Tales of Magic Swordsman
72 Assessment“s Rank
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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72 Assessment“s Rank

Auron opened his eyes and he was back at the simulation room. "The assessment was hard. It was very hard to fight against enemy with higher level and attribute" Auron sighed. He looked at his earned points. From the assessment, he got 338 points, thanks to the last enemy that die with him. If not, he would only earn 309 points.

"I don't know if this point was enough to earn top 3 of the assessment" Auron really wanted to get into top 3 for the rewards especially the first ranked rewards. It was so tempting for Auron. If he learnt just one of the spell for Ms. Alice, he would be the only player in Two Worlds to learn that spell beside Ms. Alice.

Auron walked out of the simulation room and went to the simulation tower entrance. When he arrived at the entrance, there were already many student waiting at the entrance. They waited here to knew the announcement about the top 3 student for the assessment.

"It was really difficult to fight with two thieves" One of the student beside Auron talked to his classmate.

"I agree. I didn't even got a chance to attack back before I died" His classmate replied

Hearing the conversation, Auron silently nodded. It was also difficult for him to fight against 2 thieves. Luckily, at the end, he learnt the [Walking Chanting] skill. It boosted his fighting power and helped him to turn the tide over.

Auron waited silently near the entrance of the tower. While waiting, he could hear some of his classmate's conversation. Most of them were talking about the difficulty of this assessment. Especially, the noble students, they were really shocked at the difficulty of this assessment. Most of them managed to hire an alumni student whether from the military or other places and become their mentor.

All of the mentor, always said that the first assessment was easy and they could get until a minimum of round 7. However, from the test the student just did before, they doubted if the test was difficult or they were the one that was too weak. On one side, they believed their mentor that said it was easy. However, the reality was different, they felt that the test was difficult. On the other side, they could not believed that they were weak. Their ego would not allowed it.

Not long after, Pollack followed by several student walked to Auron. "Are you ready to get out of this academy?" He started to mock Auron. Pollack result was not so high. He could only get until round 5 and managed to defeat one of the thieves.

At first, he was shocked, He could not believed that he would get that low result. However, as the student came out of the simulation tower and waited, he asked almost all of the student. From his inquiry, he realized that his result was not bad. His confidence soared up once again.

Although, Auron took a long time finish the assessment, he could not believed that Auron reached a higher round than him. He thought that Auron must be hiding somewhere in the forest and waited patiently for his death to come. He even thought that Auron could not get into round 4. That was why he could act so cocky and mocked Auron.

However, before Auron could reply, Ms. Alice came out of the tower with a paper on his hand. "I was disappointed" That was the first sentence that came out from Ms. Alice's mouth when she came out of the tower.

"I believed that all of you could reach a minimum of round 7. But, looked at your result." Ms. Alice's voice became high. There was a rage contained in the voice.

Although she said like that, she actually already predicted only several student that could get into round 7. However, it was also true that she was disappointed. She could not believed how weak her student was at close combat fight. They could not even do something and became panic when they got in close combat fight.

All of the student felt down. They could not help but facing down to the ground and not braved enough to looked at Ms. Alice. They were ashamed at their result.

"There was some of you that could not get into the round 4." Ms. Alice's tone became higher.

Hearing what Alice said, Pollack could not help but shook his head and looked at Auron with a mocking smile. He believed Alice was talking about Auron.

"Now, I will announced the result. Your ranking will be based on your points earned. If some of you had the same point, then the one with faster time would ranked higher. If even the time you got was the same, then I would be the one that ranked you based on your performance on battle."

"Ranked at the bottom, Mackey with 153 points, next ..." Alice announced the ranked one by one starting from the bottom one.

Alice announced it non-stop, she announced several ranked in one breath. After mentioning several student, "Starting from this rank, you all got the same point, as I said before, you will be ranked based on your time and performances. Ranked 20, ..."

Hearing the rank announcement, Pollack was smiling widely, up until ranked 10 his name was not mentioned. It means his result was higher. His confidence to get the reward soared up high. He even forget about his bet with Auron and focused on his ranked.

"Now, onto the top 3, rank 3 with 325 points, Pollack" Alice announced.

Hearing that Pollack had a mix feeling. He felt happy that he could get into the top 3, but he felt shocked that he only got third in the ranked, which mean there was two student that was better than him.

"Rank 2 with 325 points, Kirkland" Hearing the second rank had the same point with him made Pollack even shocked. If he could get faster.

"And now, the first ranked student with 338 points, Smiling Wizard" Alice declared with a loud voice.
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