Tales of Magic Swordsman
6 Something Wrong
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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6 Something Wrong

"What a surprised, coincidentally, I also have an epic buff potion."

The epic buff potion Auron showed, made other people reacted differently, Darius and his guild member looked surprised and felt pressured while Auron guild member looked brightened and excited.

Auron started to consumed the buff potion.

"Damn it." Darius cursed in his heart.

Seeing Auron consumed his buff potion, Darius charged to Auron and tried to caught Auron by surprise. Unfortunately, Auron quickly consumed his buff potion and had prepared to take on Darius attack.

"Bang", the sound of an axe and sword collided rang loudly. Darius pushed Auron back. Because of the potion, Darius can only manage to push Auron back several meter and couldn't make Auron flew like the first clash. Auron moved sideways and maintained his distance with Darius.

"Damn it, how can this be. How can he has an epic buff potion and I can't get the news?" Darius cursed. He looked at his guild member. All Darius' guild member in the crowd felt dejected. Darius pondered, "Is there a spy in my guild? How can I not know the news about this?"

"Where are you looking at Darius? We still have a battle to concluded. Don't run away" Auron smiled evilly. He started to launch his attack. He used some of his skill combined with his agility and his basic attack get managed to chip away 30% of Darius health.

"Damn it, I can only defended his attack and try to look for opportunity" Darius tried so hard to fight against Auron, with his high strength he only managed to reduce 10% of Auron health. "Damn it, because of the buff potion he moved faster than before, many of my attack are missed." Darius started feeling nervous. "Relax, maintain my calm, I can still beat him. He is still a human, he can make a mistake. Focus, Focus, Focus"

With his mind calmed down Darius started to defend. Darius could actually improved his performance. From ten exchange he can defend 9 of the attack. This boosted Darius confidence. Another ten moved he actually managed to defend all of it and not getting damage.

"That is weird, Darius started to get faster" Auron pondered seriously. "Is he stealthily consumed another buff potion? I don't think he prepared another potion. From the looks of his behavior when he first showed his buff potion, he really confident that I will fell for his scheme. So, he must only prepared one buff potion."

"Forget it, I think he just got lucky, I need to get focus. If I manage to hit him again, I think he will get panic and he can make a mistake. I need to varied my attack and boost my speed", Auron thinking strategically.

Auron started to varied his move pattern, he moved zig zag toward Darius. Auron swung his sword. Darius prepared his axe to block the sword. Suddenly, midways, Auron stop his attack moved to the side and swung another attack. Darius taken by surprise tried very hard to defend. He, reflexively, turn his body to the side and moved his hand.

"Bang" Darius axe manage to block Auron sword.

Auron taken by surprised, he use his movement skill to move away from Darius. A look of surprised can be seen in his face.

"Whew, so lucky," Darius felt relieved. "I don't know how can I block that, am I getting stronger? Forget it, I need to maintain this advantages". Darius laughed loudly, "Ha ha ha. Surprised? Already feeling lose?"

Auron face got ugly, "You are just lucky! Try to block this one". Auron using [Charge] and moved toward Darius. Darius become serious he swung his axe toward the charging Auron.

"Bang" Auron flew away because of the collision. Taken by surprised, Auron couldn't land properly and fell down.

"How can I fly away? Before, he can only push me back. There is something weird going on. I need to be careful" Auron felt strange. He got up and charging toward Darius. This time, he didn't use any skill and only used combination of his footwork and basic attack. Auron used all of his moved. He moved zig zag, attacking from the side, tried to circled around and more. Auron tried to varied his attack pattern. However, Darius managed to block all of his attack, he even manage to counter attack Auron and chip some of Auron health.

"There must be something going on, I need to maintain calm and be more observant." Auron thought. He looked at his health, there's only 42% left. While Darius still have 18% of his health left. While Auron was occupied by his thought, Darius used [Charge] and swung his axe toward Auron. Taken by surprised, Auron moved his sword to in front of his chest and tried to block Darius' attack.


"What!!!!" Auron's guild member in the crowd looked very surprised.

What made them very surprised was, in this collision, Auron actually flew farther than the collision before. Auron tried to get up. He couldn't hide his surprised face. "Darius, yo... you are shameless. you actually used two buff potion for this duel" Auron shouted. Auron was 100% sure that Darius prepared two buff potion. Auron started to get angry, his expression change from surprised to angered.

"What are you talking about? How can you accuse me?" Darius felt wronged. "I know you are incompetent, but I don't know it is to this extent. You are weak, I am stronger. You have to accept the fact," Darius proudly refuted. Actually, Darius also very surprised, but he managed to maintain his calm composure. "Forget it, I actually super lucky, he made many mistake. I can win this," Darius thought. He started to smile widely, "You are always weak, you have to thanked me for all of this time I played with you, now play time is over".

Auron not believed by what Darius said. He knew all of this time Darius not playing with him. Suddenly, Auron got enlightened, he opened his attributes panel. He got surprised, all of his attributes got reduced a lot. He read his description status.

[Player inflicted by an epic curse, attribute temporally reduced. Every 10 seconds, attribute will be reduced by 10% of the current attribute for 6 hours or until player is dead]

"An epic curse, damn it"
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