Tales of Magic Swordsman
39 Academy“s Class
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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39 Academy“s Class

Since Auron login very early, he was confused on what he supposed to do now.

"There were still a lot of time, should I go hunt and raise my level?" Auron thought.

However, soon, Auron dismissed the idea of hunting because when he was hunting, he would forget about time and the chance of him late was high.

"Maybe, I should go over to Smiling Wizard and read information about how the academy works." Auron decided, "That's it, I am going over to Smiling Wizard now".

Although, Auron already accepted into the academy and got the handbook, however, up until now he still never read it. After deciding what he gonna do, he prepared first for his main character. He went to the medicine store and bought another batch of potion. Buying another batch of potion made him only got 1 silver on his pocket. He didn't want to spend all of his money and kept it for emergency use.

Auron commanded the system to went over to the Dark Mansion's area once again and told it to hunt there until all of his potion ran out. Auron also made the system only hunt the monster near the entrance, so the level of danger was much much lower and the system could easily ran away. Because it was morning and he made the system to hunt in the entrance, Auron felt safe to leave his main character to the system.

As soon as he finished issuing his command, he switched over to his clone character, Smiling Wizard. He looked at his surrounding. He could see Feather Slice still asleep and snoring. He saw Black Bull was awake and doing something, but he could not find Deadly Tower anywhere in the room.

"Good morning." Auron greeted Black Bull.

"Oh you are awake, good morning." Black Bull nodded and replied.

"What are you doing? and where is Deadly Tower?" Auron asked.

"I am calculating my asset. This was very important step for me to survive in the academy." Black Bull replied with serious tone and concentrating on calculating his asset. "About Deadly Tower, He woke earlier than me. When I woke up, I could not find him anywhere, so I went outside and found him exercising and practicing his archery."

"He must really eager to make his dad in heaven proud of him. Because of him, I also become motivated and that is why I am also preparing myself for the academy. Go out if you want to meet Deadly Tower."

"Wow, he practiced very hard. I cannot lose to him. I am intending to read about the academy's handbook first. I haven't read it before." Auron told Black Bull.

"Sure, I will not bother you anymore. As an advice, read the academy's point part and memorize it." Black Bull giving advice to Auron and directly went back to calculate his assets.

Auron thank him and brought out his academy's handbook. He read it carefully so he not missed a single word. When he didn't understand about something, he would read it many times until he understand what it meant about.

After 1 hour reading the book, he finished reading it and closed the book. The book was very detailed especially the academy's point part. Based on what he read, for the first 3 months he needed to attend two type of lesson, the general lesson and the class specific lesson. As it named, the general lesson would teach about everything in general, like how to raise one rank or how to fight in the war, what they needed to do when they were in danger, etc. Meanwhile, the class specific lesson would teach the way of that class, which in this case was mage, on fighting in war.

The general lesson would be divided into two class, the noble class and the commoner class. Of course, they would be treated differently. The book said that the treatment for noble class would be better, their practice tool also more expensive than the commoner class. Because of this, there was one time that one of the commoner raised a protest to the academy. However, his protest was quickly dismissed by one sentence, "Military needs money, war needs money, rather than protest about the unfair treatment, why don't you raise your contribution point and become noble."

For the class specific lesson, there would only be one class for each specific class regardless of their status. The class would be a mixed of noble and commoner. From the book, Auron also learned that this class would teach them about how their class would contributed to war. Even the merchant class also had their own important role.

In general, Swordsman would be the vanguards so they would learned everything they needed for close combat. Thief would learned on how to assassinate their enemy in the chaos of war or spying into the enemy camp. Archer would learned to snipe the enemy from far away and supported the close combat class. Mage would learned on how to cast their magic efficiently also they would learned on what they needed to do when they were trapped in close combat. Cleric would learned on the timing to heal and buff to support the other class. Meanwhile, merchant would learned on how to distribute the logistics and defend themselves and their carried goods from their enemy.

As it mentioned before, they would learned all of it in 3 months everyday without break even on Sunday. After 3 months, they would be released from any guidance and they free to choose what are they gonna do. Although, they were free to choose on what they gonna do, they still needed to achieved a certain amount of academic's point each month. If they could not achieved it, they would be punished by sent to the war zone for a month before they could get back to the academy.

They would continued doing this until they were graduated. They would graduated 9 months later. So, it could be said that they would learned in the academy for 1 year. After 1 year, they would be sent to war zone as a soldier of Gaia and they could started to raised their military's contribution point to raise their ranks.
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