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System in Different Worlds
Author :Zeffur
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7 Chapter 6

After Najenda explained everything to the blonde haired girl that came in about their new member, they start heading out of the room leaving behind our still chained mc.

Seika: OI OI, you just gonna leave me here?

Najenda turns around and gives him a funny look.

Najenda: Hoo, you say this as if you forgot about everything before coming here? Just think of this as punishment for that.

Seika: It ain't my fault I happened to fall into the springs when you were bathing *sigh* this is getting redundant.

???: WHAT!? You saw the chief and the others naked?

Seika gazes up and sees a shocked blonde haired girl and a shocked green haired male who has just barged into the room who at this moment regains his composure and asks.

???: Well then how was the view?

The green haired guy asked Seika and Seika at this moment wanted to test the limits of his telepathy and decided to fulfill this little perverts long lasting dream. Seika turning his face to look directly at the green haired male tries using his telepathy and makes a connection with him sending his thoughts to him.

???: Ahhh I see the light, so heaven is real.

The green haired male immediately after receiving the thoughts from Seika falls unconscious as a fountain of blood comes gushing out of his nose as he has the biggest perverted grin on his face, and through this Seika was able to test his telepathy.

Seika: (I see so with telepathy I am unable to read peoples mind but I am able to communicate with others and they are able to communicate with me, I am also able to send images/videos of my memories interesting).

Everyone in the room instantly froze as the blond haired girl was an inch away from punching the green haired guy's head from the place he used to be, they turned toward Seika in which the gaze in their eyes is demanding him to answer what just happened.

Seika: Well lets just say he saw everything I saw back at the springs.

Seika instantly regrets helping his fellow man as he feels an extremely amount of force hit him on his forehead knocking him down onto the floor, looking up Seika could see the furious Mine with her gun pointed at him and Najenda with the hand of her green gauntlets retracting back to her arm.

Najenda: It seems that you indeed do need to be punished as it seems that despite not going through your small punishment you still haven't repented huh.

Seika at this moment is sweating as he realises what he had done, but remains calm as he says.

Seika: Well, I just wanted to test something and decided to help fulfill that guys fantasy over there but I realise that I was a bit rash in what I did so I apologise.

Najenda: Testing what?

Seika: "I was testing this" (A.N) Imma just use those quotation marks for telepathy type shit

Najenda hearing Seika's voice without his mouth moving is shocked and analyses what Seika did after a moment and coming to a conclusion Najenda states

Najenda: So you can send your thought over to others, is this a teigu of yours?

Seika: Well it isn't exactly a teigu and I prefer not going over why I am able to use telepathy (like hell I would say that I'm not human and I can use telepathy due to being a vampire). But I prefer not being chained down here so sorry about the damages.

Seika sends a wave of key to his shackles breaking them, then helping himself up he walks up to the group in front of him and asks.

Seika: Since I'm apart of this group of yours now could you take to the place where I'm going to be sleeping in?

Najenda: So you could break free from you binding, so why did you wait until now to do it?

Seika: Well, if I just went up and suddenly break apart the chains while you were interrogating me then wouldn't that make me look hostile? So I just stayed sitting down bounded and behaved myself.

Najenda: *sigh* Akame go and take him to the room where he will be staying and Leone I want you to tell me if you noticed any change with our target tonight.

Seika: Target? Do I go on this task of yours as well?

Najenda: No you wont be going you will be staying here.

Seika: (So she doesn't trust me yet, well to be honest it would be weird if she was instantly trusting and made me go on one of their missions right away), Ok so Akame could you please show me to my room?


( imma from now on just use = to make a break in scenes)

Seika following Akame from behind enter into a room and inside there is a lack of stuff inside due to its vacancy and all that is inside is a bed, drawer, desk you know the usual, Akame turns around and looks at Seika with a somewhat noticeable dazed look in her eyes as she says.

Akame: This is where you will be sleeping from now on, the bathroom toilet area is further ahead of your room if you feel the need to relieve and clean yourself though, the piping for the bathroom doesn't work so you won't be able to bathe yourself, so make yourself comfortable as we are about to head out for the mission.

Seika: Wait what? You guys start your missions so early?

Akame: What do you mean? it night right now.

Seika looks outside and sees the dark skies and the full moon, in which the only reason he is not turning in the great ape is because the system told him that he can use ki on his eyes to block of blux waves and Seika trained it to the point where he unconsciously covers his eyes with ki.

Seika: How long was this interrogation because I remember it being around the morning when I landed in your bath.

Akame: We started bathing an hour after lunch I'm not sure why you would say it was morning, do you wake up late?

You could fit many watermelons in Seika's mouth at this moment as he thinks in his mind that he never usually sleeps in and during the days in the wild he always woke up early in the morning when the sun just risen, he thinks over many possibilities and comes to the conclusion that his luck somehow changed when he would wake up, just so he could meet the ladies.

Seika: Well nevermind it seems that I indeed woke up late and that I lost my sense of time after being interrogated in that room for a few bit. Oh well have fun, Imma just head outside for a moment.

Seika and Akame head out the room as Seika walks outside splitting up from Seika, Seika jumps onto a tree branch right that in front of the entrance of the base and gazes at the moon for the first time coming into this world without the distraction of beasts getting in his way. He looks at it he can't help but have a nostalgic feeling rise as he gazes at the only thing similar in this world from his as his thought goes through his moments in life.

(A.N) This chapter is a bit smaller than the others and when I say a bit I mean around 2x smaller than the others but I just put this up quickly and the reason there were no chapter or chapters last week was because I was caught up on stuff ya know life just throwing shit at you last minute so yeah sorry about that. So the next chapter/s will be on his past and I'm not sure if it is just going to be on one chapter but I do know that it probably wont exceed 3.
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    《System in Different Worlds》