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"Transcend reincarnation?" Morosa shook its head. "Master, you are a life form of the primal universe. But I am not. The level I am at now might be the equivalent to a true god of void space level… but no one has ever forced me into transcending reincarnation."
Luo Feng lamented and sighed. That was how impressive it was. Being at a comparable status as the primal universe, even the willpower of the origin would have no way of coercing it to do anything against its wishes.
"Let's go," Luo Feng said. "You need to make a trip to Purple Moon Holy Land with me."
"Yes, Master." Morosa's eyes revealed a hint of anticipation. Of course, it knew what it was going to be doing.
There was not a single hint of pity in Luo Feng's eyes. Previously, he'd had to deal with the Sector Beast crisis, so in light of the most important matters at hand, he had put all else aside. There had been no time to waste. But now, the crisis was over. Purple Moon Holy Land had constantly oppressed the humans, always trying to kill him. They had targeted him multiple times, becoming his sworn enemy long ago! And he also needed to retrieve the last component of his Shi Wu Wings.
Star Tower teleported right away and vanished within the vast, chaotic airflow.
While Luo Feng and Morosa made their way to Purple Moon Holy Land Universe, a gathering was taking place in the Pantheon Sanctuary of the virtual universe. The humans and other races from the Hong Alliance and various groups of powers—like the demons, the bugs, the Space Beast Alliance, the Ancestral God School, and even some of the supreme masters who were lone travelers like Sitting Mountain Guest—had gathered here!
The most they did was exchange conversations via voice transmissions. The worry in their eyes and on their faces was difficult to conceal. This final battle concerned the life and death of all the races. If the news they received was a nightmare, that would mean all of them would be annihilated.
Seated at the highest level, garbed in his white robe, Luo Feng's eyes were shut. No one dared to disturb him.
Suddenly, Luo Feng opened his eyes. The many true gods had set aside a part of their thoughts to keep tabs on Luo Feng. At that moment, they all looked over. Even the many universe masters outside the Pantheon Sanctuary got to their feet. They were all watching the great hall from afar. Anticipation filled their eyes as they all waited for Luo Feng to announce the outcome.
"Dear all," he said.
Luo Feng looked below; a smile suddenly broke out over his face.
Just one smile, and right away, all the true gods below, and even the universe masters outside had an inkling of the answer. However, if they did not hear it straight from Luo Feng, could not rest assured of the certainty of the answer. One by one, they held their breath and stared hard at Luo Feng. They were all waiting for him to make the announcement.
"The final battle. We won!" Luo Feng's voice rang loud and clear. "The Sector Beast crisis is over. This reincarnation generation is still going to continue for several trillion eras. Fret not, everyone!"

All the true gods below cheered at the same time.
"Victory, victory!"
"We won!"
They were all top-tiered existences that stood at the peak of their own races, but at that moment, none of them could be bothered about proper conduct! The universe masters outside Pantheon Sanctuary were just as excited.
Sitting Mountain Guest, who was seated below, looked at Luo Feng from afar. He, too, smiled. At long last, he could let out a sigh of relief.
"Luo Feng." Primal Chaos City Leader turned to look at Luo Feng. Laughing had never felt more natural than it did now. "My disciple, you have never disappointed me."
The atmosphere was filled with jubilation.
The various races all knew the outcome, and the news spread like wildfire. Even the handful of true gods from the first and second reincarnation eras who had lost their miniature universes and thus gone into hiding in Universe Ocean heard the news.
"It was a success?"
"We pulled through?"
The others like Jue He True God and Rampaging Devil God, who were scattered all over Universe Ocean, were extremely lonely. When they learned of the news, they were not very happy because their miniature universes and all their people had been exterminated. Now, they would spend their lives as lonely souls, waiting for doomsday to arrive.
Within East Emperor Holy Land Universe, East Emperor Ancestor was pacing the vast continent, watching the lives of his people. "Have we pulled through?"
Some of his people were so weak that their lives would not even surpass 100 years. Traversing the great continent and seeing the life-and-death reincarnations, East Emperor Ancestor was already prepared, but the moment the news reached him, the joy in his heart simply could not be contained and came surging out.
"Hahaha…" East Emperor Ancestor threw his head back and laughed heartily. He was laughing for himself as well as his own people.
The entire East Emperor Universe, including all the true gods and universe masters, were extremely excited. They were all rejoicing and celebrating because they had made it through this calamity.
It was the same joyous atmosphere within the Purple Moon Holy Land Universe. Not only were the universe masters and true gods getting emotional, but even Purple Moon Ancestor was delighted.
"I have extraordinary opportunities," said Purple Moon Ancestor. "I am bound for great achievements. How can it be possible for me to meet my downfall in the face of this Sector Beast calamity?"
Purple Moon Ancestor was relaxed and happy. Then a glimmer of anger flashed in his eyes.
"That Luo Feng unexpectedly managed to stop this Sector Beast crisis from happening. His great potential is indeed intimidating. He will become my greatest opponent in the future. Why did he not perish along with the Sector Beasts? Forget it. Since he managed to survive this time around." Purple Moon Ancestor shook his head. "Seems like I can only look forward to the future to see whether he is more powerful or I am more powerful. For now, I don't believe I will lose to him."
Then Purple Moon Ancestor pushed aside all thoughts of Luo Feng. He joined his underlings, as they all started their celebration banquet. Surviving a crisis was indeed a major event worthy of celebration.
Just as all the higher-ups of Purple Moon Holy Land were happily celebrating, amidst the void space surrounding Purple Moon Holy Land Universe, Star Tower appeared. Two figures walked out from the side door at the base of Star Tower. One of them was a man clad in silver armor: Luo Feng, a. And the other was a handsome king with a pair of curved horns: Morosa.
"Purple Moon Holy Land." Luo Feng looked into the distance at the gigantic miniature universe. "It's time for annihilation."
Both parties had long been sworn enemies! Would Luo Feng go easy on them?
"Morosa, how long will you need to swallow it all?" Luo Feng asked persistently.
"I am different from the second-stage and third-stage Sector Beasts," Morosa said with a smile. "My sector is now truly perfect. My ability to swallow naturally reached a new level high. It should be very fast, but I need to try before I will know exactly how long I will need."
"Hmm… You may begin." Luo Feng instructed.
Morosa nodded.
It looked into the distance at Purple Moon Holy Land Universe. Then its pair of horns suddenly shot out countless distorted white ray of light. The tip of each horn was like the source. Together, the tips of its two horns resembled the constellation Gemini. The tips of its horns were influencing one another, forming a strange gravitational force that completely shrouded the faraway Purple Moon Holy Land Universe.
Time and space trembled and vibrated, then became distorted. A dazzling radiance followed the countless distorted rays of light and crazily penetrated Morosa's body. Morosa became immeasurably dazzling—like a sun a trillion times brighter than anything else.
Luo Feng looked to his side at Morosa. The king of the Sector Beasts was so dazzling that Luo Feng could not clearly make out its features.
"How is it?" he asked.
"Purple Moon Ancestor must be trying to use his willpower for additional power, as he tries his best to put up a resistance," Morosa said. "This Purple Moon Holy Land Universe is very big, indeed. Such an extremely powerful origin. With the support of his own willpower… if I want to devour it, I would need some time. Probably around one day."
"One day?" Luo Feng laughed.
Second-stage and third-stage Sector Beasts would have required around 100,000 years to finish devouring everything. The king of the Sector Beast only required a day.
"This is the day I have been waiting for." Luo Feng laughed.
Within the Purple Moon Holy Land Universe, Purple Moon Ancestor had originally been seated high up above everyone else while the true gods and universe masters were helping themselves to delectable cuisine and fine wine, overjoyed as they conversed incessantly at loud volumes.
But now…
"Sector Beasts are devouring?"
"Ancestor, are you saying the Sector Beasts are devouring our Purple Moon Holy Land?"
"How is that possible? The primal universe sent us a message informing us that the Sector Beast crisis is over, right? Hasn't Milky Way Horde Leader gotten rid of all the Sector Beasts?"
There was an uproar among the crowd.
Purple Moon Ancestor stood above them all, his face filled with anger as he shouted furiously at them, "There are Sector Beasts devouring the origin of our Purple Moon Holy Land Universe right now! This is my miniature universe; how would I not know? Could I be wrong with something like this? Hurry, send the message to those of us in the primal universe right away. Tell them! The Sector Beasts have yet to be exterminated, and they are attacking my miniature universe right now."
"Yes, Ancestor."
The true gods and universe masters beneath him were flustered. They all started to transmit messages to the true gods in the primal universe.
Purple Moon Ancestor stood way up high with a face filled with hostility. He was angry and anxious. His miniature universe was being devoured in a continuous manner, and the speed at which it was being devoured scared him!
He was also fuming mad at Milky Way Horde Leader Luo Feng, who had claimed that the Sector Beast calamity was over. Why were there Sector Beasts coming to devour his miniature universe again?
Could it be that Luo Feng lost? Purple Moon Ancestor wondered to himself. He must have known everything would be exterminated. Could it be that, before the extermination, he has decided to go crazy and wantonly spread false news of his victory? Anyway, he will have to be exterminated if he lost, right? So, in his moment of insanity, he must have purposefully come up with such a ploy.
Purple Moon Ancestor started to let his thoughts run wild in his anxiety.
It had never occurred to him that a Sector Beast would become Luo Feng's slave! In light of this, Luo Feng had never publicized it. Even the groups of top powers from the primal universe were equally clueless about the fact that Luo Feng had enslaved a Sector Beast!
In the virtual universe, at the Pantheon Sanctuary, true gods and universe masters from various races were all gathered. They were holding a grand ceremony to celebrate their victory over the Sector Beasts. They had stemmed the tide of the Sector Beast crisis.
Luo Feng and Primal Chaos City Leader were seated at the topmost level. Joy and laughter filled the room.
Suddenly, a voice resounded, saying, "The Sector Beasts have not been exterminated! The Sector Beasts are devouring Purple Moon Holy Land Universe now!"
As the voice rang out, the entire Pantheon Sanctuary instantly fell silent.
"Yes, the Sector Beasts were not exterminated. There is already news coming from Purple Moon Holy Land. They are being attacked by the Sector Beasts, and the origin of Purple Moon Holy Land universe is currently being devoured!"
"Purple Moon Holy Land is in the middle of being attacked by the Sector Beasts."
"There are still Sector Beasts around!"
There was an instant uproar within the Pantheon Sanctuary. Would Milky Way Horde Leader lie? Everyone was on pins and needles.
Space Beast Ancestor also voiced his concerns. "Milky Way Horde Leader, are the Sector Beasts completely wiped out, or are there still some surviving Sector Beasts?"
Nine Remoteness True Master was also worried. "Milky Way, if there are remnants of the Sector Beasts roaming around, we must quickly get rid of them. Otherwise, when the few remaining Sector Beasts start to grow and develop, they will again impose a great threat on us."
"Dear all."
Luo Feng looked down at everyone, and the moment he spoke, everyone quietened down.
"Rest assured," he said. "The Sector Beast crisis is now over. If you don't believe me, you can ask the three ancestral gods… I believe the three ancestral gods will have received news from the willpower of the origin. They will know whether or not the Sector Beast crisis is over."
Instantly, everyone within the Pantheon Sanctuary looked at the three ancestral gods.
The three ancestral gods looked at one another.
The old ancestral god spoke up. "The Sector Beast crisis is, most certainly, a thing of the past. Period."
"We are relieved to hear what the ancestral god has said!"
The tense atmosphere within the Pantheon Sanctuary immediately eased up. However, there were still a handful of true gods asking, "Why would Purple Moon Holy Land say that the Sector Beasts are attacking their holy land universe?"
Luo Feng looked down. "It is not an attack from the Sector Beasts! It's me. I am the one attacking! It will not take long for Universe Ocean to be forever rid of Purple Moon Holy Land!"

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