Tales of Magic Swordsman
21 Humiliated
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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21 Humiliated

After 5 minutes, Auron arrived in front of the military's academy. He directly went to the inside. However, he was stopped by the guards in the front gate.

"Stop! This is military's area. Unauthorized personnel are not permitted." One of the guards shouted.

"I want to apply to become a student in the academy." Auron replied.

"The public registration has over a month ago. Right now, you can only apply when you have recommendation from one of the military's higher up." The guards still didn't permit Auron to enter.

As the guard said, the public registration had over a month ago. Then, for a month after that, the academy opened up a special registration. In a public registration, with a minimum of level 10, the applicant needed to take a test. The test actually pretty hard for an ordinary level 10. After they passed the test, they could only be considered academy's student. However, in the special registration, one only needed to get into the minimum level of 10 and got a recommendation proof from military's personnel ranked lieutenant and above.

Many of the noble children were accepted through this special registration. Although, their family needed to pay a huge amount of resource to the military's personnel to get a recommendation proof, they still willing to pay. After all, each military's personnel could only issued a recommendation proof for one person. So, if a family want to make application for his two children they needed to get proof from two different person. You could imagine how high a family needed to pay to get a proof. And, Auron got it for free, but none of the guard knew about this matter.

Considering Auron's level and equipment, the guards could only stopped him. They couldn't think that Auron was from a noble family or had a rich family. After all, every applicant who used the special registration process had an average of level 150. Even the lowest was at level 80. Their equipment also sparkling. One could determined how expensive the equipment they wore just by seeing the appearance. Right now, the young man in front of him only had level 10 and the equipment was so ragged.

Auron could see the guards' frowned expression, but he could not bothered with it. After all, if Auron was in their stead, Auron would do the same as what they do right now. Auron calmly smiled and showed the proof.

"Is this the recommendation proof you are referring to?"

One of the guard take it from Auron's hand and examined it. After he carefully examined it, this was really a genuine proof. However, he still could not believe someone like Auron could get this proof. He even showed it to the other guards and the other guard also shocked and couldn't believe it either. However, because this proof is genuine, they could only comply as the rule.

"This is really the proof. I am sorry for being rude. Here, take you proof back. You got under than 10 minutes left before the registration closed. You better hurried up" The guard handed over the proof back to Auron and apologized.

"It is okay. You just doing you work." Auron could not be bothered by this little incident and smiled. He took the proof and went inside to register.

Auron directly went to the registration place and successfully registered. A notification appeared in front of him.

[Quest "Blood Axe's Acceptance Proof" completed]

"What a pity I don't get any other reward except being accepted into the military's academy." Auron thought.

"Here is your academy's rule book, read and memorize it. Tomorrow is your first day. In the morning gather up in the academy's main hall." The receptionist began explaining about what Auron needed to know for his first day. "Go to the dormitory to get your room key."

After the explanation, Auron went to the back of the academy towards the dormitory. Arriving in front of the dormitory, he could see an old man was sitting in the dormitory's reception desk. The old man was so old that when he exhale his breath, he looks like exhaling his last breath.

"New student?" An old voice could be heard.

"Yes" Auron replied.

The old man frowned, he examined Auron for a bit and shook his head. He took a key and give it to Auron.

"Here is your key, you will have to share room with other student."

Auron took the key. He thanked the old man and went to look for his room. Entering the room, he could see a large sized room with four beds in it. There were already three others student chatting inside. When Auron entered the room, the other student looked at Auron and frowned.

"Hey, are you not come into the wrong room?" One of the student said to Auron.

"Nope, this is the correct room number. So, where is the empty bed at?" Auron replied.

The biggest student asked Auron, "Which noble family are you coming from? How rich is your family?"

"I am not from any noble family and not from any rich family either. I am just an ordinary man. So, is that my bed?" Auron pointed at the emptied bed.

Auron walked to the emptied bed and tried to lay on the bed. Before he could do it, the other student stopped him.

"Get out! This is not your place!" Shouted the biggest student.

Auron got shocked and frowned, "The old man gave this room key to me. So, this should be my place"

Anger started to build up inside Auron. The other student started to take action to him. They took Auron's room key and pushed Auron to the outside. Auron tried to resist. However, he could not do it since he was only leveled 10. Although he could not see the other student's level because they hide it, Auron could feel that they were somewhere between level 90 to 100 and the biggest student was somewhere between 130 to 150.

The other student pushed Auron to the outside easily. After Auron pushed to outside, they slammed and closed the door. Then, they locked it.

"Look at your level. You are not worthy to be in a same room with us. Get back to your mommy!" A shout could be heard from the inside and a laughter followed.

Auron felt humiliated
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