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Nie Li's eyes shimmered with a veiled glimmer. Elder Phoenix Feather had likely been convinced.

After all, Mu Yue's dragon pattern seals were such an important secret. It was impossible for outsiders to know.

"Greetings, Supreme Lord!" Phoenix Feather quickly cupped her hands and bowed.

"Elder Phoenix Feather, you are being polite." Nie Li quickly used his hands to hold up Phoenix Feather's arms as he said with a faint smile.

Phoenix Feather's arm was unclothed, her crystalline skin smooth and supple. It had to be said that Phoenix Feather was an absolute beauty herself.

When she felt Nie Li hold up her arms, Phoenix Feather blushed slightly. She looked up at Nie Li, hardly able to repress the sliver of charm in her eyes.

With her head up, Phoenix Feather said to Nie Li, "Supreme Lord, I never expected to encounter you in such a situation. I'm very honored and if there's anything you need from me, you can have my company at any moment."

Upon hearing Phoenix Feather's words, Nie Li could not help but turn wary.

Was Phoenix Feather sounding him out or?

According to the thought processes of humans, since he was the Dao partner of the Demon's sect master, Phoenix Feather obviously would not offer something so suggestive.

Could the thought processes of demons and humans be that different?

Or could it be…

Nie Li lowered his head to glance at Phoenix Feather and noticed her face blushing slightly. There was an indescribable charm about her and the voluptuous figure had a boundless seductive allure.

An idea came to Nie Li as he retracted his arm and laughed out loud. "Elder Phoenix Feather, you must be joking. I'm loyal to sect master and will obviously not do anything disloyal to her."

With Mu Yue being a person with a strong side to her character, how could she tolerate her Dao partner spending time with other women, even if that woman was her closest subordinate?

Phoenix Feather had been secretly observing Nie Li and when she heard his reply, she seemingly felt relieved. She smiled coquettishly, as she used her jadelike fingers on her right hand to streak across Nie Li's chest, speaking with a smile that she covered with her other hand. "Supreme Lord, are you sure you do not want anything? Or do you have the intention but not the guts? You have to know that I will definitely not let sect master be made known of it."

Nie Li shook his head and said, "Elder Phoenix Feather, do not seduce me into doing an irredeemable mistake. Besides, I'm currently in a human's body. Elder Phoenix Feather, could it be that a human is something you wish to…"

Nie Li looked at Phoenix with a deep, meaningful look.

Phoenix Feather's body jolted, her face immediately revealed a somewhat disgusted look. With her status, how could she have anything to do with a human…

Nie Li laughed out loud. "This mystic technique of mine needs at least several decades before it can be removed. For sect master's grand goals, I have no choice but to make the sacrifice."

"I have been impetuous. Sorry, Supreme Lord." Phoenix Feather turned solemn as she said with a salute.

"Now that I have infiltrated the Divine Feathers Sect, and become its sect master, the Heavenly Note Sect is almost within my grasps. Sect master's grand goal is slowly being realized," said Nie Li. "I have not been able to report to sect master about the latest progress in recent months."

"Might I know why you came here today, Elder Phoenix Feather?" Nie Li looked at Phoenix Feather and asked.

"Supreme Lord, are you aware that the six Divine Sects have recently been a little odd?" asked Phoenix Feather with her brows knitted.

"Odd? What's odd?" asked a puzzled Nie Li.

"The six Divine Sects recently obtain some divine medicine that greatly increased their strength. There are more and more experts breaking into the Martial Ancestor Realm but the reason remains unknown," said Phoenix Feather. "That's why we came to probe the Heavenly Note Sect. We have to dig out the reason even at the cost of some lives."

"Hahaha, so it's that," said Nie Li with a laugh.

"Supreme Lord, do you know why?" Phoenix Feather looked at Nie Li and asked.

"Of course. Elder Phoenix Feather, are you aware of any medicine in this world that can rapidly raise a person's strength to the point of a breakthrough in just a short matter of days without having any negative side effects?" Nie Li's smiled as he looked at Phoenix Feather. With her knowledge, she was definitely unable to understand how the divine medicine in his hands had such an effect.

"No," said Phoenix Feather as she shook her head. "Why did the people from the six Divine Sects have such a tremendous increase in strength?"

"Elder Phoenix Feather, you might not know but even though the divine medicine can be described as a panacea for cultivation, it's actually just Dragon Essence Spirit Liquid," said Nie Li with a smile.

"Dragon Essence Spirit Liquid?" Phoenix Feather was slightly taken aback.

"Elder Phoenix Feather, it is understandable that you are unaware of the Dragon Essence Spirit Liquid. You can check on the Mystic Moon Medicine Manual when you return," said Nie Li. "It is a kind of medicine that is obtained from the Dragon Abyss, a place where countless dragon-blooded demonic beasts are buried. When all their corpses are gathered together for ten million years, they will slowly distill to form Dragon Essence Spirit Liquid."

"Might I know what effects the Dragon Essence Spirit Liquid has? Why would it increase the cultivation levels of the six Divine Sects so quickly?" Phoenix Feather frowned.

"Hahaha, Elder Phoenix Feather, you are worrying over nothing. This Dragon Essence Spirit Liquid does increase a person's cultivation but there is a terrifying side effect," said Nie Li. "That's because Dragon Essence Spirit Liquid is able to temporarily enhance one's potential, raising a person's strength severalfold or even tens of times but the medicinal effects only last three years. Once the effects vanish, their cultivation levels will drop drastically, leaving them with zero strength."

It was very likely that Phoenix Feather and company did not know what the Divine Phaseless Fruit was.

Upon hearing Nie Li's words, Phoenix Feather said in shock, "To think that's the reason. Then why would they use the Dragon Essence Spirit Liquid?"

"Elder Phoenix Feather, you might not be aware. When the Dragon Essence Spirit Liquid is formulated into a spiritual medicine, it can stimulate one's potential but detection is very hard. It will probably be too late once the three years are up," said Nie Li with a smile.

"To think that's the reason. Then, how many people have eaten this Dragon Essence Spirit Liquid?" inquired Phoenix Feather.

"According to what I know, at least a thousand people have consumed it. Nearly all the top experts of the six Divine Sects have consumed the Dragon Essence Spirit Liquid," replied Nie Li.

"Then wouldn't three years later imply…" Upon hearing Nie Li's words, Phoenix Feather's eyes lit up.

"That's right. The Heavens are aiding sect master. Three years later, sect master's grand goals would be accomplished," said Nie Li smilingly.

"Was this done by you, Supreme Lord?" Phoenix Feather could not help but look at Nie Li and ask.

"Not at all. The Dragon Essence Spirit Liquid did come from the Divine Feathers Sect but it was not done by me. My guess is that it was likely the Heavenly Demonic Ancestral Land…" said Nie Li as his eyes looked profound.

"So that's the case." Phoenix Feather could not help but feel enlightened. "Since the Ancestral Land has set up a ploy, we just need to wait for it to pan out."

"Yes, especially at this critical juncture with sect master in closed-door training, we should not trouble her with such trivial matters. All we need to do is wait for three years and the six Divine Sects will collapse on themselves," said Nie Li with a faint smile.

"I see. Supreme Lord, what you said makes sense. Once sect master comes out of closed-door training, it will be the moment when the six Divine Sects are greatly weakened. Sect master will definitely be able to level them at that point in time!" Phoenix Feather said in obvious excitement. "I'm thankful for meeting you here, Supreme Lord. If I had recklessly waged war with the six Divine Sects, the losses would probably be heavy. Thank you for your guidance, Supreme Lord."

"Elder Phoenix Feather, you are being courteous. It is part of my job," said Nie Li with a smile.

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