Tales of Magic Swordsman
26 Dark Mansion
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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26 Dark Mansion

Auron felt confused. He thought 100 golds profit was very hard to achieve since, back then, he never done this before because the first branch always supplied it for him. However, after seeing his friends confidence he felt reassured. "Okay then, I will quickly leveled up"

As what they had discussed before, everyone, except Auron, got a badge showing their identity as Dragon's Den Trading Company's member. Quickly, they went into discussion mode to determine which goods should they sold first. However, Auron could not get into the discussion since this was not his expertise. He could only forbade them a farewell and leave into another hunting.

Auron walked outside of the city. However, this time, he didn't went into the goblin's hill, instead he went the opposite direction of goblin's hill. After walking for a several minutes, he could see a big area surrounded by big hill around it which acted as natural fence enclosing that area. There was only one way to enter or exit that area which was through a 'small gap' in the hill. Although it was said 'small gap', actually the entry was like a small cave as big as an ordinary house.

Inside the area, there was an abandoned village. With the silent of the night, the spooky aura could be felt when one step into the village. All the building inside the village had became ruin and there was no sign of living creature inside. It added more to the spookiness of this area.

Auron walked inside the cave. There was several bat creature looming inside the cave. They aggressively attacked Auron. However, these bat creature are just a weak creature. They even weaker that ordinary goblin in goblin's hill. So, with several attack, Auron could easily got rid of the bat.

It not take too long before Auron arrived at the end of the cave. He could see the abandoned village. The chilling wind could be felt on his skin. The silent and darkness of the night added more eerie feeling. Not too far from him, he could see a moving object moved slowly around.

[Zombie] (common monster)

Level: 13

HP: 2000/2000

MP: 0/0

Skills: None

Description: A dead creature. It is said it was raised from the dead. Although it is a bit durable, Its movement speed was slow.

This place was Dark Mansion. In history book, it story start when a kind and rich noble looked for a place to build his mansion. After long search, he finally found this place and fell in love with this place because of the natural fence formed here. He build his mansion on the innermost of the area. Although he built a very large mansion, as big as 8 ordinary house combined into 1, the area surrounding it was still large. So, he gave some of the land to his subordinate and his maids.

As time went by, the subordinate and maids built building around the area and it become more lively. Traveler and merchant often come around this place to make business and trade with the noble and the people here. One day, a merchant come and enchanted by the noble's wife beauty. The merchant decided to live here, he told the noble about his desired to live in this place.

However, the noble know the merchant's intention, so he politely decline the merchant's offer. The merchant felt offended and he hired many mercenary to attack this place and kidnap the noble's wife. With the meticulous plan and the careless of the noble, the merchant successfully invaded the area and wreck havoc.

However, noble still a noble, he got reinforcements from the kingdom and successfully defended the area and killed the merchant and all the mercenary. Sadly, his wife also died in the attack. After the incident, the noble getting sad and more sad each day. Until one day, who knows how, the noble got his hand on a black magic. He want to use the black magic to resurrect his wife. He sacrifice all the villager inside the area to see his wife again. At last, he finally saw his wife. However, it was only his wife body, inside of her body was a demon soul. The demon took over his wife body and killed the noble.

The demon cast a cursed on this land and made this area as a land of undead. This was why, a zombie and undead could be seen walking through the area. The demon tried to conquer the surrounding area. However, he was failed because of the kingdom's army. Since then, he made a pact with the supreme ruler that he will only operate in the inside of the hill and not step outside of it.

Although it had spooky and sad history, this was a favorite hunting place back then. The reason was the unlimited undead and the slow movement speed undead. That way, it was easier to hunt these undead. Aside from that, this place was actively operated in night than in days. In night time, the undead spawn here was three times faster and it gave more experience point than in the day time. Beside that, back when Two Worlds launched, there are still many people not played Two Worlds fully and still took a job in real life. So, at day time they worked and when night came they started played. Since they played at night and this place gave more experience point when night, this place was very popular back then. With faster spawn rate, there was no worry they would run out of monster to kill.

Right now, because there was no player hunting here anymore, Auron could see many undead monster walked around aimlessly here. If one looked from above, it looked like a swarm of ant filling all over the place until there was little space left.

Auron quickly start his hunting session. He attack the nearby zombie with [Charge]. -250. A damage float above the zombie's head. The zombie attacked started to look at Auron and tried to attack him. Not only that, other surrounding zombie attracted by the noise and they started to walk in the direction of the fight.
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