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Purple Moon Holy Land would no longer exist in Universe Ocean?
The true gods seated down there looked at each other. They all knew it. If the ancestral gods who could talk to the original mind of the original universe said the crisis of the Sector Beasts had passed, then it was the truth. Luo Feng really might have been the one who was attacking Purple Moon Holy Land.
After all, aside from the Sector Beasts, only Luo Feng was powerful enough to destroy Purple Moon Holy Land!
How powerful was Luo Feng? None of the true gods knew exactly, but they all knew he was powerful! They hadn't witnessed how he had killed all those eight million Sector Beasts. But they had seen 900,000 Sector Beasts rush to Universe Ocean and destroy the miniature universes of the first and the second universe eras—at least, the true gods from the two universe eras had seen it.
The Sector Beasts could easily annihilate all the races. However, they had all been destroyed by Luo Feng.
If the Sector Beasts were terrifying to begin with, then what about Luo Feng? The one who had annihilated all the Sector Beasts? It was terrifying to even think about it, in addition to his other achievements.
In the World of Jin, hundreds of universe masters had been killed at the same time. As just a universe master, he had become the most powerful great being in Universe Ocean! Divine Eye True God and others had machine-type valuables, yet they were still no match for Luo Feng. When he became a true god, all the races, including the true gods, saluted him!
It all demonstrated the extraordinary power of Milky Way Horde Leader!
Inside Purple Moon Holy Land.
"Perhaps Luo Feng wasn't lying. He did kill many Sector Beasts, but there's a chance that there are some that remain."
Purple Moon Ancestor's eyes gleamed, and he yelled. "Tell the original universe that there are still some Sector Beasts! Tell Milky Way Horde Leader to come here and kill the Sector Beasts!"
Everyone was silent. Many universe masters looked up at Purple Moon Ancestor.
Purple Moon Ancestor frowned and yelled, "What's happening?"
"Ancestor!" yelled a universe master standing down there. "A piece of news just arrived from the original universe. Milky Way Horde Leader admitted that it's him who's attacking Purple Moon Holy Land. Luo Feng wants to destroy Purple Moon Holy Land."
"What?" Purple Moon Ancestor was shocked. "Impossible!" he roared in a rage. "It can't be Luo Feng. It has to be Sector Beasts! It's Sector Beasts that are eating the origin of my miniature universe."
"Ancestor, the original mind of the original universe already told the three ancestral gods that the Sector Beast crisis was already over!" cried an elder with three heads and eight arms. "That Luo Feng has immense power, and he indeed destroyed all the Sector Beasts. He's more horrifying than the Sector Beasts! He must be using some special skills to deal with this holy land."
Everyone was crying. They were filled with regret. If the holy land was destroyed, the entire race would go extinct. None of them were afraid of death. However, they would be damned if the entire race was annihilated.

But what could they do? Try to stop him? All of them combined were nothing compared to a single strike from Luo Feng.
"How…? How is it possible?" Purple Moon Ancestor was horrified. "Even the original mind of the original universe admitted it? Luo Feng… He—he's attacking my miniature universe? He's only a true god. How can he destroy my miniature universe?"
Purple Moon Ancestor found it hard to believe. Even if Luo Feng was at a supreme level, this was, after all, a miniature universe of true gods of void space. How could it be destroyed?
Purple Moon Ancestor had set Luo Feng up without any fear that Luo Feng would take revenge. He hadn't believed Luo Feng could do anything to him. And that was true; Luo Feng, indeed, couldn't do anything about the miniature universes of true gods of void space, but the king of the Sector Beasts could.
The king of the Sector Beasts was even able to eat the origin of the original universe, not to mention Purple Moon Holy Land.
"Go. Go meet Luo Feng. These are his coordinate!" Purple Moon Ancestor clenched his teeth. "Ask him if he will spare the billions of lives from Purple Moon Holy Land. We'll say yes to any conditions he has."
"Yes, Ancestor."
More than ten beings rushed out immediately. Perhaps it was shameful for them to beg for mercy, but temporary shame was still better than the extinction of their races and the loss of all hope!
"How—how did I get here?" Purple Moon Ancestor raised his head and closed his eyes.
15 great beings flew out to where Purple Moon Ancestor sensed the source of the swallowing. At those coordinates, all 15 great beings instantly teleported and drew close to the coordinates.
Hong! Long! Long!
Endless golden waves permeated.
"Milky Way Horde Leader, if you're willing to spare all the lives in Purple Moon Holy Land, we'll say yes to any conditions…" The 15 great beings flew into the golden waves and moved forward.
A wave rushed toward them, and all 15 great beings were instantly annihilated.
Deep in the area, Luo Feng and Morosa stood there while Morosa was performing his ability to absorb.
Luo Feng sneered. "You tried to destroy the human race before. Why didn't you think of the billions of lives of my race? You tried to destroy my race before, so don't blame us for you dying out."
Luo Feng didn't even care to negotiate. He killed everyone who approached.
Luo Feng wouldn't allow the beings from Purple Moon Holy Land to come here. Otherwise, the great beings from Purple Moon Holy Land would see Morosa. Perhaps they wouldn't have been able to tell that Morosa was a Sector Beast, but just in case, Luo Feng didn't want the great beings from Purple Moon Holy Land to see Morosa.
Luo Feng wouldn't tell anyone from the original universe about the existence of Morosa. After all, it was related to lots of things!
There were too many mysteries in Universe Ocean. The body of the Godly King of Jin that had flown from the depths of Universe Ocean made Luo Feng realize that there might be some secrets in Universe Ocean that were unknown. When the king of the Sector Beasts reached the pinnacle level, it had been a catastrophe even in the ancient civilization, and it had been easy for it to destroy Jin Country. He couldn't let the news out.
As long as he didn't say anything, and Morosa also had the ability to be "Invisible and Formless," nobody would be able to recognize it.
It would be his trump card. He needed to hide it well.
"Ancestor, our bodies were killed the second we rushed into the area of that domain. We couldn't even see Luo Feng's face."
"The second group." Purple Moon Ancestor clenched his teeth.
Another group of great beings went out, but they were also annihilated. Some even sent messages to their friends in the original universe, asking them to send the messages to Luo Feng. But he still refused.
"Hahaha…" Purple Moon suddenly guffawed, baffling all the universe masters and true gods seated down there.
"I can't believe I've been proud for so long, yet I'm being destroyed by this Milky Way Horde Leader." Purple Moon Ancestor guffawed. "Go, go!" he said, waving his hands. "Go and meet your friends and families. There's still half a day to go before everything is no more."
The universe masters and true gods down below couldn't control their emotions either.
"There's no eternal glory, and everything has an incarnation. We're dying today, but that Luo Feng will also die someday."
"We've existed for a long time. That's much better than the races that only lasted for three universe eras."
"I'm satisfied already."
"The human race will be extinct someday."
Some had already been content. Some were swearing at Luo Feng and the humans. More great beings flew out of the palace to take their final action before they died. They went to see their hometowns, to see their disciples, and to await their deaths.
Purple Moon Ancestor walked out of the palace, entering the origin of his universe. Inside the origin, he could see every part of Purple Moon Holy Land.
"It's all over," whispered Purple Moon Ancestor. "My race will go extinct as well. However, I won't admit defeat. I'll never admit defeat!"
As Luo Feng watched, that giant universe started to crack and crumble. It was crumbling very quickly compared to when Huge Axe had been killed. When Huge Axe was killed, the origin of his miniature universe was still intact, so it would only collapse slowly. However, for a miniature universe whose origin was swallowed, the membrane would disintegrate and fade away soon.
"It's coming." The five pairs of wings on Luo Feng's back were shaking, and a trace of light was flying toward him from the broken Purple Moon Holy Land.
Shua! Shua! Shua!
Luo Feng kept teleporting and getting closer.
"The final pair of wings."
The other five pairs of wings also flew out, combining with the pair of silver wings flying toward him.
"Chaotic Golden Wings."
Luo Feng looked at the six pairs of gleaming wings floating in the sky and couldn't help smiling. It was the complete set of Chaotic Golden Wings.
Even though he was already at a superior level—having reached the level of a top-tier true god of void space—he still wasn't qualified to use the fifth level of Shi Wu Wing. The fifth level was driven by eternal true gods! Knowing that, and given the fact that it would take an ordinary Sector Beast 100,000 years to swallow Purple Moon Holy Land, Luo Feng had waited until this moment to tackle Purple Moon Holy Land.
"Haha." Luo Feng had his six pairs of wings wide open. "They're complete now. However, there's still some damage inside the fifth pair of wings."
The other five pairs of wings making up his Shi Wu Wings had already been repaired by the energies in the origin. The last pair of wings weren't repaired yet.
"If I can burn my godly power to the limit, then I can repair it." Luo Feng gave it a try. "However, it's going to take a very long time. If I were an eternal true god, I would be able to repair it instantly. No need to rush. I have all the time in the world."
Luo Feng teleported and flew toward the broken Purple Moon Holy Land. It was a holy land, after all, and there could be some remains from the three Lands of Extremis. Luo Feng searched everywhere, and he gained quite a bit.
"Huh?" Luo Feng stood in the space, and there were space fragments and broken lands everywhere.
He stood at the point where the origin of the holy land used to be.
Luo Feng frowned and looked around. "The holy land is broken, but where is Purple Moon Ancestor?"
The miniature universe was broken, but that only meant the great being couldn't be improved anymore. It didn't kill the great being.
Purple Moon Ancestor could still be alive.
Purple Moon Ancestor and East Emperor Ancestor are the only ones who could put up with the Sector Beasts and not do anything about it, Luo Feng thought. Even if he wanted to kill me. Even if hundreds of universe masters were killed, Purple Moon Ancestor has never stepped out of the holy land, and I still can't see him even after the holy land has been destroyed.
"Does that mean he isn't in his holy land?" whispered Luo Feng. "Could it be that only his godly power avatar was in the holy land? Then…"
Luo Feng turned his head, and he looked at the end of the chaos air. That was where the giant object that might be Godly King of Jin was flying.
Are there other secrets in the depths of Universe Ocean? wondered Luo Feng. The secrets of the ancient civilization… And Purple Moon Ancestor is also there.

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