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"What is wrong with this woman? Does she have some sort of grudge against me?" Han Sen was depressed.

Even the Dragon thought Han Sen had left Return Ruin Sea by now, but Xius was still determined to find him. That was why he was so depressed.

If it wasn't for Xius, escaping Return Ruin Sea would have been a much simpler affair.

"Does she know something about me claiming Purgatory Heaven? Is that why she wishes to catch me so badly?" Han Sen thought that would be impossible, though.

Han Sen couldn't really use Purgatory Heaven, so he had hidden it in Planet Eclipse. No one knew about it, so he couldn't think of any way that it could have been discovered.

Xius rested in her room for a time, and Han Sen followed her. Xius reclined on a deck chair to relax, but she didn't go to sleep. As she did, she stroked the Stone Cow's head.

"Where is Han Sen hiding?" Han Sen was planning on resting, too, but she suddenly started talking to herself.

Han Sen wanted to ask her why she was looking for him, but he was unable to.

"Maybe he really did leave Return Ruin Sea, but that means it will now be impossible to catch him. The Dragon and the Demon cannot go to Sky Palace to capture him." Xius continued speaking to herself, trying to formulate a plan.

"Keep talking. Why do you want to catch me? Come on..." Han Sen was desperate to know. Judging from the tone of her voice, there had to be a reason why she wanted to find him so badly.

But Xius did not say anything more, and she just fell asleep.

Han Sen was depressed, but he had no choice but to rest. He cast a geno art to recover his power.

He was a Marquise, so he could transform into a Marquise class being for a long time. It wasn't unlimited, however. Han Sen guessed that in his current state, he could last around four more days. If he wasn't able to escape by then, he'd be in trouble.

Seeing Xius' determination, he knew she wasn't going to stop her search. He didn't think he'd be able to escape in four days.

"If I cannot escape, then I will have to take a risk. I should kidnap Dragon Nineteen and take her as a hostage. Or maybe I should try to put pressure on Xius and threaten her to take me out of here?" Han Sen thought to himself.

Han Sen thought Dragon Nineteen was very strong. The bodies of the Dragon were impressive, and it would be hard to take her down without drawing the attention of others.

Xius' Gana body did not look weak, either. Although her power wasn't as flashy as a Dragon's, she had many tricky geno arts. It would be hard to keep her suppressed in secret, too.

Han Sen thought that he should ultimately target Xius. Capturing Dragon Nineteen would only make the Dragons want his head even more.

But there were many elites within the Dragon race, and some of them were deified. Even if he had a hostage, it wouldn't be safe. There was every chance he could be beaten before bringing the knife across Dragon Nineteen's throat.

Xius was different. She was alone within the Dragon. The Dragon might not care too much about her life, and Xius might not risk her life to save Dragon Nineteen.

Of the two, Han Sen thought Xius was flat-out simpler to get to.

Han Sen was thinking about how he might avoid the attention of the others on the ship if he captured Xius. There was no point in capturing her, otherwise. He had to take her down quietly, and he could not hurt her in a way that would draw the suspicion of the other Dragon. He would need to use her to escape that place.

"It will be hard to threaten her without hurting her." Han Sen turned it over in his head for a while. Eventually, however, he thought of a way.

A power like Teeth power could work, but if that power hurt her, it would be seen. He couldn't use it. Out of all Han Sen's powers that could take Xius without attracting attention, his best chance was the Blood-Pulse Sutra.

He could put a drop of his own crystal blood into Xius's bloodstream, and then, it would be very hard for her to separate the two.

When Xius fell asleep, Han Sen looked at her hand. He only needed to poke a hole in her finger and then put his own blood inside. Then, it'd be done.

Han Sen did not hesitate, and he used his tongue to lick her hand. A normal tongue would have been useless, but Han Sen had practiced the art of Tongue Sword. It was no joke to get licked by his tongue.

But before Han Sen could get close to her hand, Xius was already looking at him. Han Sen's heart jumped.

"This woman is tough! She has strong senses." Han Sen's eyes opened wide, and he acted all cute. He kept on licking her hand, just like Little Silver did.

When Xius saw Stone Cow being so cute, she smiled. She reached her hand out to stroke his head.

Han Sen was glad that he hadn't generated Tongue Sword just yet. He was just trying out licking her right now. If he hadn't tested it, he would have exposed himself.

Han Sen kept rubbing Xius's hand with his tongue. Xius did not pull away, and Han Sen was able to continue licking her fingers.

Han Sen licked her twice without using Tongue Sword, but on the third time, when his tongue reached her fingers, the tongue produced a red sword air. That red sword air went into Xius' fingertip and expelled a drop of blood.

Xius reacted quickly, and when the red sword air touched her finger, she hastily fell back. Then, her body glowed with holy light.

Han Sen felt the halo on his neck tighten up. It was going to break his neck.

"If I were you, I would calm down and talk about this." Han Sen released his Dongxuan Aura and blanketed the room. The voices and the presences within were all locked down. He shapeshifted back into his true self.

"Han Sen!" Xius' face changed. She never would have guessed that the Stone Cow was Han Sen. She felt so embarrassed that Han Sen had been licking her fingers only moments before.

"Don't be mad. Look at your finger." Han Sen pointed at her injured finger as he spoke.

Xius looked down. She could feel a strange power overlapping her middle finger. She used her own power against it, but she could not stop that power's movement.

Within a second, that power went rushing into her heart. Then, it disappeared.

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