Tales of Magic Swordsman
8 I“m Done
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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8 I“m Done

Only Auron and his dejected guild member left behind at the arena.

"What will we gonna do now?"

"Are we really disbanding?"

"Why all of this must happen?


Many of Auron's guild member wailing desperately. Suddenly, Cold Candle elegantly approached him.

"Guild Leader, Darius must be cheated. There is something weird about this, we will need to investigate this," Cold Candle pretended she didn't know anything. "Before that, you should leave all of your item and equipment to us. After that you can create a new character and start over again. We will help you to level up, after you got to this level again, we will give back all of your item. We will challenge them and get our revenge!"

"Yeah, guild leader we will exact our revenge to them"

"I will help you to level up"


Many of his guild member agreed to Cold Candle. Auron stood still. He out of focus. All of the event happen today shocked him. From a shockingly huge bet to the joy of knowing all of his plan working well until feeling betrayed by his guild's vice leader.

Auron gazed furiously at Cold Candle, "You...!!!". He wanted to beat her up, but he looked at all of his guild member behind her.

"Although I know how all of this happen, I actually don't have any concrete proof. What will happen if I accuse Cold Candle colluding with Raging Bull without proof? Will all of my guild member believe in me?" Auron have some thought. "Forget it, this is all because of my carelessness. If I really accuse Cold Candle without proof, the others will really looked down on me. They will say that I can't accept any lose and blindly scapegoat the one who support me. This will only harm me." After some thought, Auron got rid of the plan.

Auron suddenly felt very tired. He looked up to the sky, then a stream of tears can be seen washing through his face.

The more he thought about all of this, the more he felt regret. All of his hard work for 10 years. All of his effort to build the guild. All of his effort to reach the peak. All of his life. If he didn't accept this bet before, If he listened to his best friend, All of this will not happen. He will not lose his character. He will not lose a guild he build with his best friend. All of this is gone.

Silently, Auron logged his character out.

Cold Candle and Auron's guild member shocked because Auron just logged of without saying anything. However, they somewhat know what his guild leader feel and they will also do the same if they was in Auron's place. They started to dispersed and go back to their routine. Some of them even logged off too.

Cold Candle stood still in the arena smiled. All of her plan worked, now she just need to wait for the reward to be reaped. However, she suddenly shocked.


Auron's Room

Auron opened his eyes. He was inside a game capsule. He very lost in thought. He couldn't think straight. He blamed himself. He blamed his stupidity. He just wanted to run away from reality. He thought he started to get crazy.

He closed his eyes again and opened the game settings. He looked at his character.

[God Of Sword]

Level: 500 (maximum level)

Class: Swordsman

Ranked: 2







Auron looked at his character with teary eyes. He move his hand and press a button.

[Are you sure want to permanently delete your character?]


[Warning!!! All of your equipment and item will also be permanently deleted. Please enter your character's name to confirm!]

Auron not moving. He stood still lost in thought. A few seconds later, he gritted his teeth and started to make a move.

"God Of Sword" Auron then pressed confirm button.

[Your character has been sucessfully deleted. Do you want to make a new character?]


Auron opened his eyes. He then exited the game capsule and lied on his bed.

"I'm done" Auron still couldn't believe of what he had been throught today. It felt like a dream.

Feeling very tired, Auron started to close his eyes and slowly his consciousness went in to dreamland.


[Your guild leader has gone. As the vice guild leader, you will become the new guild leader. Congratulations!]

"Damn guild leader, He already deleted his character without sparing his equipment and items. Such pity, I can't get his sword." Cold Candle silently cursed Auron. "Well, forget it, I can move my plan to the next step."

The other guild member also received same news and the guild went uproar. The news of Auron deleted his character started to spread like a wildfire.

Many player looked at the player's ranking and they couldn't found God Of Sword in the ranking.

"He really deleted his character this quick?" This question was what in the mind of other's player.

This huge news actually make the event before become more bigger. It was like pouring oil to a flame. Many high leveled player confirm that their ranked went up by 1. They felt excited as well as pity. They pity Auron. Such a high skilled player has gone in one day.

Many high leveled guild started to call Auron. They tried to befriending him and encourage him to play again. Of course, all of them ask Auron to play for their guild. They started to make a list of benefit they could offer to Auron.

Some of them offered an important position in the guild. Some of them used money to enticed Auron. There was even a guild offered guild leader position as long as Auron willingly to marry his daughter.

They keep calling Auron but the call was not picked up. They tried over and over again. There was some guild tried to contact Auron's friend to make them persuade Auron to join their guild.

However, Auron, source of all of this event, didn't aware at all since he has already entering deep slumber and went into dreamland
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