Tales of Magic Swordsman
9 Misfortune 1
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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9 Misfortune 1

At around 8 am next morning.

Auron woke up from his sleep. A trace of tears could be seen in his cheek. He sat up on his bed and sighed, "I wish yesterday was a dream". He got up from his bed and grab his phone on the table. When he checked his phone, he was surprised. There were so many missed calls and message on his phone. He scanned through his phone. He realized almost 40% of the calls and message were from his best friend, Roan. He felt sad and warm.

He looked at the last message Roan sent, "I am coming over to your place right now". It was sent an hour ago.

"Ding.. Dong..." Suddenly, there's a bell ringing. Auron went downstairs and opened the door. It was fatty Roan.

"Good morning bro, I am bringing you some breakfast," Roan smiled widely and lifted a bag of plastic containing food. "Good morning Roan, I just get up from sleep. Come in," Auron replied flatly.

"Whoa... such a lazy bum, go get ready. I will prepared the food." Roan commanded Auron.

Auron felt akward. He couldn't face Roan. Their hard work, their guild, is now gone. Auron could only followed what Roan wanted. So, he dejectedly went upstairs to take a bath.

15 minutes later,

Auron went to dining room. In the dining room, he found Roan sat nicely waiting for him. In front of him, there were so many food prepared by Roan. "Whoa... Bro, you bring so many food, Both of us can't finish all of this, We can died from eating this many food." Auron tried to cheer up the situation but sadness could be seen on his face.

"Don't worry bro, can you see my body? Also if we really can't finish this food you can just save it for lunch. Come on let us eat." Roan replied. Auron sat down and both of them went to eat. The atmosphere were very quiet. Only sound of chopstick could be heard. It was an awkwardly atmosphere.

"Bro..." Suddenly, Roan said. Before Roan could finish what he want to say, Auron intercepted in the middle and said, "Let us finish our eating first". The atmosphere went quiet once more. After they finished eating they sat on a sofa. "I am sorry Roan, I am not listening to your advice and now everything is gone." Auron apologized. Roan started to feel sad, "Forget it bro, as long as you are okay, I don't care about the guild. Let's start over again, I will help you to leveled up and we will get our revenge."

"Sorry, but I don't want to play anymore. I feel tired." Auron dejectedly said. "What bro, then what will happen to me? What should I do?" Roan tried to persuade Auron. "I am really sorry Roan, but..." Before Auron could finished his word, a sound of bell was heard.

Auron went to get the door. When he opened the door, a group of black suited man with a black glasses stand outside of the door. One of them said threatenly, "We are here just to inform you, since you have broke out contract agreement, we have already confiscated all of your asset including your bank's account and it still not enough, you still owe us five hundred thousand dollars". Then he continued, "If you can't pay it in 3 days, we will have to take you to the court to finish all of this."

These men were the representative of Heaven's sponsor. Since, Heaven, was disband, they have tried to contact Cold Candle as the new guild leader to ask about their sponsorship agreement's penalty. Unfortunately, Cold Candle as the new guild leader decline to accept the penalty and blame Auron, "Our previous guild leader has left us without saying anything, He also the one who signed the contract using his name. So, you can look for him. All of this is not related to us. Good bye, I still have many matter at my hand". That was the reason how this situation could happen.

When he signed the contract he really couldn't imagine all of this will happen, that was why he felt secured when he signed a very long term contract under his name. Even with all of Auron's wealth, as the number 1 player and guild leader of number 1 guild, he collected before, the contract's penalty enough to make him go down being poor again.

"You don't have to wait for 3 days, I will pay the rest today!" Roan heard and had already guessed why all of this happen. He picked up his phone and started to transfer his money. "Done. Come see this." Roan showed his phone to the representative. "Well then, thank you. Hope we can still maintain our relationship" The black suited man from before said and he left followed by other representative.

Auron looked at Roan, "Thank you, I will pay all of this to you later."

"We are brothers. Although all of my money is gone, we are still brothers." Roan smiled and pat on Auron's shoulder.

"No, I will pay to you later" Auron felt warm, he felt grateful to Roan. He suddenly remembered, "Roan, I didn't see representative from your father's company. I also breach your father's company contract and should pay up for the penalty."

Not long after he said that, Auron's phone was ringing. Auron picked up his phone and see it was a call from Roan's father. "It comes" Auron thought.

"Calm down, if he try to make you pay, I will throw tantrum to him. He pampered me so much, he will make way for you." Roan tried to calmed Auron down.

Auron gritted his teeth and answered the phone, "Uncle..."

"I am sorry Auron. I am here to tell you about our sponsorship agreement. I have tried very hard for you to not pay this penalty. However, the board of directors pressured me so hard. I can only help you by pending your due date. The board of directors agreed you need to pay one billion dollars at the latest ten years from now. I am really sorry Auron, this is all what I can do"
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