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"You can really only remain a Stone Cow for another two days?" Xius asked, looking at Han Sen.

"Yes." Han Sen nodded.

"Then this is pretty bad. I said I wanted a Seawing Beast for a mount, and so Dragon Fifteen invited me to an island where they live. I cannot leave before I do this. Otherwise, he might grow suspicious," Xius said.

"How long will this take?" Han Sen asked.

"From my estimates, I'd say three days," Xius said.

"Fine. Three days. If we're not out in three days, we die together. My life is cheap, so it'd be an honor for me to die beside a beautiful Gana princess." Han Sen laughed.

Xius looked at Han Sen, but she was speechless. The limit of only being able to shapeshift for another two days was a lie. She couldn't be certain what was fact or fiction with him.

Han Sen did not ask anything more about why Xius was investigating him. He wanted to wait until they were free and clear before resuming that particular discussion.

Xius was not dumb, though. She knew that Han Sen knew, so she never felt secure near him. If Han Sen did not have the Gana's kiss, Xius would not have wanted to send him out.

Seawing Beasts rested atop the cliffs upon an island. There were many caves in those cliffsides, and they lived in such pockets. Seawing Beasts looked like blue leopards, with two blue wings. The adults could grow to be twenty meters long.

Although they were only a Marquise class xenogeneic, they flew extraordinarily quickly, and they performed well on land and water, too. They were one of the top Marquise mounts one could obtain.

Right now, it was Seawing Beast breeding season. Dragon Fifteen wished to get Xius one of their eggs. The adults of that species were too wild and could not be tamed.

The battleship might have disturbed the creatures if it got too close, so they made sure to stop one hundred miles away. Dragon Fifteen walked to the island where the Seawing Beasts lived.

Xius sat atop the Stone Cow that was Han Sen, looking very elegant.

"She must be doing this on purpose," Han Sen thought grumpily. She was there to collect a new mount for herself. She could have totally left Han Sen back on the ship, but nope. She decided to ride him there.

Han Sen had to endure it, though. And he took comfort in knowing he could get her back when he made it out.

"Xius, they are Marquise class. Seawing Beasts are much better than this stupid Stone Cow." Dragon Fifteen saw one of the Seawing Beasts fly by, and he smiled.

"They are very nice Marquise mounts, but they are difficult to tame. Unlike this Stone Cow." Xius smiled.

"Brother, you do not understand. The Stone Cow is dumb, and that's why it is so cute. I would like one, too. But I haven't been able to find another." Dragon Nineteen still really wanted one for herself. She had gone in search of one, but sadly, found nothing.

Dragon Fifteen looked at Han Sen and said, "It's just a Stone Cow. If you like it that much, Nineteen, just ask Xius to give it to you. Xius is always so nice, so I am sure she wouldn't disappoint you."

After that, Dragon Fifteen looked at Xius seriously and said, "Xius, I only have one sister, and my sister really likes that dumb creature. I will trade you a Firebeast for it."

Han Sen felt terrible. That Dragon Fifteen was way too smart. Just hearing Dragon Nineteen, he grew a suspicion.

"If Nineteen likes it that much, she can just take it. There is no need to sully our relationship with trading." Xius knew what Fifteen was attempting, so she maintained her cool and smiled.

"Really Xius?" Dragon Nineteen asked giddily.

"Of course. It's just a Marquise mount, and it was tamed in your Return Ruin Sea. It is fine by me," Xius smiled.

"Thank you, sister. But you will have to accept Fifteen's Firebeast. Otherwise, I'll feel poorly about this." Dragon Nineteen smiled.

This woman just cleared herself of distrust." Han Sen felt sad, but he knew that there was no other choice. If Xius hadn't made the trade, Dragon Fifteen would have grown suspicious.

But now that they had made the trade, Han Sen couldn't use Xius to leave.

"I will have to make it up as I go along. If Dragon Nineteen sends Xius away, I might have an opportunity to rush out," Han Sen thought.

"Little Cow, you're mine." Dragon Nineteen held Han Sen's head and rubbed his cheeks. She really adored the thing.

"If I knew this was to happen, I wouldn't have acted all cute," Han Sen thought in depression.

Dragon Fifteen, seeing this, lost his suspicion. He accompanied Xius to the cliffs and had Long Ying obtain some Seawing Eggs from a cave for her. He gave Xius and Dragon Nineteen two eggs each.

After they returned to the battleship, Dragon Nineteen pulled Han Sen into her room.

Dragon Nineteen really loved the Stone Cow. She rolled around with him and even slept with him. He was like a giant toy for her. Due to Dragon Nineteen taking Han Sen everywhere, however, he could not rest. If things proceeded this way, he'd only last four days.

Three days went by, but there was still no movement from Xius. Han Sen almost wanted to expose himself, but then he heard Dragon Nineteen mention that Xius was leaving.

Dragon Nineteen was going to send Xius off with her. This made Han Sen very happy, but the bad thing was that Dragon Fifteen and Long Ying were leaving at the same time.

"I only have one shot at this, and I'm leaving Return Ruin Sea no matter what! I will kill whoever is in my way," Han Sen thought angrily.

The battleship was headed for Return Ruin Sea's exit. It took half a day for it to reach there, and luckily, Han Sen was still in his Stone Cow form.

People thought Han Sen had already made it out of Return Ruin Sea, but there were still many Duke class guards standing around. Han Sen could see at least ten Dukes. That was far too many for him to handle.

Those Dukes were not pure Dragons, but they couldn't have been that weak if they were selected to stand there as security. Fortunately, there were no King class sorts in the vicinity. If there was, he really couldn't risk this.

What made Han Sen most depressed was that Dragon Fifteen was not walking Xius out. They stopped at the exit, and seeing Xius walk out of Return Ruin Sea, Han Sen had no choice but to force his way after her.


The Stone Cow stomped the ground, sending out a wave of petrification.

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