Tales of Magic Swordsman
31 Evil Mistress“ Dungeon 1
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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31 Evil Mistress“ Dungeon 1

[You have entered Evil Mistress' Dungeon.]

[Kill the Noble]

Maximum Players: 10

Dungeon Cooldown: 1 days

Description: Kill the Noble Rick to clear the dungeon.

Quest Clear Condition: Kill Noble Rick (0/1)

Quest Clear Rewards: Experience +10.000, Silver +1

Quest Failure Condition: All player in the party die

Quest Failure Punishment: Dungeon will be in cool down for 2 days.

[You have activated a Hidden Boss. Beware an evil spirit aware of your presence! Quest Updated]

[Destroy the Evil Spirit]

Maximum Players: 10

Dungeon Cooldown: 1 days

Description: Eliminate evil spirit haunting the mansion to clear the dungeon.

Quest Clear Condition: Kill Noble Rick (0/1), Kill Evil Mistress (0/1)

Quest Clear Rewards: Experience +50.000, Silver+5

Quest Failure Condition: All player in the party die

Quest Failure Punishment: Dungeon will be in cool down for 4 days.

Dark Mansion actually the first dungeon for the player. The mansion was the entrance for the dungeon which was the deceased noble built. This was a 10-player dungeon. A maximum of 10 players in a team could entered this dungeon.

In Two Worlds, there was no minimum player for entering the dungeon. Whenever a player felt strong enough to clear the dungeon, they could entered the dungeon alone. To clear the dungeon, a player needed to complete the dungeon's quest. There were different quest for each dungeon. Mostly, the quest was to eliminate the boss to clear a dungeon. The reward of completing a dungeon was all the player in the party would received experience point, money, and the dungeon cooldown would not be prolonged. If one failure to complete the dungeon quest, the cooldown for that dungeon, for all the player in the party, would be prolonged depending on the dungeon's difficulty. When a player dead or logged out, then they would be resurrected outside the dungeon and they would be considered as dead. So, when a player entered a dungeon they could not stopped halfway, there was only success or failure.

Whenever a party entered a dungeon, they had a slight chance of activating a hidden mission in the dungeon. The chances of activating the hidden mission would fluctuate depending on the dungeon's situation. When there were many party entering the dungeon, then the chance would went down drastically. A hidden mission could only be activated by one party. So, when a party got the hidden mission, then there would be no other party that could activate the hidden mission. The other party could only got their chance when the involved party failed their quest. However, if the involved party successfully cleared the quest, then there would be no more hidden mission for that dungeon for 2 days.

When activating a hidden mission, their quest would be updated and their clear rewards would raised a lot. However, with the increase in rewards, the difficulty of the quest also increased significantly. For ordinary team, a hidden mission could be a nightmare for them. Meanwhile, for a team of experts, a hidden mission could be considered as blessing from heaven. This was why, there were some guild fighting each other for the hidden mission right.

However, since now all the player was high leveled enough, the could not be bothered with a low leveled dungeon. Because of this, when Auron entered the dungeon, he automatically activated the hidden mission.

Auron actually knew that he would activated the hidden mission, but he still went into the dungeon because he believed in his strength. Actually, for Auron, hunting inside the dungeon was easier that hunting outside because the monster in the dungeon could not re-spawned. So, if one was careful enough, they could eliminate all of the monster before fighting the boss. This way, they would only face the boss and their guards.

Luckily, this was a low leveled dungeon, so the monster inside would only moved inside their designated place. In a higher leveled dungeon, the monster actually moved around all the area in the dungeon. So, if a party was not careful enough, they could be ambushed by another monster. There was even a dungeon where the boss roamed around the dungeon and always summoned his guards to roamed with them.

When Auron regained his vision, 2 skeleton guards already waited for him. The skeleton guards automatically moved to attack Auron, when he regained his vision.

[Skeleton Guard] (common monster)

Level: 17

HP: 2800/2800

MP: 30/30

Skills: Shield Bash

Description: A walking skeleton with a shield and sword. It has normal movement speed.

Auron held his sword in his hand tightly. One of the skeleton slice towards Auron. But, Auron successfully dodged the attack. He circled around the skeleton and launched a slash toward the guard.

-103. Auron managed to hit one of the skeleton guards. he continued his attack. He turned his slash into a chop. However, the chop was blocked by the skeleton guards. The other skeleton guard also started to swing his sword. Although the skeleton guard was stronger than most of the monster outside, for Auron, these two skeleton guard was an easy prey. They could not compared when Auron had to fight with a bunch of monster outside. Auron took his time to kill the skeleton guards. After around two minutes fighting, both of the skeleton guard died.

"Should I cleared all the monster before fighting the boss or just directly faced the boss?" Auron pondered while picking the loot dropped by the skeleton guards.

Because this was just a low leveled dungeon, a party could just directly went and faced the boss went they knew the way to the boss. In this dungeon, one just need to went up through the stairs and move into the hall to fight with the Noble Rick.

"I should just used this chances to quickly raise my level. I need to swept all of the monster for experience point and the loot." Auron quickly dismissed the idea of directly faced the boss. He was in need of experience point and money, and this low leveled dungeon was like a gold mine for him.

Right now, he was in the first floor, there were three ways he could choose, left, right, or move forward toward the stairs. Since, he had decided to swept all the monster first, he dismissed the third option.

"Left or Right don't matter since I will swept both of them. Let's sweep the monster on the left first." Auron decided.
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