Tales of Magic Swordsman
28 Undead 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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28 Undead 2

Auron started to pull monster one by one to his hideout. After killing the monster pulled, he tried to pull another monster. Sometimes, he tried to pull two monster at the same time. However, after 30 minutes killing the monster, Auron realized that he could not move an inch from his current hideout.

"After 30 minutes killing this undead, I can not move away from here. The spawn rate was faster than my killing rate." Auron thought.

After Auron killed the monster he pulled and pulling another monster, a new monster appeared at the empty spot. So, he could only turtled inside his hideout.

"At this rate, I could only stayed here. Who knows if I could went to the mansion or not." Auron pondered while looking for a way to move into the mansion.

After looking for a while he found a way, 30 meters from his place he could see another place with few monster around. Then, 40 meters north west from that place there was another ruin with few monster. And from that last place, there were only a distance of 50 meters to the mansion.

"Using this way, I could reach the mansion. However, it is still hard to move to each place." Auron looked at his inventory. "There were still 50 health potions left in my inventory. I think I can try to reach the mansion"

After made up his mind, Auron started to move outside of his hideout. However, he didn't go straight to the next place. He made a detour by moving to the nearest big hill and moved along with it. There were few monster near the hill. So, Auron could moved safely. After moving and killing undead for 5 minutes, Auron arrived near his first destinations. From his place, he just need to move straight and charged to the entrance of the ruin.

His first destination was a ruined house. The roof of the house wrecked and fell down inside the house. Although the roof was wrecked, the four wall of the house still stand strong. This was why Auron chose this house for his destination. Luckily, the entrance of the house was facing Auron. He could just charging straight and went inside.

After preparing his mind, Auron used all of his movement speed's skill and charged straight into the house. There were many undead alerted by Auron sudden movements and started to chase Auron. However, because the undead had slow movement speed, they lost track of Auron. When Auron arrived near the house entrance, an arrow dashed out and successfully hit Auron.

-25. A red damage float above Auron's head. Auron gritted his teeth, ignoring the damage, he keep charging into the house. Another three arrows was move toward Auron. However, Auron had successfully went inside the building. Quickly, he sidestepped and take cover behind the house wall. The arrows missed the target and hitted the wall.

The nearby undead alerted by Auron started to charged into the house. However, the entrance of the house was small and could only afford one undead at a time, so Auron could easily killed the undead one by one. Because there were many undead alerted Auron he could only killed them one by one.

Auron spent all his effort to kill the monster. The monster outside the house could be seen reduced from Auron effort. Although the undead could only enter the house one at a time, Auron still maintained his vigilance because sometimes there were arrows aimed at him. When there was and arrow coming, Auron could only took cover behind the wall. When he was taking cover behind the wall, some of the undead could went inside the building.

When that happens, Auron used his high leveled skill and kill the undead quickly. Then, he prevented another undead from entering the house. After killing all the undead chasing him, he looked at his status and inventory. He only need 12% more experience to level up.

"I can level up when I went to the next destination." Auron thought, "I still had 32 health potions left. It is enough to go to the next destination."

While in rest, Auron looked at his next destination. He tried to look for the most feasible way to reach that place. He had two ways to reach his next destination. He could use his method before to reach this place by walking alongside the hill or he could just charged for 40m to the north west of his place.

If he used his method before, he needs to spent more energy since the distance will be farther. He also needed to charge farther than before to reach his next destination. If the chose to charged directly to the next destination, the distance he had to go through were shorter however it was more dangerous since along the way to the next destination were packed with monster.

"This is getting more difficult. What should I do?" Auron pondered deeply since this was his first time to be in the middle of monster alone. Usually, he would have his guild mate hunting with him, so whenever he was in trouble he could escape by relying his guild mate.

He observed his surrounding carefully. A place, 50 meters north from his current place, draw his attention. A ruined huge three storey building. There were only a wrecked wall surrounding the third floor. One, from the outside, could saw what was inside. There were five skeleton archers on top while on the first floor there were a dozen of undead monster. Auron could also saw, from the croaked wall, a bunch of undead monster roaming on the second floor

Auron suddenly got an idea. If he could went into that building and went to the third floor, then from the third floor he would use all of his acceleration skill and jumped up in the direction of the mansion. With the accelerate speed and momentum, he could jumped and landed directly around 10 meters near the mansion entrance. From there he could just run to the mansion while dodging the undead.

Although he would get damage from jumping that high, however he could minimize the damage by using skill and rolling on the ground.

"This is it, This is the only way. I have to do this." Auron made up his mind.
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