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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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23 Friends

Auron and his roommate continued to talk. After 2 hours talk, it was almost dinner time. In the dormitory, they only provide food for lunch. For breakfast and dinner they should look it for themselves. Their roommate invite him to have dinner together. Auron agreed to them.

He had long realized that all of his roommate were NPC. So, when they asked Auron to go to have dinner with them, He directly logout from the game. Coming out from the game capsule, Auron thought, "If I want to catch up with the higher ranked player, I can't waste any time to make food and dinner. I need to buy a nutrient solution."

A person could attached a nutrient solution to their game capsule, by doing this they didn't need to logout to have take breakfast, lunch, or dinner. A solution could fulfilled a person's nutrient for 24 hours. This way, they could hunting almost 24 hours. After that, they needed to exchange the nutrient solution. Also, the more expensive the game capsule's model, the more they could hold the nutrient solution. Auron's game capsule was the most expensive game capsule and it could hold 10 nutrient solutions.

Previously, Auron also using this way to become the ranked number 1 player. He commanded his guild almost 24 hours. Only one year ago, he started to not use this method again. He believed at Cold Candle way of doing things, so he could felt relieved when he was not online. But, who knows, that all of this would happen.

"I only had enough money to last for the next 2 months. With one month expenditure, I could buy 10 nutrient solutions. If, in 10 days, I can't make the same amount of money, I will go back to do things the slow way and it will hinder my progress." Auron thought

He gritted his teeth and make decision, "I am a former ranked number 1 player. Before, I could easily make money that much. If I can do it once, then I can do it many times more."

He went to check his phone, and there was a message from Roan asking why he still not contacted him yet. Auron just remembered that he had a promise with Roan. He replied that he would contact him after dinner. He also asked Roan to help him bought 10 nutrient solutions and he transferred the money to him.

After eating his dinner, Auron directly login into the game. When he regained his vision, he was in the body of Smiling Wizard in the academy's dormitory and his roommate were chattering about the dinner before. When a player logout or login, it will not affect the NPC's behavior. It was as if the NPC's memory tampered with fake memory. That was why, his roommate was talking with him as if he was eating dinner with them, when actually he was not.

Auron directly went over to his main character and told the system to just made his clone stayed in his room. The first thing he did was opened up his character's info. He saw that his experience had building up until 80%. He was short 20% from reaching level 11. Then, he went into the city and started to contact Roan.

Since he know Roan character's name, he directly message him. Not long after, Roan replied Auron's message and named a place for them to meet. After confirming the meeting place, he went to the meeting place to meet Roan.

After walking a few minutes, Auron arrived in front of a building at the most northeastern part of Miderian. A high building could be seen on his line of sight. On top of the building there was an image of a scale which was the symbol of the building. This building was trading guild's headquarter.

It was ran by the one of the prince. Its function was to supervise all of the trading company who run their business in all of Gaia. One who want to create a new trading company should submit their application at the headquarter. Then, the headquarter would evaluated their trading company requirement. If the managed to fulfill all the requirements, then they could start doing their business in Gaia.

The trading guild also offered the trading companies some help by providing a low rate loan and if the trading company could reach certain level, they could rent some land in the business district of Miderian.

Auron could see a big fat guy in front of the building waiting patiently. Beside him, there were 3 other guy. The fat guy was Meatball, Roan's character. Auron quickly walked to them and over his greet.

"Hey, bro!"

Seeing Auron coming over, Roan hugged him and said, "Hey, bro! you finally arrived."

"Ha ha ha. Finally, this day is come. Back then, you always bully me with your level. But now, I could defeat you with a blow from my mouth." Roan teasing Auron.

Auron smiled, "Just you wait, I will catch you up and let us have some duel. By the way, would you introduce me to your friend?"

"Oh yeah, This were all my friends from the first branch back then. This is Rejan" Roan pointed to a huge guy who hold a note on his hand.

"This one is Red Pepper" Roan pointed to another guy who was almost as fat as him.

"And last but not least, Jedi which also is his real name" Roan pointed to the last guy who use his real name as his character's name. Except his name, what make this last guy more standing out was his appearance. He wear a glasses and has a skinny body which was very contrast to the other three guy. It look like all of his fat was absorbed and distributed by the other three.

"Nice to meet you, Sword of Life" Rejan patted Auron's shoulder.

"Hey, former guild leader and former ranked number 1 swordsman, I never think I would meet you in a situation like this." Red Pepper said frankly.

"Hmm... just as I predicted, you create swordsman character. Based on what I analyzed, you have 90% chance to create another swordsman character, other 6% you would create a mage character. 3% for creating an Archer character. As the rest, the chance are so small, that it will be considered as a miracle if you choose to create the other class." Jedi crossed his arm in front of his chest while observing Auron's character.
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