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"Supreme Lord, by being alone in the Heavenly Note Sect, you will be in danger. You have to be careful." Phoenix Feather gave Nie Li a glance as she said gently and softly, her eyes appearing to have infinite charm.

Phoenix Feather was a peerless beauty. Her gentle mannerisms were even more alluring, enough to make Nie Li's heart stir.

"Elder Phoenix Feather, don't worry. Those people in the Heavenly Note Sect can't do anything about me. With my strength, I am free to come and go as I wish," said Nie Li confidently.

"Supreme Lord, you are indeed brilliant and stately." Phoenix Feather's charming voice reached Nie Li's ear, making him feel like his heartstrings were being tugged at as his heart seemed to enter a tumultuous storm.

Nie Li suddenly jolted as he realized something was amiss. Phoenix Feather was indeed not that easily fooled. She had thought of using her charming arts to probe the truth out of him.

He had nearly fallen for her ploy!

"Elder Phoenix Feather, I am flattered," said Nie Li with a loud laugh as though he was intoxicated. "Although my reincarnated self's strength is inferior to what it was in the past, I'm adept in the Art of Charming Hallucination. Once I cast it, the Heavenly Note Sect's few Martial Ancestor Realm experts can forget about stopping me."

Upon seeing Nie Li's flushed face, the charming look in Phoenix Feather's eyes turned more vibrant. She said blushingly, "Supreme Lord, what is the Art of Charming Hallucination? I have never heard of it before."

"Elder Phoenix Feather, you have never heard of the Art of Charming Hallucination? Has Yue'er not mentioned it to you before?" Nie Li asked, appearing perplexed. He stuttered as his breathing turned slightly heavy.

"Yue'er?" Phoenix Feather was taken aback for a moment before coming to realize that Nie Li was referring to her sect master, Mu Yue. She never expected Nie Li to address her sect master so intimately in private. "I have never heard any mention of this Art of Charming Hallucination from sect master!"

"It's no wonder. This art stems from the ancestral grounds. It is one of the top ten mystic arts that are not to be easily imparted," said Nie Li.

"Ah! So it stems from the ancestral grounds!" Phoenix Feather said, feeling enlightened. "It's no wonder I have never heard any mention of it from sect master mention. Regarding the ancestral ground, did Supreme Lord also…"

"News of this shall not be spread!" Nie Li hurriedly gestured for Phoenix Feather to stop talking.

"Yes, I understand," answered Phoenix Feather immediately. The charming look in her eyes gradually dissipated.

Nie Li looked as though he had snapped out of his reverie before giving Phoenix Feather a glance. He said in a deep voice, "Elder Phoenix Feather, I order you to immediately return to the Demon God's Sect. Protect it until sect master comes out of closed-door training. She is currently at a critical stage, so you must be wary of anyone who attacks the Demon God's Sect's to take advantage of its moment of weakness."

"Yes, Supreme Lord," answered Phoenix Feather immediately.

"Leave the six Divine Sects to me. Once sect master is out, we shall wipe them all out in one fell swoop!" said Nie Li solemnly.

"Yes." Just as Phoenix Feather was about to bid him farewell, she suddenly recalled something and halted in her footsteps. "It was a coincidence for me to meet you today, Supreme Lord. If there is anyone from the Demon God's Sect who doesn't recognize you and accidentally hurts you, it would be too late for regrets. I have here a token. Keep it well, Supreme Lord. With this token in hand, no one from the Demon God's Sect will dare injure you!"

Phoenix Feather gestured with her right hand as a golden token appeared in it. On it wrote three ancient-looking words—Demon God's Sect. Furthermore, it was filled with all sorts of mysterious runes. She reverently raised the token up and handed it over to Nie Li.

"My identity is a secret that must not be made known to others." Nie Li appeared to be placed in a spot.

"Supreme Lord, you just need to keep this token well, using it only when absolutely necessary." Phoenix Feather looked at Nie Li and said earnestly, "Supreme Lord, please accept it."

"In that case…" Nie Li pondered for a moment before saying, "I'll accept it then! I'll just not meet the rest. The fewer people know of my identity, the better!"

"Yes, Supreme Lord. I understand," Phoenix Feather said with a nod.

"Go back then. I'll be returning to the Heavenly Note Sect," said Nie Li as he looked at Phoenix Feather. After bidding her farewell, he transformed into a stream of light and vanished with a whoosh.

Phoenix Feather hesitated for a moment as she saw the direction in which Nie Li disappeared to. Finally, she turned around and flew off.

Xu Hu and Xu Long had waited all day before seeing Elder Phoenix Feather return. They hurriedly rushed forward to receive her.

"Xu Hu, Xu Long, pass my order. All Demon God's Sect disciples are to retreat and return to the Demon God's Sect with me!" Elder Phoenix Feather bellowed in a deep voice.

"Elder Phoenix Feather, you can't do that. We have yet to figure out the reason for the Heavenly Note Sect experts' increase in strength. How can we return so simply?" Xu Long said anxiously.

"That's right. How can we spare those bitches of the Heavenly Note Sect?" Xu Hu immediately felt displeased.

"Do you dare disobey my orders?" Phoenix Feather frowned and harrumphed.

"We don't. Us brothers naturally view you as our leader, Elder Phoenix Feather!" Xu Long said immediately as he quickly signaled to Xu Hu with his eyes.

"Since Elder Phoenix Feather is saying so, us brothers shall retreat," said Xu Hu, feeling a little depressed.

Xu Long found the matter odd. Phoenix Feather's sudden order for a retreat had likely to do with Nie Li. It was unknown what their conversation was about. However, Phoenix Feather was the sect master's closet aide. He did not dare cross her.

With a series of whooshing sounds, beams of light rose up from the Heavenly Note Sect's extended mountain range before vanishing.

At that moment, Nie Li was standing on top of a tree's crown while looking into the distance. A smile suffused the corners of his mouth.

With Phoenix Feather and company's strength, it was not so easy for them to wipe out the Heavenly Note Sect. After all, the Heavenly Note Sect had gone to great pains to operate for millennia. Their deep heritage was not something so easily perturbed. However, it was still possible for Phoenix Feather and company to strike a severe blow on the Heavenly Note Sect.

If a huge war ensued, the present Heavenly Note Sect would definitely suffer severe losses in strength. It was not something Nie Li wished to happen. After all, the six orthodox Divine Sects were all in the same boat.

Nie Li's present strategy was to make Phoenix Feather and company leave, buying more time for the six orthodox Divine Sects.

With the Sacred Elixirs' potency, buying another half a year's time would definitely increase the six Divine Sects strength greatly. By then, they would have greater confidence when dealing with the Demon God's Sect.

Nie Li could not help but think, "Once Mu Yue comes out of closed-door training, Phoenix Feather will mention all the things I said to that woman. I wonder what her reaction would be." Just repulsing such an arrogant woman was quite an elating matter.

After all, she was his opponent in his previous incarnation!

He wondered when Mu Yue would come out of her closed-door cultivation, wishing that it was at least half a year later. For experts at Mu Yue's level, it was common for them to enter closed-door cultivation for a few years. He wished that this matter could be delayed as much as possible. At his present strength, it was still extremely difficult to deal with Mu Yue.

This was something headache-inducing!

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