Tales of Magic Swordsman
42 Ceremony 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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42 Ceremony 2

Auron look at the muscular guy with much anger and hatred. If gaze could kill someone, that guy had already died many times over. Killing intent could be seen accidentally seeped out from his body. Auron quickly maintain his composure and retracted his killing intent.

Although, the killing intent only showed out for a brief, however, it quickly attracted all of the other students' attention. All of the student looked over to the source of the aura. They followed Auron line of sight and saw the guy in the noble's group.

All of them had many thought on their mind. Some of them scared, some of them frowned thinking why this guy showing his killing intent to the noble's group, some of them smirked while cursing and mocking Auron thinking why this guy seeking death.

Even, a shock expression could be shown on Auron's roommate. They looked over to Auron and followed his line of sight. When they saw who was the one that attracted their roommate, they understood. With their knowledge about Auron's problem, they come closer to Auron.

The student in the noble's group also looked over at Auron and they could saw Auron looking at their group. When they followed Auron's gaze, they could saw the muscular guy frowned. Many thought also appeared on each of their mind about the guy background and how come he could be brave enough to show their killing intent to them who had a noble status.

When other people could felt the killing intent, how could the muscular guy, the target of the killing intent, not felt it. He frowned and looked back at Auron. He could not remember who this guy was and why he shown his killing intent. He felt confused at this guy. This guy stand at the commoner's group and showing such killing intent and hatred gaze to him.

"Is this guy had a big background showing such killing intent to noble group while standing in the commoner group?" The big guy thought in his mind.

He didn't dare to act rash when he still not sure about the guy background. This place was military's academy. Although, not many officer in the academy who could be bribed, there still few of them who could make his life hard. Moreover, despite his family was in the top 3 noble's family in the academy right now, he was still the lowest among the three. Also, his family was only ranked 3 in this student's batch, there were still a lot of noble's family with higher status than him outside the academy.

He already decided to make an apology if this guy background was higher than him. While he had a big and muscular body, his courage was actually not so high. He only liked to bully others who were lower and weaker than him. He could not afforded to offend someone with unknown status or he would only brought disaster to himself.

While he was frowning and trying to remember who was this guy and why he was showing such hatred gaze, one of his roommate and his henchmen recognized Auron. He also frowning and whispered to the muscular guy. When the muscular guy heard from his henchmen, he suddenly remembered and a shocked expression could be seen. However, the shocked not last for long, it quickly changed to an evil smirked and anger.

The big guy walked over to Auron's direction followed by his follower and flatterer. Around 10 student could be seen walked over to Auron's group. The commoner who was closer to the big guy's group didn't dare to blocked their path afraid if they could become the black sheep. They quickly departed and make way for the big guy's group.

When the big guy arrived at Auron's group, he smiled, "Why are you looking at me with that gaze?"

The big guy talked kindly and with noble's way of talking as if he was confused and didn't know the reason Auron shown such gaze.

Auron only stared silently. "Hmm... Are you deaf and mute? Hey brother can't you at least tell me my mistake?" He looked behind his back and shrugged his shoulder. He asked his henchmen behind him with a loud voice, "Hey, Pollack do you know why this guy angry at me?"

The henchmen behind him named Pollack took the hint from the big guy and answered it with a loud voice, "I think I remember this guy. He seems like the student who you chased from the room yesterday."

"Really? Did I really chased someone out? I don't think I would do something that cruel without any reason. Do you know the reason why I chased him?" The big guy still maintain his confused looked and continued his act with Pollack.

"He entered the wrong room. He said that he got our room's key, the noble room's key, however, looked at his appearance. Everything ordinary and shown no noble's sign. When we asked him about his background, it turns out he was a commoner with no background. Can you imagine? How could a commoner got noble's room key?" Pollack shouted with mocking voice and emphasize his word on the noble and commoner status .

"I thought at first, he stole a key from a noble student. But, look at his level and strength, I don't think there would be any noble weak enough that could be defeated by him. Unless..." Pollack stopped for a while like he got a sudden revelation, "He was a gigolo and was hired by some noble woman so he could get his recommendation proof. With his handsome face I was sure it was because this reason he could get a noble room's key." Pollack said with a mocking tone followed by laughter by other the big guy and people around him.

"You....!!!!" Feather Slice could not endured what Pollack said and instantly rage erupted from inside him like a volcano.

Deadly Tower and also Black Bull also showed anger face. The three of them quickly brought out their weapon and ready to fight.
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