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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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59 Idea 2

Auron felt his idea was a good one. However, he was still careful when it comes to executing it. He tried to remember whether Peter already forbid them to do something like cutting branch or not. He could not remember Peter mentioned a things about this. As far as what Auron remember, Peter didn't mentioned anything about what to do or what not to do.

Auron gritted his teeth. He had decided to do it. He would bear all of the consequences if, at the end, Peter blamed them. Since Auron was in his mage character, he could not use any sword weapon. Auron could only used his spell to break down the branches.

Auron used ice bolt and wind bolt to destroy the branches, while he would use earth spike to destroy the tree root. He didn't want to use fire bolt since he was afraid that the fire would burned out all of the forest. Also, the smoke produced could suffocate and made his classmate panic.

Slowly but surely, Auron advanced while destroying the branches and roots. When he was low on mana, he would gulp and mana potion to replenish his mana. It took Auron longer to finish this lap since after destroying the branches and roots, he would need to clean out the rubble so it would not hinder their progress.

When Auron was doing this, occasionally, some of his classmate that still keep running saw what Auron done. They came closer to Auron to see what he was doing. From their inquiry, they knew what Auron was doing and wanted to help him. However, Auron smiled and made them to clear the branches and roots ahead while he would be the one who clean out the twig pieces.

With his classmate's helps, Auron works became easier and faster. Not long after, he already arrived at the edge of the forest. Although, this lap took longer than the lap before, there was no huge difference because of his classmate's help. Auron arrived at the starting line. He hadn't told his other classmate yet about what had he done in the forest, he wanted to test it out first. So, only the few classmate that help him out who knows what had already happened to the forest.

He prepared himself at the starting line and prepared to use all of his speed skill in one go. He quickly went to the outside of the academy. Then, he quickly hopped on the stone path on the river. He ran on the uphill path and in no time he already arrived at the entrance of the forest. Some of his speed skill was ending, so his speed gone a little bit slower.

He entered the forest and ran straight the path. It obviously looked faster, since he didn't need to slow down his speed to duck to avoid the branches or jumped to avoid the tree's roots. Also, when his skill was off cooldown, he would quickly used it again. He spared no effort in this lap. He wanted to know how long it took for him to finish this lap after cutting down the tree's branches and roots.

He arrived at the exit of the forest. He didn't slow his speed and directly ran downhill path. With the momentum from going downhill, his speed increased more. He hopped on another stone path on the river and directly ran straight on to the starting line. When he arrived at the starting line, he quickly looked at the time. He managed to finish the lap under 10 minutes. It took him around 7-8 minutes to finish this lap.

Auron was surprised as well as happy. What he was doing was not in vain. He managed to half the time needed to finish a lap. With this result, Auron become more optimistic in finishing the lesson today. However, he didn't showed it on outside and just kept a calm face while he continued to run.

Seeing Auron arrived at the starting line this fast, also shocked his classmate. When they were leisurely resting, they were seeing Auron comeback this fast. "Didn't class captain just set off, how could he comeback this fast?". This sentence popped out on each of Auron's classmate's mind.

"Our class captain was a mage. How could a mage ran faster than a swordsman or thief? Did he was not a mage?" One of his classmate speculating on how could achieved this speed. However, he quickly dismissed the idea, "No way, our class captain clearly joined the mage's class. He would not be able to deceived the academy. But then, how?"

Many of the classmate that was resting curious on how their class captain could achieved such record. They quickly stood up and started following his class captain. When they arrived at the forest, they were shocked by what they saw. No branches and no roots that hinder their speed. They could saw a straight path. They were excited and pumped they quickly ran straight and in no time arrived at the exit.

When they arrived once more at the starting line, they were happy at their time. Almost all of them managed to halves their time. Seeing this, they were happy and continued to run. However, this didn't last long, after few laps, their lack of rest quickly enveloped them again and they quickly rest once more in the starting line.

When his classmate was resting, Auron kept on running. If one counted it carefully from the start, then they would find out that Auron was the only one that didn't rest and kept on running. Some of Auron's classmate realized this and motivated by what had Auron done, they shorten their rest time and lengthen their running time. Some of them that have some thought to break the rule, quickly dismissed the idea. They even felt shamed having such evil thought.

After few more hours running, Auron and his class managed to finish achieved the objective. They even managed to finish faster. When they finish, all of Auron's classmate could not help and looked at Auron. They felt grateful. They could finished the task that they think was impossible to finish.
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