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He won.
Finally, he had won the fight. This was the most exciting moment for Luo Feng in a trillion eras.
"Back!" Luo Feng pointed.
Star Tower was floating up above, and the black hole at the base swallowed both of the bodies of Sector Beast Mo He and Morosa standing beside him! Morosa was a slave of Luo Feng, so he couldn't resist it at all.
"No matter what." Luo Feng was exhilarated, but he still kept his cool, "I can't be careless and doom myself. If you want to become the ultimate king of Sector Beasts, make a breakthrough in my Star Tower."
Mo He was dead. Morosa was the single, final Sector Beast. It could now evolve and become the ultimate king.
The king of Sector Beasts was the most precious, most perfect, and most noble of them all. It represented the destruction origin of all life. It was so noble that it could rival the original universe… Luo Feng couldn't be sure that such a noble creature could be enslaved. If Morosa suddenly shook off Luo Feng's enslavement when it was becoming a king and destroyed all the races, including Luo Feng, everything would be in vain. That was why Luo Feng had put Morosa back in his Star Tower, even if he was exhilarated!
Star Tower was a godly king weapon! Once Morosa was trapped inside Star Tower, it wouldn't be able to break out, as it was only a newborn king of the Sector Beasts! Even a Sector Beast who had reached it pinnacle level—one that could destroy an entire kingdom in the ancient civilization—couldn't break out, as it was only a bit stronger than godly kings. As for Morosa, it was just a newborn king of the Sector Beasts.
If I can still enslave it, then everything will be fine, Luo Feng thought. If I can't enslave it anymore, I'll keep it in Star Tower forever until I can kill it.
Although he was worried, he still believed that he was able to enslave the ultimate king. Since he had been able to enslave Morosa, it ought to be possible for him to enslave the king of the Sector Beasts. Besides, the final battle had been between an enslaved Sector Beast and a free Sector Beast. If the ultimate king couldn't be enslaved, there was no point for the battle.
Everything has a chance, Luo Feng thought. To enslave a Sector Beast, someone's life gene level must attain 100,000 times to turn his godly power to the power of Sector Beasts. Also, he has to have exceptional willpower! Then he can actually enslave a Sector Beast. To enslave the king of Sector Beasts, he also needs to destroy the entire Sector Beast race.
A life gene level of 100,000 times! Exceptional willpower! The destruction of the entire Sector Beast race! Three conditions, and all needed to be met to enslave the king.
Luo Feng had met all the criteria. If the supreme laws let Morosa shake off the enslavement at this moment, it would be unfair. At least, that was Luo Feng's opinion!
Inside the space of suppression in Star Tower, the two bodies of the ferocious Sector Beast Mo He lay there while Sector Beast Morosa stood to the side.

"Ah!" Both the heads of Sector Beast Morosa shot up.
A supreme force arrived, surrounding Morosa.
Luo Feng stood at the edge of the space of suppression, watching. The supreme laws? he thought. No wonder the king of Sector Beasts stands in opposition to the original universe!
Both of Sector Beast Mo He's bodies were annihilated and vanished. All those millions of bodies of Mo He scattered everywhere immediately vanished. This surprised Luo Feng, as he'd thought Morosa was going to eat the bodies.
Hong! Long! Long!
A powerful force was born, and it infused the body of Morosa.
Each force had the appearance of the Sector Beast. Even though all those Sector Beasts looked very similar, they were somehow different. Luo Feng could even identify Qi Ya, Beddy, and the other Sector Beasts he had encountered. All the forces of the Sector Beasts infused the body of Morosa.
Morosa couldn't help yelling in excitement. Its body was bulging, and the bloody engraving picture on its body was getting increasingly complicated, as if an invisible hand was drawing on its body. At the same time, both the heads had a horn, and each horn was emitting white light from its tip.
The forces kept coming. The forces of all the dead Sector Beasts gathered and merged with it. Soon, Morosa had reached top-tier level six. Morosa stayed there for a long while, until the last powerful force merged in. It was the force of Sector Beast Mo He!
It kept infusing. The power of all the dead Sector Beasts infused its body, which made Morosa cry out. Soon, one white character after another emerged from its body. The gleaming white characters were surrounding Morosa, so that Luo Feng couldn't even see it anymore. He could only sense that a terrifying force was reacting.
"Incredible." Luo Feng was thrilled. "The power of all the Sector Beasts merged into one! One out of a billion Sector Beasts! Each of the Sector Beasts is as powerful as a true god, the attack of a billion true gods is more powerful than an eternal true god, yet those energies only add up to a king of Sector Beasts that has just entered its growth period."
The power was there. Those gleaming white characters were dimming while new characters showed up all the time. It was as if they were telling an ancient secret. A single horrifying, destructive force was tumbling. It was the destruction origin of the supreme laws. The king of Sector Beasts represented the complete destruction origin.
After a long time, the supreme law force was finally gone. The billions of characters that previously surrounded Morosa's body were gone, and only after that did Luo Feng see the appearance of Morosa.
"This, this…"
Luo Feng looked at the newborn king of the Sector Beasts in shock. A transparent, giant white life form was standing there. Its body was perfect. It had two hands and two legs, a mouth, a nose, and two eyes, but it didn't have ears. There were two horns on its forehead, pointing forward.
It looked holy and beautiful. Even some of the most beautiful individuals of the human race, or even the alluring bug empresses, were inferior to it.
It was so beautiful and natural, containing supreme mysteries. Without those two horns, it would have looked like an innocent and lovable child, yet with those two horns, it had the supreme power of the throne.
"King of the Sector Beasts?" whispered Luo Feng. "Those hideous and savage monsters, with dark skin and two heads… Their ultimate king is more beautiful than any creature I've seen. Even bug race empress looks ugly compared to this."
It was perfect.
"Master." The being's skin condensed into armor, and it bowed and saluted Luo Feng. "Thank you for making me, Morosa, the ultimate king."
Luo Feng looked at Morosa. He could sense it. It was true. His soul control was deeply ingrained in the soul of this king of the Sector Beasts. He could crush the soul of the king with one thought.
Just as he had expected, after a series of tests, he was qualified to enslave the ultimate king.
"Morosa," Luo Feng chuckled. "Now, you're more beautiful than any other creature."
"I can turn into any shape, and I can change the forces as well," said Morosa respectfully. Its body changed, and it turned into Divine Eye True Master. Then it turned into Rampaging Devil God. Then Hong and Primal Chaos City Leader. Even their auras were the same.
Luo Feng smiled. The king of the Sector Beasts also had the ability to be "Invisible and Formless."
"What other abilities do you have now?" asked Luo Feng.
Morosa answered modestly. "I still have the ability to have ten million bodies. Besides, I've mastered the complete destruction origin, and I can keep comprehending the destruction origin so that I can be more powerful. Plus, the sector inside my body is perfected, so it can breed many powerful warriors. Warriors that are much stronger than level-six Sector Beasts."
"Oh?" Luo Feng was thrilled.
Lucky him.
Fortunately, he had won. If Mo He had become the king of the Sector Beasts, he wouldn't have stood a chance at all. The king still had ten million bodies, while it was able to breed lots of warriors… It was amazing.
"Of course, the king of the Sector Beasts isn't almighty," said Morosa humbly. "I still need to swallow lots of energies and lots of valuables to provide my warriors with sufficient vigor."
"Ha… There's a Purple Moon Holy Land waiting for you to swallow." Luo Feng smiled.
"It will be my honor." Morosa smiled.
Luo Feng looked at Morosa carefully. Morosa had been reckless and grumpy before. However, it was now calm and peaceful. Apparently, its demeanor had totally changed now that it possessed the complete destruction origin.
"What level are you at now, compared to us? Universe masters? True gods? Void space level? Or higher?" asked Luo Feng curiously.
"I've just entered the growth period," said Morosa. "I should be at the level of void space according to your training system."
A true god of void space? Luo Feng nodded. It was as he had expected.
"I'm different from you, master," said Morosa. "I don't have any upper limit on my power. If I can keep swallowing and comprehending, then I'll keep improving myself… I have mastered the destruction origin, so no matter how slowly I am comprehending, I'll reach the pinnacle level eventually. When I reach that level, I'll be at the same level as the pinnacle original universe, and with one strike, I'll have the power of a strike by the original universe. However, the original universe is used to breed countless lives. It can't make attacks by itself."
Luo Feng was thrilled. The original universe couldn't attack on its own. However, if it really could strike on its own, given its vast volume, it could definitely reach the level of godly kings. No wonder the Sector Beasts were considered a catastrophe even in the ancient civilization!
Only a multitude of kingdoms teaming up could resist the Sector Beasts. Apparently, several godly kings alone were not powerful enough to resist the army of the Sector Beasts.
"The lives of the original universe need to transcend incarnations when we reach the level of void space," asked Luo Feng. "Morosa, do you also need to transcend incarnations now that you're at the level of void space?"

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