Tales of Magic Swordsman
14 Shameless
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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14 Shameless

After arranging all his though and satisfied with all of his plan, Auron started made some dinner. After dinner, he smilingly went to bed.

The next morning,

"Bang... Bang..." A loud knocking could be heard on Auron's place door.

"Auron... Auron... wake up quickly." Fatty Roan's voice could be heard.

Auron half wake got up from his bed and walked to the door. He opened the door and furiously said, "What!! Don't you know it still early in the morning? What makes you act like this?"

"Early my ass, It is almost 9 am right now. Quick you need to see this." Roan get into the house and quickly turned on the television and looked for specific channel.

Since there was an update, there was no one could logged in. That was why, many television station used this chances to make some exclusive news about the update. Also some station even tried to make some exclusive interview with the top ranker or guild.

On the television screen, Auron could see an announcement about what next will be showed by the station.

"What's next - 9 am - exclusive interview with Cold Candle and Raging Bull, former ranked number 1 guild and new ranked number 1 guild"

This was what made Roan's acted like before.

"So, you wake me up early in the morning for me to see the interview?" Auron frowned. "I don't care about what they will say in the interview."

"Auron, why are you so stupid? If you want to take some revenge you should know what your enemy up to." Roan replied.

"It is still early, I should hide my secret first. If you want to successfully deceive your enemy, you should successfully deceive your friend first." Auron thought. "Who says I want to take revenge? After long thinking and your persuasion, I will play the game to look for money to pay my debt. I don't care about the revenge anymore. I will just play to pay my debt."

Roan frowned and shrugged his shoulder, "Well then, just watch, after all you have awake"

"Okay, fine" Auron acted helplessly.

Auron and Roan started to watched the television. The interview had just began. It started with the host introducing Raging Bull and Cold Candle and he started to delve into the topic.

"So, Heaven are disbanded now. What will you do afterward?" The host asked Cold Candle.

Cold Candle wanted to say something but Raging Bull interrupted it, "Ha ha ha. That's what you got for challenging me."

Cold Candle frowned a little and quickly went smiling, "It is a pity, that we lose against some unruly barbarian. Afterwards, we have to keep our promise and disbanded. However, many of the old member actually can't accept this and want some revenge. So, they talked to me and persuade me to make a new guild. At first, I also wanted to do what they wanted and tried to contact our guild leader."

"Sadly, before I even can contact our guild leader, he had left without any message. He even delete his character without sparing his equipment. I can't left my guild mate hanging. I told them what happen. Surprisingly, they nominate me as the new guild leader. Although, I still want our guild leader to lead us, but I can't just refuse my guild mate's opinion. So, I accept their offer" Cold Candle talked like she bring justice to her guild mate and made Auron the bad guy.

"After the update we will made a guild 'New Heaven'. We will start from the bottom. I have contacted several of our sponsor before and had secured some contract. With the sponsor and our experience, I believe our guild will soar quickly. This is also the first time I made this announcement publicly. We will accept anyone as long as they passed our guild's entrance test. Even for newcomer. I hope you guys don't miss this opportunity." Cold Candle calmly advertised the new guild.

"Ha ha ha. You can always come to us anytime. Just don't become desperate after losing." Raging Bull loudly laughed.

The host continued with several more question regarding the new guild and others matter. Cold Candle calmly answered all of the question asked. When there were some question relating to Auron, she didn't forget to emphasis how disappointed she was and how bad Auron was. At the end, she would always said that they had already forgave Auron and New Heaven will always welcomed her former guild leader anytime.

Near the end of the show, the hosts started to ask specifically about Auron, "Any of you have any news from God Of Swords?"

"Nope, I think he was desperate right now. Poor him, but what could I say, it is the consequence from challenging me," Raging Bull proudly answer.

"I have contact him several time, however there were no reply from him. Sadly, I can only give up and give him some time. I think he just need some time alone. I have tell his best friend, who was also one of the founder, about all of this. We just need to wait for his reply. Hopefully, he can get back up from the fall," Cold Candle answered.

The host said, "At last, before we end this, any message for God Of Swords?"

"Ha ha ha. Hey, mate I know you are desperate. Forgive me, If you play again contact me, I will help you level up" Raging Bull sarcastically said.

"For our former guild leader, we will wait for you for comeback. Please contact us as soon as you play again. Oh yeah, don't forget for all other player after the update we will start to recruit for our new guild." Cold Candle said sadly and didn't forget to advertise the recruitment.

"That's all guys for the exclusive interview. Thank you for watching and keep watching for other amazing show on our channel. See you again" The host ended the interview.

"How Shameless of them. They still pretended like enemy when they actually working together. Cold Candle even made a lie about contacting me," Auron furiously cursed. "Did she really contact you?"

"That damn witch, after she disbanded the guild, she didn't say anything to me and there is no news since then. I thought that everyone need time to processed all of this. If I don't watch this interview, I will not know anything," Roan cursed more furiously. "Actually, even if I know about it, I don't care, since I know what has she done to you."
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