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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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70 Round 7

Three enemies appeared at this round. Just like before, Auron started to move to search for the enemies. After several minutes, he found all of his enemy walking in group carefully. They consist of 2 mage and 1 archer.

"So, it supposed to be a long ranged battle again." Auron realized that this round supposed to be another long ranged battle.

"Unfortunately, I will not do as what it want."

Auron felt that he was strong in close ranged combat even though he was a mage. Moreover, with the [Walking Chanting] he just learned, he felt a new close combat style had been found. He could combined his magic and close combat fighting style to produce way more possibilities.

Auron moved out and started to move close to the enemies. The enemies sensed Auron, they quickly maintained some distance from each other, so that they would not fell in one swoop of Auron large area spell.

The archer started to shoot arrow at Auron. While one of the mage started to chant a fire spell. The last mage was in charge of their defense and creating a barrier for all of them. An arrow was shot toward Auron followed by a fire spell.

Auron moved side ways and could dodged the arrow and the spell easily. The enemies continuously barraged Auron with their attack. The archer become the main attacker since the mage needed to preserve their mana. So, more and more arrow coming toward Auron.

The mage didn't stayed idle. Occasionally, their chanted a followed up spell and tried to make Auron position in danger. However, it didn't work, so they could only watching Auron's movement and adjusting their position according to Auron's movement.

Although, Auron could dodged all of the arrow and spell, but he could not get closer to them. If this continues, he would be forced to fight in a long ranged battle. That was why, Auron let some of the attack hit him in order to move closer.

However, it was not as easy as Auron's thought, seeing Auron move close, the enemy also moved back and maintained some distance. This frustrated Auron.

"What should I do, If this continues, my health will be depleted before I reach the enemies." Auron thought.

Auron took some risky move. Before, he only dodged and tried to move closer to the enemies without using any spell. However, right now, Auron tried to charged over to the enemy and also using some spell.

Auron charged out to the enemies. However, he just didn't charged blindly, he tried to analyze the enemies position and chanted a spell and aimed at the mage. This time, the enemies already knew that Auron could do [Walking Chanting], so the enemies was not caught in surprise like the enemies before. They could evade the coming spell.

However, Auron's goal for the spell was not to hit them, it just for a distraction to come close to the enemies and it works. Auron slowly close their distance between them. The enemies didn't stay still. They also tried to buy some time with spell so they could widen their distance once more. The mage tried to chant one or two spell.

However, to their surprise, Auron didn't tried to fully dodge the spell. Auron only tried to dodge a little and let the spell grazed his body and make some damage. This plan worked. Auron managed to come closer to the enemies with the cost of his health.

To come to the close combat distance, Auron had to sacrificed 80% of his health. Now, he left with 20% of his health while the enemies' health still full. He needed to defeat all of his enemies with 20% of his health left.

Seeing the situation, the archer abandon his bow and took out a dagger to become the tanker for two of the mage. One of the mage become the attacker, while the other mage supported them with some defensive spell.

Another close combat fight broke out. Auron maintained the upper hands. he could fight with the archer in close combat while chanting a spell and aimed it toward the mage. Although, Auron was not so lucky with the randomize damage, however the spell was enough to distract the mage from chanting a spell.

The fight continues until the archer collapsed to the ground. With the archer defeated, Auron could easily defeat the other two enemies. When he defeated the other mage, Auron only left out with 3% of his health.

"This was a risky move. I sacrificed 80% of my health just to make it into close combat. I needed to find out another way when this situation happened once more" Auron felt relieved his bet was a success.

Auron was resting until the countdown timer was up. When the timer was up he was ready for another battle.

[Three enemy with level 29 had been spawn]

Auron moved out and search for the enemies. His confidence soared up high. He knew that this continuous win will have to end because of the enemies' attributes getting stronger and stronger while his attributes stay the same. But, he also wanted to know how far he could continue.

Auron saw a movement up ahead in front of him. He saw the enemy up ahead. The enemy also saw him and took out his sword then charged over to Auron. The enemy Auron saw was a swordsman.

"Huh, it is weird why only one enemy. Where is the other two enemies?" Auron also took out his dagger and he was ready to block the swordsman's attack. But, he was confused why there was only one enemy.

However, several minutes later, he found out the reason. A chill made his spine went cold and made him shivered a bit. Two dagger flashed out and aimed at Auron's vital. He could not dodged both of the dagger completely and took some damage.

"Damn it, another two thieves. Why is teacher loved thief that much? Is her lover a thief?" Auron cursed in his mind.
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