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An invisible pressure came down from the sky, and it made Han Sen frown. The xenogeneics and the nobles rolled back from him like a receding tide. All they did then was surround him.

Han Sen raised his head and saw ten beasts that looked like birds. But they didn't look exactly like birds, and they were pulling a carriage. That scary presence stemmed from those monsters.

Han Sen felt sick. Those ten monsters were stronger than the Dragon Dukes, and they could very well have been King class. That meant the person in the carriage they pulled had to be even scarier.

Han Sen did not understand the Dragon society much, but he had heard of Dragon One through Dragon Nineteen and Xius. They said he was the absolute leader of the Dragon, but Han Sen believed him to be young and a Duke.

However, Han Sen had forgotten one crucial thing. Being young as a Dragon and being young as a human were two very different things.

Humans under the age of thirty were considered young, but when the sanctuaries were found, their lifespan was increased. The definition of "young" was therefore pushed back.

Dragons had a longer lifespan, though. Their young ones could be a few hundred years old, so that was far beyond Han Sen's expectations.

The curtains were drawn, revealing a Dragon sitting inside wearing a crown. He was clad in black armor. Han Sen couldn't get a feel for his presence, but from his mere appearance, Han Sen could tell that he was a King.

A male and a female Dragon also sat inside the carriage. They didn't look to be King class, but Han Sen sensed they were still extremely dangerous.

Dragon Fifteen and Dragon Nineteen ran to the black-crowned Dragon King and bowed. "Greetings, Seven, Nine, and Big Brother."

"The Dragon King was Dragon One," Han Sen thought. How would he survive with a Dragon King adversary?

"You are Han Sen, Knife Queen's student?" Dragon One asked the question, but remained seated in the carriage.

"Yeah," Han Sen said.

Dragon One did not ask anything more. He spoke to the other Dragon man. "Nine, go and take him. Others will think we are weak if taking a Marquise costs too much."

"Yes, Big Brother." That young Dragon exited the carriage and walked to Han Sen.

Xius saw the young Dragon walk to Han Sen, and her expression became dire.

"The nine sons of the Dragon are different from ordinary Dragons. All of them have a scary power, and Dragon One himself is here today. There is no way Han Sen can escape from this, but I do not know what he did to me. What if I will later be unable to break the spell he put on me?" Xius was worried.

Han Sen saw Dragon Nine approach with a lance. He couldn't sense any amazing power from the man, but Han Sen believed that he was dangerous nonetheless. Han Sen thought he was the same level as Sharon.

"What's wrong with these Dragons?" Han Sen thought to himself. He was not worried about Dragon Nine, but he was worried about Dragon One.

Nothing would be resolved by beating Dragon Nine. With Dragon One there, though, he could not escape.

"Should I go back to the sanctuary again?" Han Sen really did not want to do that.

"Dragon Nine!" The young Dragon stopped in front of Han Sen, wearing red armor and carrying a lance. It was similar to the garb Han Sen wore. It was all red.

Looking from afar, it would look like two Dragons were about to engage in battle.

"Han Sen." Han Sen merely said his name.

Dragon Nine did not speak again. He waved his red lance towards Han Sen. His lance skills were similar to those of Dragon Thirteen and Dragon Fifteen. That being said, those same skills were far more wretched when yielded by Dragon Nine.

It made Han Sen feel that no matter how well he dodged or how far he went, he could not escape the attack.

Han Sen's eyes froze, and he swung his Blood Feather Knife at the Dragon. The knife silks came against the lancelight, but they were broken. The lance that was sharper than a needle continued its flight towards Han Sen.


Blood Feather Knife's blade struck the lance, but the lancelight was not broken. It spun like a drill, creating a flurry of sparks against the knife. Han Sen almost couldn't hold it, as he was pushed back.

Han Sen swung his blade three times to break the lancelight.

Han Sen was familiar with Marquise Evilbreaker powers. Dragon Nine's Evilbreaker power was far stronger than Dragon Thirteen's, though, and it was like a cold light.

Han Sen's power was no worse than Dragon Nine's, but Dragon Nine's lance was too focused. It was like a small needle being thrust into a patch of soil. There was only one small speck of earth that would be hit, and the attack couldn't be blocked.

Han Sen used an Under the Sky knife air. It was focused, but it was still worse than Dragon Nine's lance.

The Dragons were professionals when it came to concentrating power. Fighting against them with simple force was something of a deathwish.

Han Sen used his Dongxuan Aura to check Dragon Nine's lance. The sequence structure of the lance was like a beehive, and he almost couldn't make out the pattern of the honeycomb.

Han Sen just barely blocked that lance. But already, a second lance had come. Before it ended, however, a third was on its way.

The lancelights kept on coming, not cutting Han Sen a moment of slack.

Han Sen moved his feet to evade Dragon Nine's lance. Unless he was able to concentrate power in a similar way, he would be beaten by continuing down this road.

After Han Sen dodged every lancelight, the lights suddenly exploded. That concentrated power was scarier than a Marquise's power should have been when it exploded.

It was too late for Han Sen to fight. Han Sen flapped his wings and teleported. When he appeared again, he was a hundred meters away. He had managed to avoid the explosion.

Dragon Nine kept on attacking. If the lancelight missed Han Sen, it would explode. So, Han Sen had to keep on dodging and putting himself in a disadvantageous state.

The Dragon nobles and xenogeneics that were watching were so happy. They chanted Dragon Nine's name so loudly that it was a little frightening.


Han Sen's Blood Feather Knife hit the lance, and the lance moved like a spinning dragon. He held Blood Feather Knife and kept getting pushed back, with his legs cleaving two deep trenches across the earth.

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