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Luo Feng looked into the distance within the silent, chaotic airflow.
He had long had his doubts that Purple Moon Ancestor would be within this miniature universe. Otherwise, he would have made his way out upon being forced to a corner. Of course, there also could have been a unique situation, such as Purple Moon Ancestor being confined within the miniature universe and thus unable to leave it. If that was the case, then Luo Feng destroying the miniature universe was the same as releasing Purple Moon Ancestor.
But in light of this possibility, Luo Feng had prepared well ahead of time. Without even mentioning the fact that Morosa was the king of Sector Beasts, its power matched the level of a true god of void space. And like a true god of void space that could sweep away everything. At the very least, Purple Moon Ancestor would not be able to block its attacks.
As for Luo Feng, he could execute Linear Element Technique, which was even more superior than Divine Eye Technique. Linear Element Technique was a supreme willpower technique that even godly kings would go crazy over! Even an opponent that was a worthy match for that willpower, if pitted against another being who possessed Linear Element Technique, would have great influence exerted over it. Its opponent might even be able to cause it to fall directly into a state of unconsciousness.
Luo Feng's willpower had become "holy." In other words, for any being whose willpower had yet to become holy, the moment it was hit by Luo Feng's willpower, the impact would bring it down without fail!
East Emperor Ancestor and Purple Moon Ancestor's miniature universes… Back then, Morosa had tried to devour their miniature universes so it could verify that East Emperor Ancestor's willpower was stronger and Purple Moon Ancestor's willpower was weaker.
"Among the true gods of void space, there are quite a few whose willpower has attained the level of an eternal true god. But for them to achieve the level where their willpower becomes holy… That is almost impossible." Luo Feng shook his head. "Purple Moon is weaker than East Emperor, making it all the more impossible for his willpower to become holy."
"Regardless of East Emperor or Purple Moon, they both have already transcended reincarnation," Luo Feng said to himself, "so they possess eternal life. So, where are they?"
The Universe Ocean was just too mysterious.
Take the World of Jin, for example, it had some eternal true god existences like the four major generals. These allowed Luo Feng to understand that he was not invincible. This was the reason why Luo Feng had to carefully hide this king of the Sector Beast. It was his trump card.
Luo Feng took Morosa with him and made his way back to the primal universe.
Leaving Morosa behind in his miniature universe, Luo Feng headed back to the primal universe in his original body to the void space of Milky Way Holy Land.
"Let's go. We shall make our way to the Ancestral God School," said Primal Chaos City Leader.

He was extremely excited. Luo Feng had just returned from Universe Ocean, and Primal Chaos City Leader was already rushing Luo Feng off to the Ancestral God School, prepared to demand Teacher Origin's release. He had waited far too long for this day to arrive.
"Mm." Luo Feng also smiled in response.
Teacher and disciple traveled alongside one another. Very quickly, they arrived at the Ancestral God Palace of the Ancestral God Secret Region. Stepping into the Ancestral God Palace, they saw three ancestral gods seated in the hall.
"The three of you," Primal Chaos City Leader said pointedly. "I think our purpose in coming here is clear to you all. The Sector Beast crisis is over. Shouldn't the willpower of the origin keep the promise it previously made and release our Teacher Origin?"
The three ancestral gods looked down at them. Then one of them, the old ancestral god, spoke up. "Primal Chaos City Leader, worry not. Since the willpower of the origin has given its word, it will fulfill what it has promised."
"Previously, the willpower of the origin already informed us," the young ancestral god added, "this time around, Luo Feng settled the Sector Beast crisis, thus making a great contribution. Most certainly, this is enough reason to release Teacher Origin… I believe that by now, the willpower of the origin should already be starting to release Teacher Origin. Wait a little while longer. Teacher Origin should appear here in this Ancestral God Palace."
"Already starting to release him?" Primal Chaos City Leader was excited.
Luo Feng was also filled with anticipation. While he had never received guidance from nor been taught by Teacher Origin, it was a fact that Teacher Origin had immense influence over the human race. To put it one way, Teacher Origin had been the leader during the rising of the humans. Huge Axe and Primal Chaos City Leader were the guardians maintaining the achievements and prosperity of the humans. Luo Feng, meanwhile, was the pioneer bringing about the glory of the humans!
"Just wait a little while longer," said the double-faced ancestral god.
Primal Chaos City Leader and Luo Feng stood in the hall and waited quietly.
Time passed slowly. Suddenly, a powerful ripple filled the hall, and in the space in the middle of the hall, a contorted wormhole appeared. A blurred figure emerged from the wormhole and instantly appeared within the big hall. Witnessing this scene made Primal Chaos City Leader tremble all over. His eyes were filled with excitement.
The figure came into view. It was a man garbed in a white robe. In the spot where he had arrived, it was as though all of time and space were subdued by his influence. Everything became peaceful and quiet.
"Teacher!" Primal Chaos City Leader made his way over via teleportation. Appearing before the man in the white robe, he immediately dropped down on his knees, tears streaming down his cheeks.
It had been so long. How long had he waited?
To him, Teacher Origin was his teacher. He was his father. To safeguard all that Teacher Origin had created, he, Primal Chaos City Leader, had worked conscientiously and with great diligence. Never for a moment had he gone easy on himself, as he had focused on managing and taking care of the entire human race. Throughout countless years, he had earned himself the good reputation of being just and impartial, and he was known for his selflessness in giving his all for the race. Even when it came to accepting and cultivating his disciples, he did everything with the goal of strengthening the human race. This was why the various great beings of the human race were always filled with respect and admiration for Primal Chaos City Leader!
They never would have imagined that all Primal Chaos City Leader wanted was to safeguard everything that Teacher Origin had left behind. He did not want to witness the fall of the humans.
"Don't be such a baby," said Teacher Origin, laughing as he helped Primal Chaos City Leader to his feet.
"Mm." Primal Chaos City Leader obligingly stood up.
Teacher Origin looked at Primal Chaos City Leader. Then, with a sigh, he lamented, "What a pity that Huge Axe is no longer with us."
There was sorrow in Primal Chaos City Leader's eyes as he recounted, "Huge Axe was killed by a Sector Beast. Fortunately, Luo Feng finally managed to settle the Sector Beast crisis. He also managed to retrieve Huge Axe's supreme treasure, the godly axe, and he has brought it back."
Upon returning, Luo Feng had made it a point to bring the godly axe with him. When the higher-ups of the human race learned of this news, they had all gasped in awe.
"If he could have lived to see this, he'd have been very happy," Teacher Origin said. "This child has always been reckless and loved adventures. I have warned him umpteen times. If only he had half your calmness, then he would not have… Ah… let's not talk about it. Let's drop the subject."
To have the guts to call Huge Axe a child—no one other than Teacher Origin would have dared to make such a statement.
Huge Axe had been the very first to follow Teacher Origin. After that, Teacher Origin had officially accepted Primal Chaos City Leader as his first disciple. The three had spent a lot of time together. Primal Chaos City Leader was like the younger brother, Huge Axe was like the older brother, and Teacher Origin was like a father to them both.
"Congratulations, Teacher Origin. You finally got your freedom back." The three ancestral gods walked over. They were also filled with admiration for Teacher Origin, one of the earliest beings throughout the entire primal universe, who was so extraordinary that he was one of a kind.
Then, the three looked into the distance at the other figure in a white robe. Luo Feng.
White-robed Teacher Origin and white-robed Luo Feng. They were two incomparably dazzling beings from the human race—one from the early period and one from the middle period. They had completely different styles. Teacher Origin was calmer and more laid-back. In his presence, other great beings would feel as though they were basking in a spring breeze.
On the other hand, Luo Feng was like a blade cutting through the sky. Although he was courteous to others, he was always so sharp, always taking everything upon himself—always sporting absolute determination that made him adhere to all his intentions, so that his presence alone sent shudders through any other great being.
"Thanks." Teacher Origin took one look at the three ancestral gods and smiled as he nodded. "Primal Chaos City Leader, Luo Feng." Teacher Origin took one long look at Luo Feng. "Let's go."
Luo Feng nodded. He could sense that Teacher Origin had quite a lot to say to him. It was just that they were within Ancestral God Palace, which was not a good place for deeper conversations.
"Let's go." Luo Feng nodded. Right away, the three vanished into thin air.
The three ancestral gods watched the three pinnacle beings of the human race leaving and looked at one another. The double-faced ancestral god could not resist a sigh. "With the return of Teacher Origin, the human race now has Teacher Origin and Luo Feng. They will glow even more brilliantly and gloriously."
"Teacher Origin had provoked the willpower of the origin into suppressing him," the old ancestral god said. "But Luo Feng. Even the willpower of the origin dared not provoke him. He is even more terrifying. The two of them are now reunited with the human race. The human race… How formidable they are going to be in the future."
"In terms of ability, either one of them could easily attain the level of void space," the young ancestral god commented. "Within our Universe Ocean, I think we can most likely expect to see two more holy land universes emerging."
Everyone knew it. The moment Luo Feng settled the Sector Beast crisis, there were no longer any foes from the outside. The human race could certainly expect a long period of prosperity. For the countless billions of eras that followed, the human race would surely do its best to cultivate their later generations to allow their race to become stronger. The return of Teacher Origin was like adding wings to a tiger. The human race would get even mightier and more powerful.
When the humans got stronger, the other races would look up to them. No one would dare harbor thoughts of enmity toward the humans thereafter.
Within the human territory, on one of the corridors of Milky Way Holy Land, Teacher Origin, Primal Chaos City Leader, and Luo Feng looked around as they strolled.
"Look at the doors of those universe passageways," Teacher Origin lamented through a smile. "The entire primal universe. There are universe passageways of true gods from every other race to be found here. Hahaha… Back then, I would never have imagined that such a scene was possible."
"Luo Feng." Teacher Origin turned to look at Luo Feng at his side. "I have been suppressed for so long. Now, you have appeared. For a long time, I have been watching you… At first, it only seemed to me that a new true god had been born to my human race. I would never have expected you to make it this far, even to the extent of releasing me from eternal suppression. This kindness you have bestowed upon me—there is no way I can ever repay you enough. Please, accept a bow from me."
Luo Feng immediately reached out to stop him. "This will not do," he said. Strictly speaking, Teacher Origin was his Teacher's ancestor.
"Well, you have shown me extreme kindness, and that is a fact." Teacher Origin, with Luo Feng holding onto him, was unable to complete his bow. He could only manage a half-bow. "You need not be mindful of anyone else."
"Teacher, that is just the kind of person you are." Primal Chaos City Leader sighed helplessly.
Taking note of the situation, Luo Feng immediately changed the topic. "Right. Teacher Origin… I have always wanted to ask, what did you do back then to make the willpower of the origin so upset that it had to keep you suppressed? Earlier, when I first requested your release, the willpower of the origin actually transmitted a message saying that it was limited by the supreme law, so there was simply no way it could let you out. Only after the Sector Beast crisis was over would it release you."
"Yes, Teacher," Primal Chaos City Leader added. "Teacher, when you previously brought up the matter, you only touched on it briefly. What is it all about?"
Primal Chaos City Leader only knew that Teacher Origin and the willpower of the origin were enemies and that they were going to battle soon. As for the most fundamental reason, he knew nothing at all.
"There is no rush." Teacher Origin shook his head with a smile. "Luo Feng, I heard you destroyed Purple Moon Holy Land Universe."
"Yes." Luo Feng nodded. With this news already out into the open, Teacher Origin—who had everything within the virtual universe under his control—would definitely know about it.
"Then I would like to ask… after destroying Purple Moon Holy Land Universe, what about Purple Moon Ancestor?" There was a glimmer of anticipation in Teacher Origin's eyes. "Where is he? He has transcended reincarnation, so he has eternal life. The moment his miniature universe is destroyed, all the races, universe masters, and true gods that resided in it would die along with it, but Purple Moon Ancestor could still be alive. Have you seen him?"
Luo Feng shook his head. "No, I have not seen him."
"No?" Teacher Origin was taken aback. "Could it be? Could it have just been a godly powered avatar…?" Teacher Origin stood in one spot, dazed. "Could it be? Could it be…? If I had known earlier… If I had known earlier, I would not have even considered walking down this path."
Luo Feng and Primal Chaos City Leader looked at one another.
What was wrong?

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