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How white and dazzling the two intertwining whirlpool portals were! They were unstoppable.
"They are so powerful. I'm afraid they are even more powerful than my Door of Life."
The very moment Luo Feng laid eyes on "Destruction of Reincarnation," he came to a conclusion: If I were to be struck by this technique head-on, confronting force against force, I might get injured. But I have Star Tower, so there is no need for me to meet force with force!
This thought sprang to mind, but the next moment, Luo Feng's expression changed.
It wasn't right! He had Star Tower, so he could hide inside. But this was the battle in which the king of the Sector Beasts would be born. There was no way Morosa could hide in Star Tower to avoid this battle along with him. At the moment, Luo Feng was blocking off attacks by standing in front of Morosa, but the moment he hid in Star Tower, Star Tower was bound to be bombarded and blasted far away upon being hit by this impact. Then he would be forced apart from Morosa.
Sector Beast Mo He could fully take advantage of this opportunity to kill Morosa in one blow!
"Against the combined attacks of eight million Sector Beasts, you were still able to stay alive." Sector Beast Mo He was looking forward to Luo Feng hiding in Star Tower. "This move of mine will never be stronger than the combined attacks of eight million Sector Beasts! However, if you are going to hid in Star Tower, the moment you are blasted away, you will no longer be able to protect Morosa." Sector Beast Mo He was filled with eagerness. "Go in! Hurry! Get inside Star Tower."
The root cause of this battle was to determine who, between the two Sector Beasts Mo He and Morosa, who would be the final survivor!
"Star Tower!" Luo Feng suddenly roared.
Before him, a nine-story tower appeared out of nowhere. It was none other than Star Tower, which was now in a horizontal position, resembling a gigantic, pointed cone. It began instantly revolving, transforming into a long river. This long, golden river headed toward the two intertwining whirlpool portals and crashed into them without delay.
After Luo Feng had created the secret technique at top-tier level 12, this move was the newest set of secret techniques Luo Feng came up with upon completing his comprehension of Star Tower. Luo Feng had named it "River of Stars."
River of Stars against Destruction of Reincarnation!
The dazzling golden river collapsed instantly. Star Tower, being bombarded in its entirety, was thrown far into the distance, where it tumbled away. The two whirlpool portal still seemed to be just as mighty as before as they charged straight for Luo Feng, but upon close scrutiny, cracks could be seen on the outer walls of the two intertwining whirlpool portals.
Luo Feng's eyes were fixated on the two dazzling, intertwining portals. His godly power was blazing to its ultimate limit, and Wu Qi God was propelled to the third level. With both hands, he held Blood Ghost Blade and hacked with his might!

A gigantic, white-gold door appeared in the space before Luo Feng. When the great door opened, a white-gold blade light shot out right away to greet the Destruction of Reincarnation portal.
Luo Feng was now using his strongest blade technique: Door of Life!
At the moment of collision, there was silence. Loud bangs followed soon after.
Hong! Hong! Hong!
Endless violent bangs resounded; endless impact waves resonated. The two whirlpool portals were already crippled, yet they continued to assault Luo Feng!
At that very moment, Luo Feng stood up straight. The five gigantic pairs of wings folded forward to form an envelope around Luo Feng, keeping him entirely within its embrace. At the same time, Sector Beast Morosa was also completely surrounded by the wings.
The impact of a head-on collision threw Luo Feng far into the distance. He tumbled away at a few million times light speed.
In the process of being thrown, Luo Feng could not help but spit out blood. The blood splattered all over Morosa, who was kept safe under Luo Feng's protection.
"Master!" Morosa was agitated and worried about the strike Luo Feng had received.
After a while, Luo Feng stopped tumbling.
"Do as I say." Luo Feng swallowed the blood in his mouth and looked at Morosa at his side. "Don't get arrogant and impulsive. I have Wu Qi God and Shi Wu Wings to protect my body! My body is far superior to yours… Even with this remnant of power, you will still die if you are struck by it!"
Morosa nodded frantically. "Understood, Master. I will not do anything to foil Master's great plan!"
What a joke. Previously, the axe technique used by Mo He had been ten times more powerful than Destruction. It would have been enough to exterminate Morosa. Now, Mo He had divided itself in two, and both bodies were executing Destruction concurrently. The subtle combination of two Destruction whirlpool portals was reflected through the formation of hundreds of millions of spaces. When that happened, its power climbed linearly to reach an incredible level. Even if only a portion of this power remained, it would still be able to exterminate Morosa!
"Hahaha… Milky Way Horde Leader." From afar, the two Sector Beasts, both of them Mo He, flew over together. "You are smart enough not to hide inside Star Tower. If you had entered Star Tower, Morosa would be dead by now! You are quite impressive, indeed. Still able to resist. But I reckon that more than half your godly power has been consumed, right? Hiding in Star Tower, you will die; if you do not go in, you will still die—and you will die at my hands! Try to receive our attacks again."
Once again, the two Sector Beasts, Mo He and Mo He, started to execute their moves together.
In the distance, Luo Feng's expression changed. His godly power was already burning at its limit. To maintain Wu Qi God at its third stage was already very taxing on his power. If it were any other ordinary true god, that godly power would most likely have been used up in a moment, but Luo Feng's godly power reserve was rich enough, so by sustaining a high degree of consumption, he could easily pull through for a long time.
However, earlier on, when he had been bombarded by the remnant of Destruction of Reincarnation, that one hit had seriously injured him. Although it was not to the extent that Mo He imagined—where more than half of Luo Feng's godly power was consumed—he had still lost almost 30 percent of his power!
30 percent might not have seemed like much, but given Luo Feng's godly body, such a loss was scary enough.
Hong! Long! Long!
Once again, the two dazzling, intertwining whirlpool portals in the midst the void space came flying at Luo Feng.
Luo Feng did his best. First, Star Tower blocked off the attack! Then Blood Ghost Blade executed Door of Life again to resist! Then Shi Wu Wings folded together to surround and protect Luo Feng.
Luo Feng was thrown into the distance upon impact and tumbled far away.
Fresh blood splattered. His skin was subjected to such violent vibrations that it split open, and his bones trembled just as violently.
Luo Feng forced his godly body to absorb the impact of those hits so that Morosa would not be injured, regardless of how much he personally had to endure as a result. No matter what, nothing could be allowed to happen to Morosa.
"Not dead?" The two copies of Mo He in the distance were shocked. For every single time Mo He executed the move, it was actually equivalent to using "Destruction" twice.
This consumed quite a bit of Mo He's power. Fortunately, it was a sixth-stage Sector Beast now, and a sixth-stage pinnacle one, at that. Its power reserves were enough to allow it to execute Destruction several times.
"Every time, you will be severely injured!" Sector Beast Mo He roared. "Let me see exactly how many times can you take such hits!"
Once again, it executed its strongest move.
"Block," said Luo Feng.
Luo Feng gritted his teeth and held on. There was no other way.
Given the speed of the whirlpool portal, there was no way he could dodge. And if he hid in Star Tower, it would be no different than sending Morosa to its death.
"I would also like to know," said Luo Feng, "whether you can execute more, or whether I can block more."
Luo Feng hung on through clenched teeth.
Ten times!
Eleven times!
"Still not dead!" By now, Sector Beast Mo He was going completely crazy. "I refuse to believe that your godly power is limitless. Meet your doom!"
Sector Beast Mo He was left with no choice. Luo Feng was doing all he could to protect Morosa. Even in the face of such powerful strikes, he was not dodging or hiding.
Mo He really had no other choice. In this battle for the birth of the ultimate king, it had no way of backing out.
"For the glory of my Sector Beast race…" Mo He's eyes were filled with madness. "I must win. Human, meet your doom!"
The two dazzling, intertwining whirlpool portals appeared again.
"What I seek to protect in my heart I shall not allow to be destroyed." Luo Feng's look was just as fearsome as both his hands wielded Blood Ghost Blade. "You ought to be the one meeting his doom!"
Peng! Peng! Peng!
Thirteen times, fourteen times, fifteen times…
This was the final battle. It was the battle for the birth of the king. While it might be said that Mo He and Morosa were fighting to give rise to the final victor, the truth was that Mo He and Luo Feng were battling one another! Luo Feng was Morosa's protector. As long as Luo Feng remained alive, there was no chance at all for Mo He to kill Morosa. Conversely, with Luo Feng out of the picture, Mo He could easily become king.
The 30th time!
"I don't believe this! I don't believe your godly power is unlimited!" Sector Beast Mo He was in a state of insanity. It had used up a good half of its total power. It had attacked 30 times, which was as good as executing Destruction 60 times.
"Why is it still able to sustain?" Luo Feng wondered, his eyes bloodshot.
He begrudged the current situation. He was down to 10 percent of his godly power. It would take only three or four more hits for his godly power to be completely used up.
On the one hand, this was a pinnacle sixth-stage Sector Beast. The power reserve of such a beast was unbelievably extensive. On the other hand, Luo Feng had a perfect godly body at a life gene level of 100,000 times. Unfortunately, there was not enough time. Luo Feng's godly power wasn't able to build up to the level of the ultimate limit. He wasn't being given any time at all.
"Die!" Sector Beast Mo He roared. "The ultimate king will not be enslaved!"
This was attack number 32!
Luo Feng's eyes split open. Traces of blood were gushing and splattering. His entire being fell into a state of absolute madness.
"I must protect the ones I seek to defend! I cannot lose! I cannot!"
At this moment, Luo Feng was sent tumbling again. His godly power was sharply reduced, dropping to an amount that would allow him to bear just one last hit. He could sense that Sector Beast Mo He had yet to be forced into its final desperation. Yet Luo Feng had been reduced to his final stage of resistance.
"I cannot lose!"
Luo Feng fell into utter insanity.
At this juncture, various scenes flashed through his mind. To help his younger brother get on his feet again, he had stolen the steel-armored dragon's egg…
He had set his soul ablaze in order to perish with the devouring beasts…
When he first made his way off Earth, he had proudly risen up in the universe battle of talents…
He had knelt before True Yan to become a disciple of True Yan…
Various scenes replayed in his mind.
Sitting Mountain Guest, True Yan, Primal Chaos City Leader, and Huge Axe… Xu Xin, Luo Ping, and Luo Hai… Rong Jun, Wu Ka, and Bolan… Their faces flashed through his mind.
"I cannot lose."
For all the important people and things he sought to protect. Step by step, he had made his way from Earth to where he was now. He had transcended everything in his life… He had to stand by what he sought to protect; it was his responsibility!
"Get up!"
An unyielding willpower! An unmovable, steadfast willpower! For everything important to him, he burned with endlessly might willpower!
At that moment, he erupted!
Luo Feng's willpower finally transcended the ultimate limit of an eternal true god to reach an even higher domain. It was truly high enough to be the "holy" domain!
As Luo Feng prepared to go into the final battle, as he was bidding his family farewell—that was when the change in his willpower had begun brewing. At that moment, for everything he sought to protect by giving his all, his willpower erupted.
A breakthrough!
"The ultimate king can only be a free Sector Beast!" Sector Beast Mo He felt as though it could taste victory as it witnessed Lou Feng's crazy demeanor. "Go to hell."
From a distance, Mo He saw Luo Feng get back on his feet and set his gaze far ahead.
That look…
At that moment, everything in Mo He's surroundings suddenly disappeared. Only Luo Feng's eyes, which had transformed into gigantic planets, remained, revolving and emitting endless power. An extremely acute willpower, almost like a sharp blade, pierced right through Sector Beast Mo He's willpower.
Supreme willpower secret technique: "Linear Element Technique."
The godly king of Jin had waited for a trillion eras for the appearance of a being who could master Linear Element Technique. This was a secret technique that drove many godly kings crazy. It was a terrifying technique that could annihilate even the most top-tiered talents from the ancient civilization if they merely tried to master it. To be able to master it, one's willpower had to first undergo sanctification to become holy.
This secret technique was one Luo Feng had studied repeatedly umpteen times. The moment his willpower was sanctified, he would acquire all he needed to learn it instantly.
The eyes of both Sector Beasts, Mo He and the other Mo He, went dull. Then, instantly, they lost consciousness. The few million other bodies, scattered all over Universe Ocean, all lost consciousness after their eyes went dull.
Luo Feng pointed afar. "Die."
An illusory beast head appeared and instantly started boring its way into the body of Sector Beast Mo He. It was going to launch a direct attack at Mo He's soul!
Sector Beast Mo He's willpower was originally powerful, so it was able to bear the impact of ordinary soul attacks. But now, in its unconscious state, it did not have a trace of resistance. It was like a candle that could be extinguished with a single breath. There was not an ounce of resistance. Instantly, its soul was annihilated.
A few million other bodies were, within an instant, all annihilated.
"Ha…" Standing far away in the void space, Luo Feng's body trembled slightly. Soon, he lost all control. Throwing his head back, he laughed heartily. "Hahahaha…! I did it, I did it, I did it! Hahaha…"
At that moment, Luo Feng laughed as if he had gone mad; he seemed to be carried away with the laughter and completely lost all composure.

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