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Divine Feathers Sect's main hall was opulent and majestic.

Unlike its foundering state several years ago, the present Divine Feathers Sect was completely different.

Due to the astounding number of Sacred Elixirs that Nie Li had provided, the present Divine Feathers Sect was filled with experts. Apart from the sect's disciples, it also roped in countless disciples from the outer sects that came under its umbrella. The entire sect had expanded several times in size, and the disciples' strength increased rapidly, increasing the Divine Feathers Sect's strength in turn. It was already the strongest sect among the six Divine Sects.

However, the Divine Feathers Sect kept all of this a secret. The various sects had no idea what the Divine Feathers Sect's true strength was.

Although the Divine Feathers Sect had sealed its doors shut, there was no end to the number of people being sent by the various major sects.

Some came to investigate the Divine Feathers Sect's strength, while others came to purchase the Sacred Elixirs.

At that moment, there were five psyche communications happening above the Divine Feathers Sect.

These five were all experts at the pinnacle of the Martial Ancestor Realm.

Hierarch Martialsky could not help but sigh. "I never expected to see our Divine Feathers Sect undergo such tremendous changes after coming out of closed-door training."

"It looks like it was a most correct choice to let Nie Li inherit the position as sect master," said Hierarch Skycloud.

"With our Divine Feathers Sect's present strength, we should no doubt be the strongest sect among the six Divine Sects. Nie Li truly deserves all credit for that!" echoed Hierarch Dragonblaze.

"Such a talent needs to be retained well. I have a suggestion. Why don't the five of us select a girl of paramount beauty from each of our clans and marry her to Nie Li? That way, Nie Li will work even harder for our Divine Feathers Sect," said Hierarch Linglong. "There happens to be a mutual attraction between my clan's Long Yuyin and Nie Li. It's perfect for me to arrange for their marriage."

"This idea is good, but we aren't certain what Nie Li makes of it," Hierarch Crimsonblood said after a moment of deep thought.

"From my point of view, Nie Li isn't a very lascivious person. It might not be effective doing so," said Hierarch Skycloud.

"Might I know what made you come to this conclusion, Brother Skycloud?" asked Hierarch Crimsonblood.

"Nie Li is one who prizes affection and loyalty. He exudes righteousness, and all we need to do is take good care of him. Besides, he is now the Divine Feathers Sect's sect master. With his personality, it is impossible for him to abandon the Divine Feathers Sect. If we were to force him to marry girls from our clans, it might backfire," said Hierarch Skycloud.

"Nie Li is a disciple of Hierarch Skycloud, so he naturally understands Nie Li best. Let's do it according to Hierarch Skycloud's intentions," said Hierarch Martialsky.

At that moment, information was conveyed into Hierarch Martialsky's ears as he focused slightly.

"Nie Li just sent me news from the Heavenly Note Sect," said Hierarch Martialsky with a slight frown.

"What news did Nie Li send?" the Hierarchs asked baffled.

"Nie Li said that the Heavenly Note Sect has just been attacked by the Demon God's Sect. He requests us to select 50,000 experts from our Divine Feathers Sect to head to the Heavenly Note Sect to protect it," said Hierarch Martialsky. "They have to be at or above the Heavenly Axis Realm or Dao of Dragon Realm. There's also a need for ten experts to be above the 3-stage Martial Ancestor Realm."

"50,000 experts? That many?" Hierarch Crimsonblood was clearly somewhat perplexed. "I wonder what Nie Li is up to? The Heavenly Note Sect might not be agreeable to it, right?"

"The Heavenly Note Sect has already agreed to it," said Hierarch Martialsky. "However, Nie Li has other requests. He wants the disciples we send to be single men without any romantic partners."

"Single men? Why would he have such a strange request?" Hierarch Crimsonblood was taken aback.

Hierarch Skycloud and company also expressed their bafflement.

Hierarch Linglong thought for a moment before chuckling. "This Nie Li sure is cunning."

"Might Hierarch Linglong explain this to us," said a baffled Hierarch Martialsky.

"Please think through it carefully. What does the Heavenly Note Sect have the most? Women, of course. The Heavenly Note Sect has never recruited male disciples, so all their disciples are female," said Hierarch Linglong with a laugh.

The Hierarchs thought about it for a moment before suddenly coming to a realization.

"Perhaps with the Demon God's Sect attack on the Heavenly Note Sect, the Heavenly Note Sect was in a perilous situation. Nie Li must have saved them or they would not have agreed to his suggestion of allowing so many Divine Feathers Sect disciples to be stationed in the Heavenly Note Sect. Nie Li is truly very cunning. He even requests that the ones to be sent are single men," said Hierarch Linglong smilingly. "I believe those female disciples of the Heavenly Note Sect don't often see men, and with time, they must be yearning for some men. It can be imagined what will happen when 50,000 single men are sent there."

"Hierarch Skycloud, didn't you say Nie Li was filled with righteousness?" Hierarch Crimsonblood wore an odd expression.

"Well… I take back what I said," Hierarch Skycloud could not help but say so embarrassingly.

"It's not wrong for a man to prize affection and loyalty, but one should not be overly honest. Being a little witty at times isn't something bad either. That's what I like about this Nie Li!" said Hierarch Linglong with a laugh.

"Any opinions on Nie Li's suggestion?" Hierarch Martialsky could not help but ask. This matter was truly quite embarrassing.

"I agree with Nie Li's suggestion," said Hierarch Linglong immediately. "Think about it. By doing so, we aren't making any nefarious schemes against the Heavenly Note Sect, and we are protecting it. It can also alleviate the yearnings of its female disciples. It kills two birds with one stone, so why not?"

"If 50,000 couples are formed from the 50,000 Divine Feathers Sect disciples stationed at the Heavenly Note Sect, perhaps the entire Heavenly Note Sect will be under our control. In a decade or two, the Heavenly Note Sect can hardly extricate itself from our Divine Feathers Sect. It might not be considered any nefarious, but isn't it a bit wrong?" Hierarch Crimsonblood said with a blushing expression. "Our Divine Feathers Sect should do things in an open and above-board manner."

"Hierarch Crimsonblood, what you said isn't true. How is this not open and above-board?" said Hierarch Linglong. "The Heavenly Note Sect requires our help. Shouldn't we send people to help them?"

"Yes," said Hierarch Crimsonblood after a moment's thought.

"Since we are sending people there, what kind of people should we send? What's wrong with Nie Li's suggestion of sending single men? How many Divine Feathers Sect disciples admire the female disciples of the Heavenly Note Sect? Shouldn't a gentleman win a beauty's hand?" Hierarch Linglong snorted. "Hierarch Crimsonblood, you might have beautiful wives and concubines in your harem, but you can't not know what it's like to not have a partner. These disciples of our Divine Feathers Sect can't be single all their lives, right?"

Upon hearing Hierarch Linglong's words, Hierarch Crimsonblood blushed a little. "Then, I will agree with Nie Li's suggestion."

Hierarch Skycloud said, "I agree with Nie Li's idea as well."

Hierarch Martialsky thought for a moment before saying, "In that case, we shall select 50,000 single disciples from our Divine Feathers Sect and send them to the Heavenly Note Sect. In order to prevent the Heavenly Note Sect from suffering another assault, we should do so as quickly as possible."

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