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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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"Do we really need to do this?" Auron asked to a big burly man in front of him. "Why? Are you afraid?" The man answered.

"Ha ha ha. Darius can't you see the Two Worlds' player ranking? It has been 8 years since you are ranked no. 2. Do you think I, ranked no. 1, will afraid of you? There will be a big update next week, I just want to spend this week peacefully. But, since you want this to do this then let's get it on".

Darius smirked and handed a contract to Auron. "Then you just need to sign this contract with Two Worlds' god as the witness".

Auron read the contract and started. "Darius, are you insane?!". The contract was about a 1 vs 1 duel between Auron and Darius in front of their guild mate today at 8 pm. What make Auron started was the loser had to disband their guild and permanently deleted their character.

It had been 10 years since Two Worlds, a VRMMORPG, was released. To this date, almost 95% population in the world played this game. Two Worlds became an effective advertising tools for many companies. By advertising in Two Worlds, their company's sales could be boosted over 50%. There was even some company which claimed they made a 80% increase in the sales. Of course, this could be achieved if they invested in the correct place. And, Heaven, the no 1 guild, with Auron, the no. 1 ranked player, as their guild leader would be more attractive for these company.

"Ha ha ha. For 8 years, my Character, Raging Bull, always ranked behind yours, God Of Sword and this also happen to Red Storm, my guild. For 8 years, I am always behind you, if I lose this battle then I don't need to play this games anymore," Darius laughed.

"We both are maxed character and next week the level cap will be double up to lv 1000. we will have start over again to achieve maxed level. Even if you lose this battle you can still raise your level and challenge me again. Don't you realize how hard for us to achieve lv 500?" Auron tried to persuade.

Darius looked calm and smiled. "Enough with the talk, do you dare or not?". Auron wanted to spend week before a big update peacefully. However, he can't imagine what will happen to his and Heaven's honor, if he decline this bet. Auron gritted his teeth and signed the contract, "Fine, if you want to delete your character, let us do this tonight 8 pm at the arena". Darius smirked evilly and parted ways with Auron.

Soon, news about a bet between ranked no. 1 and no. 2 become a big event for all Two Worlds' user. Forum's discussion started to boom. Many predictions about who gonna win with some reason and speculation flew around. Haters from both side started to mock each other. Even some broadcasting companies started to empty their 8 pm schedule to live broadcast the duel.


Heaven's guild mansion.

A female with white robe elegantly walked to Auron's office. This is Cold Candle, Heaven's vice guild leader. She joined the guild since 4 years ago and actively doing guild activity. With high contribution to the guild and an easy going character, she became vice guild leader since two months ago because the last vice guild leader was expelled due to corruption and intended to dethrone Auron. Cold Candle contributed the most in collecting proof about last vice guild leader's suspicious behavior. Due to these reason, she unanimously win the voting to become the next guild vice leader.

"Guild leader, do we really need to do this? I think there is something suspicious with Raging Bull's behavior," Cold Candle asked.

"Yeah, I also have the same opinion with you, I have known Raging Bull for 8 years, even if he is brave but he isn't someone who brave enough to bet something this big without 100% confidence. I feel suspicious but I can't figure it out," Auron answered. "But, well, I don't need to think about this. For 8 years, I always beat him. We both are maxed character, what makes us different is our skills and our equipment. Even if he can raise his skill to my level, his equipment still behind me. I don't think he can found legendary rated item".

In Two Worlds, items are rated into different grade. From lowest to highest, common, uncommon, rare, epic, king, and legendary. These item can be identified by their name's color, white, green, blue, purple, orange, and yellow. To these dates, there are few king grade item and none of legendary grade item. There are some rumor which said, a legendary grade item could make a level 100 character fight on par with level 500 character. This could represented how overpowered and how hard to get legendary rated item.

"Correct, if Darius get a legendary rated item, with our big intelligence network we should get the hang of it. But just in case, you should still be careful," Cold Candle advised him.

"I will, help me to prepare everything for tonight's duel, investigate all of Darius recent activity, get all information about his teammate and his sponsor, we still need to find out what makes him so confident," Auron commanded. "Oh, also, have you compile information for next update? When I win this duel, we still need to prepare for the next update, I don't want to get behind from other big guilds because of this event."

"Relax, here is the information for the next update, we just need to pay attention to several things. I think it is better for you to focus on your upcoming duel. You don't want to tarnish your guild reputation right?" Cold Candle handed over a pile of document containing information about next update. When she was prepared to leave the room, she brought out some item out of her inventory and put it on the floor, "Our guild's expedition team has come back from worlds' expedition and here are the spoil for you to distribute to our guild member, maybe there are some useful item that you can use for upcoming duel. I see there is a good potion which can temporally increase you strength".

"Thank you, I will sort it out." Auron answered.
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