Tales of Magic Swordsman
47 Question
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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47 Question

All of the students, including Auron, rushed out of the building and went directly to the main building. With the help of nutrient solution, Auron didn't need to eat. So, instead of going to the dinner room, Auron went directly to the mage lesson.

In the way of going to the class, Auron looked at his classmate expression and he felt pity. For Auron, eating in the game was only for the purpose of replenishing his energy point. When Auron didn't anything in the game, his energy point would depleted which would resulted in his attributes reduces. Although it was not good, but it was better than what would happen to NPC when they were not eating. When an NPC not eat anything they could died. Auron could only sighed and prayed for his classmate safety.

After a few minutes, Auron arrived at the mage lesson class. Despite rushing to the class, he still arrived late. When he entered the class, all of the other student already sit on their chair and the class already started with some introduction.

"You are late! Since this is your first time, I will overlook this. However, there is no second chance. Now, take a seat."

A beautiful woman scolded Auron. This woman had a white smooth skin. She was wearing an red long robe. From one look, one could recognized how expensive the robe she was wearing. Her black long hair added more to the beauty image of the woman. This woman was only slightly shorter than Auron and she seems younger than Auron. Despite her scolding, she still had a kind image on her. This woman was the mage class' teacher.

After scolding Auron, the teacher continued her teaching. Auron took his seat at the back of the classroom. The class specific lesson was a one big lesson for that specific class ignoring their social status, in this case was mage. Auron could saw there was a clear separation between the noble and the commoner. All of the nobles were sitting at the front of the class and the commoner were sitting behind them.

There were 200 students in the class. Auron could saw that this class was dominated by the noble and their commoner henchmen. From the way the commoner interact with each other, Auron could count the commoner which was not related to the nobles. Including Auron, the commoner that was not related to any nobles could be counted by finger.

Ignoring all of this, Auron started to pay attention to the class. Since this was the introduction lesson, it explained about the element on their spell and all other basic things. Auron already knew all of this, but he still payed attention to the lecture of the teacher.

The teacher's explanation was very clear and easy to understand. Since Auron never played as a mage before, his knowledge limited. However, with the help of the lecture now, Auron could answer some question on his mind. A big question like how a mage with the same dexterity could have different spell casting speed was also answered. As a mage, you would have an elemental understanding which could help you to cast the spell faster. However, not all of the mage could understand this. Also the higher the understanding, the higher it could reduce the casting time.

After hearing this, Auron looked at his character's status panel to checked his understanding, but he could not find anything related to this in his character's status panel.

"Could it be not recorded in the panel?" Auron thought.

"No, it must be recorded. There is only one reason why I cannot find anything related to the elemental understanding. My understanding was so low that it was not recorded"

What Auron thought was correct, there was no elemental understanding in his character's status panel was because he had not understood anything related to the elemental. It could be said that his elemental understanding status was 0%. This was why he could not find anything related to the elemental understanding in his character's status panel.

Auron could already imagined how hard it was to raise his elemental understanding. Moreover, Auron never played mage before and didn't know anything about this. And right now, he was sitting in a classroom that discussing about this. Auron could not missed this chance. Auron interrupted the teacher's teaching by raising his hand wanting to ask a question.

The teacher who saw this stopped his lesson and pointed at Auron, "Yes, you".

When the teacher said this all of the others student looked at Auron including all of the nobles. Auron took this chance and told his question.

"How can we get to know our elemental understanding?" Auron asked.

When Auron asked this, all of the nobles laughed out loud. Some commoner also laughed along with the nobles. Some other commoner had their eyes opened wide shocked by the question. Auron was so confused by the sudden laughter.

What Auron didn't know was all of this was recorded in the basic mage books that could easily acquired even as a commoner. Also, for them, to determine one had a talent as a mage or not, they should had at least one elemental understanding. So, when they heard Auron's question, one things appeared at their mind.

"This guys didn't had any talent and knowledge to became a mage but insisted to become a mage. Just a low level mage."

There were many mage that didn't have talent but insisted on the path of a mage. At the end, they were just a low level mage and at most a mediocre mage. However, to become a mediocre mage without talent they needed to spent a lot of resources and from the image of Auron, which was a commoner it was impossible to achieve. By asking that question, all the student especially the nobles, sneered at Auron. What all of them didn't know, Auron was different from them all. Auron was a player not a NPC.
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