god spirit just to defeat Sharon.

Han Sen had a relaxing time. He went drinking with Zhang Danfeng and played some videogames. He occasionally played with his Warframe on Skynet with 304 students. It had been a long time since Han Sen had had the chance to experience some peace.

Two months later, Han Sen finally managed to clear all the blood off of the Blood Feather Knife. But even so, he still needed a little bit more if he was to reach the status of a Marquise.

But after the blood was cleaned from the blade, the knife itself shone with a holy light. It was as if it had been reborn, and it was very lively as a result. The holy light glistened from every line and detail of the feather.

Han Sen clutched the Blood Feather Knife, and when he did, a holy form of power entered his body. He felt as if he had been blessed, and he felt his stats increase.

But when Han Sen let go of the knife, that holy power disappeared.

"Although this knife is not deified, it is certainly half-deified." Han Sen fingered the Blood Feather Knife, rather ecstatic about its potential. With that knife, he'd have a higher chance of escaping Return Ruin Sea when the time came.

Han Sen wasn't going back to Return Ruin Sea yet, though. He went to the training room and brought out the Upside- Down Scale. With it, he was going to attempt to become a Marquise.

Han Sen used his Blood-Pulse Sutra. He dropped a tidbit of his crystal blood onto the scale. His blood blended into it in an attempt to refine it.

Han Sen held the scale in his hand. The Blood-Pulse Sutra's blood mist enveloped his entire body, and it created what looked like a large orb of blood.

The Story of Genes, the Dongxuan Sutra, and Jadeskin had special abilities of their own, but the Blood-Pulse Sutra only showed its power with the spilling of blood. The power was strong, but it didn't really help Han Sen in the field. It was just to ensure Han Sen's children could carry on with his strength.

But that inheritance wasn't as easy as it sounded. If Littleflower and Ling'er did not practice the Blood-Pulse Sutra themselves, they'd never achieve the potential offered by Han Sen's blood.

If Littleflower and Ling'er did practice the Blood-Pulse Sutra, however, there were big risks involved in that, too. If Han Sen's bloodline carried on that way, his descendants might eventually carry blue blood, and they'd be proper Blood Legion members. That would also prevent them from making use of special powers, and force them to rely solely on the power bestowed upon them by the blue blood itself.

Han Sen was still wondering whether or not he should teach them the Blood-Pulse Sutra. Four days later, though, the orb of blood re-entered Han Sen's body. When the blood mist was completely absorbed, the scale disappeared. Han Sen's body, however, glowed with a red light.

Han Sen inspected his information, and what he saw delighted him.

Han Sen: Super God Spirit Body

Geno Battle Body: Mutant Blood (Marquise), Spell (Earl), Dongxuan (Earl), Jadeskin (Earl)

Level: Marquise Lifespan: 1000

Han Sen was happy that his mutant blood had reached the level of a Marquise, but mutant blood only improved Han Sen's fitness. Nothing else was increased. That made him rather depressed.

"Does the power of the Blood-Pulse Sutra really only affect the children?" Han Sen thought to himself.

Leveling up to Marquise meant Han Sen could absorb the xenogeneic genes of a Marquise class creature. So, Han Sen brought out a few such mutant xenogeneic genes.

He lifted the Xuanyuan Dragon, Demon Stonecow, and Demon Dragon mutant xenogeneic genes in the palm of his hand. But an announcement played, telling him he did not have enough genes of his own to absorb them.

"It looks like I'll need to find some more Marquise genes." Han Sen felt depressed. He did have a few Marquise xenogeneic genes, but they were still on Little Jade Island, over in Sky Palace. He hadn't brought them with him to the Ancient God space. Since he couldn't return to Sky Palace yet, he would have to hunt.

Han Sen was going to return the three mutant xenogeneic genes to his Destiny's Tower. But as he did, his heart suddenly jumped. He used his Blood-Pulse Sutra on one of the mutant xenogeneic genes.

The blood air blended into the Xuanyuan Dragon's orb, and it dyed the ball completely red.

Han Sen was so happy. He used his Blood-Pulse Sutra to refine the brain orb. It blended into his blood successfully.

His boiling blood was suddenly imbued with an unexplainable power. Han Sen could see the power in his blood increase, but it was different from the way mutant xenogeneic genes had affected him before. This power only made his blood stronger.

When the Xuanyuan Dragon's brain orb was absorbed, the boiling blood cooled back down into crystal. His blood returned to its usual state, but he could feel that it possessed a power it previously hadn't.

Han Sen used the Blood-Pulse Sutra to activate his blood powers. The next second, he discovered that two small wings had appeared over his ears. They looked like the Xuanyuan Dragon's.

When the hand-sized, red ear wings appeared, Han Sen felt the stats of his body increase. Especially his speed.

"Haha! The Blood-Pulse Sutra can be used like that?" Han Sen was so happy. He brought out another xenogeneic gene to try to absorb it.

But Han Sen only had an ordinary Earl material that wasn't mutant. He refined it, but he didn't gain its xenogeneic powers.

Han Sen brought out the Demon Dragon mutant xenogeneic gene to refine, and the Blood-Pulse Sutra absorbed the Demon Dragon gene. Han Sen used his Blood-Pulse Sutra again, and giant red dragon wings sprouted from his back.

The dragon wings flapped, and Han Sen appeared one hundred meters away.

"Sharon's teleportation ability Break Space Flash." Han Sen was so happy.

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