Tales of Magic Swordsman
5 Epic Buff Potion
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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5 Epic Buff Potion

The weapon Auron used is a black broadsword. This broadsword actually longer and heavier than ordinary broadsword which mean Auron range are longer than ordinary broadsword. This was a high king grade's weapon that had accompany Auron for one year. He got this sword from participating in a World's expedition. At that time, he and his party attacked one of the enemy camp in other world. And one of the enemy general got surprised by the sudden attack and couldn't properly prepared. Even after the enemy got surprised by the sudden attack, they were still in large quantities, which made Auron loss 80% of his party. At the end, the enemy general died and drop this sword which Auron picked and used until now. Although he had to pay a heavy price, he still satisfied with the sword.

Although this sword was strong, there was still a stronger sword in the game. However, this sword was classified as the number 1 sword in player's possession. This can be shown by comparing his sword and Raging Bull's axe. Axe can be considered as one of the weapon with high damages and sword's damage couldn't be compared with the axe's damage. But, Auron sword only has slightly lower damage than Raging Bull's new axe.

A purple mist started to enveloped Auron broadsword completely. This purple mist it one of the swordsman's skill, [Weapon's Aura]. This skill could enveloped any weapon and made the weapon stronger in collision and added the weapon's damage. Seeing Auron used [Weapon's Aura], Darius also used the same skill. A purple mist enveloping his axe.

Auron started to move toward Darius slowly. Not waiting for Auron to come, Darius used [Charge]. [Charge] was a charging skill, it increased user's speed and charged toward the target. The weakness of this skill was it made the user moved in a straight line. With high reflex, Auron moved to the side and swung his sword. A damage float above Darius' head.

After getting hit, Darius not stood still, instead he also swung back his axe to Auron and it connected. A damage also shown above Auron's head. Thanks to Darius strength, he dealt almost twice of what Auron dealt. Auron started to move away from Darius.

Auron thought, "I will lost if we exchange damage, I need to maintained some distance". Auron started to use his advantages in agility. He circled Darius and keep use a combination of his skill and basic attack. This was the same strategy that an out-fighter boxer fight against an in-fighter boxer.

Darius maintained his position and focus his concentration. He swung his axe several times, some connected, but there were also which missed the target. Darius slowly moved toward Auron, he started to lead Auron toward the corner of the arena stage.

Knowing Darius' intention, Auron started to move against Darius' wishes. However, Darius was not some amateur, he was player ranked no 2 after all, Auron started got leaded to one of the stage's corner. To escape from this predicament, Auron decided to use [Charge]. He charged to Darius. Seeing this, Darius prepared to accept the strength battle. He swung his axe horizontally. Surprisingly, Auron started to jump. He used his sword to parry Darius' axe. His sword collided with Darius' axe and he used the collision force to make him jumped higher.

Auron jumped over Darius' head spun once and tried to land on the other side of the arena. However, since Auron get increased speed from using [Charge], he actually missed the jumped timing, so he fell down and get some damage. He quickly got up and prepared to act against Darius' next move.

Surprisingly, Darius only stood still and watched Auron got up. "Ha ha ha. What a move, unfortunately you are lucky. A ranked number one player fell down so miserably" Darius laughed. Using this moment, Auron maintain his calm composure and started to observe the situation.

From the exchange before, Auron actually chipped away more than 50% of Darius health, while his health was still over 70%. "Can you see your health?" Auron replied, "Your health is below 50%. Do you have any other move? If this is all what you have, then I am going to win."

"What if this is all I've got? What if it isn't? I am 100% percent sure you are going to lose." Darius declared confidently. Auron replied, "Is there any missing screw in your head? Can you learn and calculate?"

"I think he is crazy"

"Darius is such a newbie, he can't even calculate. Do you want my kid to teach you?"


Some of the crowd belonging to Auron's guild started to shout and mock Darius. Darius' guild member in the crowd also completely baffled by Darius' behavior. They feel ashamed and couldn't refuted the opposing mocking. They could only maintain their calm behavior and thought,

"Is our guild leader really crazy?"

"He can calculate can't he? Does he have a hidden move?"


Auron observed Darius and the situation. Darius looked very calm, it was liked he was in advatage. Seeing Darius' guild memberlook calm, Auron got misunderstand, "Seeing his guild member calm behavior, I am 100% sure if he has a buff potion. The question is what grade is the buff potion he has."

Darius smiled and slowly retrieved an item from his inventory. He showed it to Auron and the crowd.

"An epic grade buff potion", One of the crowd shouted. All of Darius' guild member started to get excited from this development. Meanwhile, Auron's guild memberlooked solemnly.

Auron's guild member shouted, "You are cheating, This is an one on one duel, how can you use a buff potion."

"What cheating?! You just some poor kid go beg to you mother." Darius's guild member replied.

On Stage, Darius smiled, "Sorry Auron, with this, today you are going to lose". He then looked at the crowd, "What cheating? There is no rules stated in the contract that buff potion is prohibited. You are just a loser. He can also use one if he has it". Darius consumed the buff potion.

"What a surprised, he actually has an epic buff potion. I can't imagine how much he spend for it." Seeing Darius consumed the buff potion. Auron smiled and lifted his hand, an epic item was in his hand, "What a surprised, coincidentally, I also have an epic buff potion."
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