Tales of Magic Swordsman
33 Evil Mistress“ Dungeon 3
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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33 Evil Mistress“ Dungeon 3

Auron came back to the entrance of the dungeon. This time, he took the right path. He could saw the identical hallway as the left one. The decoration filled the hallway was the same as the left path and also, the monster filled and place were the same as well.

He cleared his way toward the end of the hallway. At the end of the hallway, he saw an exit lead to the back of the mansion. He exited the mansion and arrived outdoor. A barrage of arrow greeted Auron. He directly went back inside and took cover by the wall.

Most of the arrow were missed and hitted the wall. However, because of the sudden attack and there were many arrows, Auron took some damage. Although, the damage was not critical it was enough to make Auron health dropped below half.

"Dammit, I forget about the arrow's barrage." Auron cursed while taking a health potion to replenish his health. Because this dungeon was the first dungeon player would encountered, so it had been a long time since Auron finished this dungeon.

Luckily, the arrow's barrage didn't kill him. With his quick reaction speed, he could dodged most of the arrow. If he was one step slower, he would already became a corpse.

"Next time I go to low leveled dungeon, I will looked at the guide first." Auron said.

Heaven's actually had a completed guide covered all the dungeon in Two Worlds. The guide had been compiled from the knowledge of many guild member's experience in the dungeon. If one followed this guide properly, he could easily finished the dungeon. However, Auron didn't even have one copy of it. When Auron was still the Heaven's guild leader, he never thought that he would run a low leveled dungeon again, so he didn't make a copy of the guide.

"Maybe, Roan has a copy of it. I will asked him the next time we met." Auron thought. "Well, it actually doesn't matter whether I use the guild's guide or I look for the online one."

Since Two Worlds had been running for 10 years, it was easy to look for a dungeon's guide online. Although, the guide was not as complete as a high ranked guild's guide, but it was enough. What Auron needed was some key points about the dungeon, so the online guide was enough for him.

"Let me finish this dungeon first and think about the guide later." Auron thought in his mind.

He had to think how he should dealt with the arrows' barrage. When a group of player run through here, they would made the swordsman to tank the arrows while the cleric heal the swordsman from behind. However, right now, Auron was alone and he had no healer beside him. He could not rely on his health potion because of there was one second cool down when he used the potion. Even if he was somehow succeed and could killed all the monster, he must had used a lot of potion.

"What could I do, without a healer it will cost me a lot of potion. Let's just leave this place and continue upstairs." Auron abandon his intention to clear all the monster and went back to the entrance.

He directly went to upstairs. Arriving at the second floor, Auron was greeted with a huge door in front of him. This door lead to the main hall used by the noble to held a party for his guest or a celebration party. This place was also where the boss of the dungeon, Noble Rick, was located.

Meanwhile on the left and right side of the hall, there were a path lead to the back of the hall which were the room for the noble's family resided. There were also room for the guest. Right now, the room was filled with monster and along the way there were some undead monster guarding the path.

For a party that only looked to clear the dungeon, they would ignored the path and directly challenged the boss in the main hall. However, for Auron, the monster was practically an experience point and a gold mine for him.

With his high leveled skill and his fighting techniques, it would be easy for him to kill all the monster. Since, he needed four times more experience point than ordinary player to level up. He would not ignored these monster. Moreover, he also in need of money, the monster would also dropped some loot that could be sold. Although it could be considered like a little drop in a bucket, however, a little drop could also filled the bucket full given some time.

Auron didn't want to missed this chance, he took the left path. He focused all of his though in hunting as he wanted to minimize the use of his potion. He tried to dodged or blocked all of the enemy attack. He also only used his basic attack to attack the enemy.

This way, although, he needed more time to clear the monster, he could save a lot of money for buying potion. Auron took his time to kill the monster safely. He went to a bunch of monster and clear it first before went to the next group of monster. He also would got inside the room one by one. When the battle was ended he would took his time to rest to replenish his health. Sometimes, he would used his skill when he had no other choice. It was better to spend some money rather than tried to save it and died.

After 20 minutes, trying to clear all the monster on the second floor as cheap as possible, Auron finally managed to clear all the monster and he was back at the entrance of the main hall. From clearing all of the monster on the second floor, he managed to raise his level to level 13 with 62%.

As usual, he allocated his attribute as he had planned before. After raising his attribute, he found out that his mana, with the help of silver necklace, already surpassed his health.

"After this dungeon, I need to take some loan again to Roan. I need to have some decent equipment or I would always have a hard time finishing a low level dungeon." Auron sighed. He didn't want become burden to his friend, but he was also had a hard time because he didn't have proper equipment.

Auron could only sighed. He opened the door to the main hall and entered to face the boss.
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