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Han Sen's power was enough to compare with a Marquise due to the dragon wing buffs and Break Space Flash. Those two abilities made Han Sen far stronger.

Without hesitation, Han Sen took out his Demon Stone Cow mutant gene and used the Blood-Pulse Sutra to refine it.

Han Sen did not know if this ability to refine mutant genes was a power that the Blood-Pulse Sutra was supposed to have, or if it was simply a result of refining the scale. Either way, Han Sen was incredibly happy with his new ability. It was sick.

The Demon Stone Cow's xenogeneic gene was refined. After Han Sen cast his Blood-Pulse Sutra, his body was covered with red stone.


Han Sen walked a single step, and when he did, a red pulse wave was emitted. It petrified everything around him. Fortunately, Han Sen was able to cancel it quickly. If he hadn't, everything in the training room would have been turned to stone.

"With these three powers, I am sure to be able to escape Return Ruin Sea," Han Sen thought, feeling cocky.

Using these new powers, Han Sen was little more than a red stone. Both of his ears had little dragon wings, and his back possessed a set of broader dragon wings. He looked like a humanoid dragon statue. It was no longer possible to determine his identity.

Han Sen's heart jumped, and he thought, "Yes! I don't have to fight the Dragon in Return Ruin Sea at all. They are looking for Han Sen, so they won't be able to find me as long as I keep myself hidden."

With this realization, Han Sen felt relieved. He decided to rest at home for another two days before going back to the Return Ruin Sea.

"Remember me. Littleflower and Ling'er need you," Ji Yanran said before Han Sen left, holding him tight.

Han Sen was touched by the sentiment. It had been a long time since he'd been in the geno universe, and she was smart enough to figure out that he had run into some trouble before he left. But she didn't want to worry him too much, and so she hadn't told him.

"Don't worry. No one in this world can kill your husband." Han Sen squeezed Ji Yanran tight and kissed her on the forehead. He wanted to survive even more now.

Back in the Return Ruin Sea, Han Sen found himself on the sea bed where the battle had last been waged. Han Sen hid himself in a cave, and he gave the vicinity a scan with his Dongxuan Aura. There were no lifeforces around, so he summoned his Demon Stone Cow beast soul. With it, he turned into a strong stone cow.

Kicking his hooves, he swam up from the bottom of the sea. He looked around and found some xenogeneic sea creatures, but none of them were interested in him. They only gave him strange looks before swimming away.

Han Sen didn't swim up to the surface, however. He went back down to the bottom of the sea, only hoping to gaze above the water when he had well-and-truly left that area.

But not long after, Han Sen saw a giant battleship on patrol.

Han Sen knew that the people inside the battleship had seen him, but he was in Stone Cow mode. So, he kept moving. He noticed many of the other creatures avoiding the battleship, too.

A few Dragon and a Gana lady moved around inside the battleship. The Gana lady was Xius. She had not yet left Return Ruin Sea. But the Dragon in the ship weren't Dragon Fifteen and Long Ying. The leader of the collective was a Dragon lady.

"There is a stone xenogeneic in the Return Ruin Sea," Xius said when she saw a Stone Cow show up on the radar.

The Dragon lady laughed. "Sister Xius, there are many water xenogeneics in the sea, but there are many other xenogeneics to be found, too. There are stone ones, and even fire ones. They live on the islands, primarily, but some are fond of living in the water."

"I see." Xius was surprised to see a Stone Cow on the bottom of the sea. She didn't think it was Han Sen, she merely found it unusual.

Han Sen left the battleship's radius without provoking any sort of response from it. Just as he was grinning to himself over how smoothly things were going, he saw a giant shark headed toward him. It had a rock body.

"Sh*t! Am I that unlucky?" Han Sen felt depressed. He didn't want such trouble at a time like this, but trouble had a way of seeking him out.

The giant shark swam extremely quickly. In his Stone Cow shape, Han Sen couldn't perform many skills, either. If the battleship saw a Stone Cow using knife airs, they'd most certainly grow suspicious.


The shark hit Han Sen, and when the two rocks collided, it generated a large shockwave.

The rock shark's power was similar to Han Sen's. Han Sen's body was knocked back ten meters, cleaving a ravine along the sea bed. The shark swung its tail around and came back after Han Sen. It wanted to bite into Han Sen's neck.

Han Sen knew he would have to fight. The shark was a Marquise, so fighting with simple power-on-power likely meant he could win.

If he did fight back, however, he might end up drawing more attention.

Han Sen roared, lowered his head, and rocketed forward. His horns rammed into the stone shark's belly, peeling and shattering the rocky skin of the creature. It drew blood.

The shark's shell was rock, but on the inside, it was still all flesh. It was nothing like the Stone Cow that was pure rock.

Han Sen kept trying to hit the shark, wanting to kill it and move on. But before he killed the shark, a few people came out onto the deck of the battleship.

They were Dragons, but Han Sen did not see Dragon Fifteen or Long Ying amongst them. They were unfamiliar to him, aside from Xius, who he recognized.

Han Sen was shocked. "Xius is here? She's smart! Has she noticed anything?"

While Han Sen fought the shark, watching Xius and the Dragon at the same, they approached him. He did not know what they wanted, but they weren't helping him in battle.

"Xius, you are interested in this Stone Cow? Let me ask Long Xin to catch it for you," the Dragon lady told Xius.

Xius smiled. "There's no rush. I just think this Stone Cow is interesting. I want to take and keep it as a mount, so I should capture it by myself. Otherwise, it won't obey me, and making use of it might be more difficult."

"True. I have heard the Gana are good at talking with xenogeneics. Nineteen would like to see this." The Dragon lady smiled.

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