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Teacher Origin looked conflicted. "You want to know the reasons why I was suppressed?"
Both Luo Feng and Primal Chaos City Leader listened carefully.
"When I first rose before," said Teacher Origin slowly, "no one from the first or second universe eras was my match. I roamed Universe Ocean and had no rival. However, I was wary of the two holy lands. Although I was invincible, I wasn't confident to say that I could match the two ancestors of the two holy lands. I've been wondering why the ancestors of the two holy lands never came out. Even if they have transcended incarnations and are indeed unrivaled, they wouldn't just confine themselves to the holy lands forever. Unless… they couldn't get out! I have speculated that transcending incarnations is a conspiracy!"
"A conspiracy?" Both Luo Feng and Primal Chaos City Leader were startled.
"I speculated before that this was the conspiracy of the original universe," said Teacher Origin. "However, after being suppressed, I came across the supreme laws, and that was when I realized that I was wrong. Dead wrong. Supreme laws are what control all the operations in Universe Ocean! The original mind only controls everything in the original universe. It can't force anyone to transcend incarnations, as it doesn't have the authority to do so…"
Primal Chaos City Leader frowned. "But, Teacher, once someone reaches the void space level, they must transcend incarnations within a very short period of time."
"Yes," said Teacher Origin. "That's the restriction of supreme laws. Only supreme laws can give orders to true gods and above. I've been suppressed for a long time, and now, I finally understand it. The original mind is unable to force anyone to go anywhere. Otherwise, it could've forced Yuan Ao Master, Zhen Jia Emperor, and the others to go somewhere in the Lands of Extremis instead of going through so much."
Luo Feng nodded. He had talked with Teacher Sitting Mountain Guest before, and he knew that there was no need to be afraid of the original mind, as it couldn't do anything to true gods—as long as they didn't break any supreme laws.
"The reason why I was suppressed," said Teacher Origin, "is that I disobeyed the supreme laws, and the original mind suppressed me. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been able to do so."
"How did you disobey them?" Both Luo Feng and Primal Chaos City Leader were curious.
Teacher Origin smiled. "I was careful of the original mind before, and I suspected that the original mind was behind it all… I tried everything to search for it, but the deeper that I dug, the more I realize that the original mind isn't wise; it only has some basic wisdom. It must be a very weak mind bred by the origin of the original universe."
"Weak?" Both Luo Feng and Primal Chaos City Leader were shocked.
"Yes." Teacher Origin nodded. "The original mind itself is fragile. It only has endless power because of the origin of the original universe. I didn't want to transcend incarnations before because I was afraid I would be bound forever. I came up with a plan… I would destroy the original mind so that my own mind could become the original mind of the original universe."

Both Luo Feng and Primal Chaos City Leader were shocked.
Soul transfer? Was he talking about soul transfer?
Luo Feng had speculated from past experiences that the original mind itself didn't have any power. That was why it had needed others to kill Yuan Ao Master. It also relied on the Ancestral God School to do much of its bidding. In fact, Luo Feng had also considered the possibility of seizing control of the authority of the original universe. But it was only a thought. After all, Luo Feng couldn't think of any viable methods for doing so.
"That's why I created the virtual universe," Teacher Origin said with a smile. "My virtual universe and the real universe are like two sides of the same body. They perfectly match each other. I myself am a life form in the original universe, so the original universe doesn't resist me. When my mind is spread everywhere in the original universe with the help of the virtual universe, it starts to clash with the original mind."
Both Luo Feng and Primal Chaos City Leader were stunned.
The virtual universe had been created to rob the soul of the original universe!
"But I was wrong." Teacher Origin sighed. "I was too naïve. I speculated based on my own estimation, but I was dead wrong… I wanted to seize control of the original universe, which goes against the supreme laws! That was why the supreme laws punished me. I lost, and that's why I was suppressed. The supreme laws punished me. That's how I encountered more supreme laws and why I understand more about them."
Luo Feng and Primal Chaos City Leader went quiet.
Teacher Origin was really in opposition against the original mind, and he suspected that the original mind was the ultimate conspirer behind everything. He had seen through the weaknesses of the original mind. He had then created the virtual universe in order to seize control over the original universe. And he had almost succeeded.
"No wonder the original mind wasn't willing to let Teacher Origin go!" Primal Chaos City Leader exclaimed. "It had to wait until Luo Feng solved the crisis of the Sector Beasts to release Teacher Origin."
Luo Feng was thinking. The Sector Beasts represented destruction while the original universe represented life, and they were completely opposite to each other. Each side would be treated fairly by the supreme laws, no matter which side won.
Apparently, the supreme laws were unbiased between the two sides. If the Sector Beasts won, they would destroy everything. If the original universe won, Luo Feng, as the greatest contributor, would be rewarded as well.
But it's unfair, Luo Feng thought. The king of the Sector Beasts is at void space level, yet nobody forces it to transcend incarnations. However, we have to transcend incarnations after becoming true gods of void space.
That's right. The king of Sector Beasts represents the opposite force to the original universe, and they're at the most supreme level. We, as life forms bred in the original universe, are inferior, and we're subject to more restrictions.
The top beings in Universe Ocean were the original universe and the king of the Sector Beasts.
As for the life forms bred by the original universe—even Luo Feng, whose life gene level had reached 100,000 times, who'd had all the life forms salute him—they were all inferior to the original universe and the king of the Sector Beasts. This made Luo Feng very pleased, as he had successfully enslaved the king of the Sector Beasts.
After the crisis of the Sector Beasts, Universe Ocean was peaceful again.
All the miniature universes of the first universe era and second universe era had been destroyed. Skeleton Master had turned to the side of the Sector Beasts, but his miniature universe was still there, as Morosa was still alive. So as not to let anyone else know about the king of the Sector Beasts, Morosa killed Skeleton Master with one thought right after becoming king, and his miniature universe was destroyed as well.
Time went by quickly, and tens of thousands of eras passed.
"The membrane of the World of Jin will turn white every era."
A new universe master of the demon race, "Ren Yu Master," drove a palace and flew toward the World of Jin. It usually took a long time for a great being to go to the World of Jin.
"Huh?" Ren Yu Master looked at the surrounding space in shock. "Am I lost?"
Ren Yu Master speculated that he had come to the wrong place, but after checking the map of Universe Ocean and his coordinates…
"This was where the World of Jin used to be before," said Ren Yu Master. "That giant object disappeared? The whole World of Jin disappeared?" Ren Yu Master was stupefied.
The news spread across the original universe like wildfire. All the great beings quickly learned that the World of Jin had disappeared.
After only half a day, Luo Feng arrived at where World of Jin had been.
"Where is it?" Luo Feng, with his silver wings, stood in the chaos air. He was looking off into the distance. A long time ago, the giant body, which had seemed to belong to the Godly King of Jin, had been right there.
Shua! Shua! Shua!
Luo Feng started to teleport and search. It wasn't just Luo Feng. Great beings of other races were also searching. However, they couldn't find the World of Jin no matter how hard they tried. Apparently, during the past tens of thousands of eras, the World of Jin had left without notifying anyone. Nobody had found out because no great beings had been there in such a long time—not until Ren Yu Master decided to go there to train.
My godly powered avatar is still inside the World of Jin, Luo Feng was thinking, frowning as he stood there in space.
Deep in Universe Ocean, an enormous object flew at high speed.
Inside its body, inside the World of Jin, on an island of the Python River Army of the East Army, Luo Feng's godly power avatar was staying there. An era before, after his original body learned that the World of Jin had disappeared, that godly powered avatar had learned that he was no longer in the same region of Universe Ocean. Instead, it had traveled to a strange place.
"Where am I in the World of Jin?"
After an era, the universe membrane finally turned white.
Driving a spaceship, Luo Feng's godly powered avatar rushed out of the universe membrane. He was very curious about this deeper area of Universe Ocean. He wanted to get out of the World of Jin and away from the giant object to see where he was.
He rushed out of the miniature universe of the World of Jin.
"This is…" Luo Feng's godly power avatar was looking around outside in the spaceship.
Endless flames swept across him. The true god level spaceship was immediately annihilated, and so was Luo Feng's godly powered avatar.
Inside Milky Way Holy Land of the original universe, Luo Feng was admonishing his son Luo Hai.
"I've told you before that I can't help you," he said. "If you don't go comprehend by yourself, nobody can help you! You're indeed less talented, but there's nothing absolute in Universe Ocean. Everything has a chance… Huh?"
"Father?" asked Luo Hai.
Frowning, Luo Feng looked out into space, as if he could see through all that distance. He whispered, "Immediately annihilated? Fortunately, I converted almost all my military credits into valuables while fighting the Sector Beasts last time."
Though he had no idea where the World of Jin was, it was apparently still safe and sound. And all the creatures living inside the World of Jin were still safe and alive.
To deal with the crisis of the Sector Beasts, World of Jin came, Luo Feng thought. The World of Jin. The origin… These two are how the original universe survived. Now, the crisis of Sector Beasts is over, so the World of Jin left silently.
Luo Feng could understand why. The ancient civilization had lived in the World of Jin, after all, and those who lived there were descendants of the ancient civilization. If World of Jin remained here, the life forms from later universe eras would easily gain the inheritance from the ancient civilization. But apparently, nothing like that would now happen.
When will I see the World of Jin again? Luo Feng wondered.

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