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Author :Sky_Dragon_Slayer
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As these soldiers were marching towards the part where those hypocritical people were leaving many citizens were alarmed by their footsteps.

All of the citizens that feel the vibration of the ground felt that an earthquake just occurred.

Then when they gaze curiously st their window they saw many people clad in silver armor walking towards some direction on where those bastard lived.

They were like the silent minions of death gazing at their preys. As they march towards their respective destinations, Eleven red robe warriors with silver armors were stealthily gaxing at the crowd, trying to find the spies or some of the bad ones since His Majesty himself have already ordered them to wipe out the criminals and retain the piece and order of the society.

Since he forgot that he have a prospering town Winston just let the corrupt headed businessmen to lead the town and manipulate its economy and people. Even the town militia higher ups were being manipulated by them.

And now he is going to take back what is rightfully his. He is going to show the town that he built that he is the ruler and not those dirty people.

And when the first plan is done he would move to the next part which is start the conquest for land and power. But first he have to erase all the forces that would try to oppose him completely.

He is done with the caring part of him. Now that they are abusing his authority, he is going to teach them a lesson and their school fee is their life.

Winston who was the mastermind on this event was just silently gazing at those marching figures. While the Secret Service people were all present on his back, silently waiting for his order.

In this past few days they saw that their lazy and carefree Majesty have turned into seriousness. No childish nature could be seen on him. Only seriousness.

While they were just staring at the happenings outside like it was just some vendor in the marketplace shouting to the top of his lungs just to make some customers get interested in them, They disregarded what was happening.

On the other hand the warriors have already reach the gates of these corrupt officials and businessmen's home. And with no word a being said they barged in on every house. killing all those who try to argue while capturing those who surrender and killing those who try to retaliate.

Once the poor people saw how those arrogant bastards were being tied on some iron cofs they immediately rejoiced! To think that there was a day that this demons were getting punished by the law. Some of them even cried emotionally.

Then some clever citizens started to whisper in each other.

" Damn to think that with just a very legendary Village creation token I could get this many privileges. " Winston couldn't help but click his tounge a few times as his excitement was to the pick!

But just as he was still celebrating his village creation he found out a big problem! There were still no people and just as he was wondering on why the vampires were not included, a notice pop out of no where scaring the shit out of him.

Citizen One: " Wow, I was surprised to see that Agoa Merchant mansion being raised down, even the arrogant maids and servants that dared to retaliate died."

Citizen two:" Yeah, hahaha evil forces doesn't prevale, Justice shall be serve!"

Citizen three:" Hahahahahahahaha those DNA demons are going to . a horrible death! " Obviously Citizen was excited to see this merchant's that controlled the town die.

Citizen Four who was Laos on the croud heard jets they were whispering do he Laos joined. " Yeah bro you are right. Especially that Mao Yao guy. He really think of us as ants, but he was just some mercenary leader. And now let see what those silver armored solid era would do!"

Citizen One Answered: " Obviously they would Laos be attack ny these god gift." He was kinda bit emotional since this was the first time that the people of Black Roc felt that the burden that they carried on their aching shoulders were gone. Since some nobles are very oppressive that they would kill some Black Roc men just because they made some mistakes.

Citizen Five: " Yeah dude did you saw that one on the back of the silver armored peoples maybe he is their leader. Maybe he was the one that the Golden Sun Empire provided us."

Citizen Six joined in: " I wonder what happens if they also dealt with that incompetent mayor! "

" Haha of course their also gonna kill him."

While they were chatting happily and ridiculing the mayor of Balkc Roc which was Winston who was obsessed with being low profile. But the problem is he doesn't know what is being low profile.

The first regimen of Blood Thirsty Red General had already cleared the northern part and only Haida Family was the only one left. So that is where they were going and the one leading them was the general himself Blood Thirsty.

On the mansion of Haida Family.



Some vase that was kinda bit antique was now in the floor which was thrown by the raging Family head of Haida fam. Haida Lumba. He was a well built man on his middle age. He have a nor good neither bad face.

" How could this happen! Damn it! Why would these kind of people would invade us ?!" This was most of their questions since they have never provoked any empire or kingdom when they sell goods.

A slightly tall man with a scar on his face was standing on his back silently. This man was the Family head's right hand and trusted aid. Kuang Hei.

Kuang Hei also was helpless in these since he never would have thought that there were at least seven hundred to one thousand enemy on their gates just waiting for their leaders signal and they would make Haida Family bathe in blood.

Then they heard this demonic like voice .

" Black Roc Legion Heed Your Orders! His Majesty, Ordered you to Kill If they Resist and Kill if they Flee." A warrior with a red cape shouted loudly as he pointed towards the tightly closed gates of Haida Family Mansion.
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