Tales of Magic Swordsman
73 Assessment“s Reward
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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73 Assessment“s Reward

"The first ranked student with 338 points, Smiling Wizard" When Alice announced the first ranked student, a commotion broke out.

"No, it was impossible! This must be a mistake" Pollack shout loudly. He denied the fact that Auron was ranked higher.

"So, you think, I made a mistake?" Alice tone get higher.

When Pollack heard Alice's tone, he realized he made a mistake. "No, teacher. I just wondering how he can become number 1. Maybe, we can learn something from him" Pollack tried to arrange his word carefully so it didn't offend Alice.

"If he got 338 points, then, based on his level, he should get into round 7. How did he do that?" One of the student that also could not accept the result asked with careful tone.

"Yes, as you mentioned, he got into round 7 and defeated one out of the three enemies in round 7" Alice confirmed the speculation going on.

"All of you knew that your opponent had the same class. You also fight in the same field, the forest. The only difference was your level and your opponent's level." Alice started to explain.

"As you all can guess, Smiling Wizard defeated the opponent at round 5 that all of you find difficult to fight."

"And let me tell you first my intention on this fight. I knew some of you had realized that this batch's assessment was more difficult than the batch before. It was intentional. There was something I want to assess from this assessment. And that thing was, your close combat fight."

"Why? Because my mission given from the academy was to raise your close combat capability. And to raise your close combat capability, I need to know how your capability right now."

"From the data that we compiled from several years in the war zone. 90% mage was died from being forced into closed combat. Only 10% could survived from being forced into close combat. However, don't be to happy first. From that 10%, only 10% could survived by relying on his own strength. The rest, they were lucky that they could get quick help from other people. Which mean, only 1% of the mage that could survived from relying his own strength. Luck is a strength, but we don't want you to rely on it. That was why, we tried to raise this 1%."

"And that was what the academy tasked me to do. As you know, I am one out of many mage that mainly fight in close-mid range combat. This was the reason they chose me to teach you."

"And as you can guess from explanation, Smiling Wizard close combat capability was high enough to face the assessment. Although, he still also had some luck factor in it. But, I believe, his close combat capability surpass all of you here."

When they heard Alice's explanation, some of the student, that had some doubt earlier on the reason the assessment was more difficult than before, got enlightenment. They felt that their days chanting spell from back was over. They felt scared thinking they needed to get into the front and faced the enemies.

"Teacher, can we see the record on how Smiling Wizard defeated his opponents?" Still could not believed the fact, one of noble student tried to ask Alice to show them the recorded video.

"Well, as you know the rule, if you want to look at the record you need to asked the respective person in the video. How about it?" Alice turned and asked the silent person that become the hot topic for several minutes now.

The academy had a rule that all of the student that wanted to see a recording video of the other student from the same batches needed the consent from the respective person. The reason was the academy made the student to compete one to each other. In competition, sometimes, you need a hidden card that other students could not know. If the student didn't like his hidden card to be shown he could chose not to share any recording.

The silent Auron become the target of everyone attention. From what Alice said, they knew that Auron must have a hidden card in it and he could choose not to share with them. However, to contrary of their expectation, Auron decided to share it with them.

"I don't mind sharing it to you guys" Auron broke his silent and decided to share it.

"Okay, since he was willing to share, then I will show it to you guys now" Alice took out the recorded video and play it in front of them. The video played from the beginning when Auron arrived at the forest the first time. They skipped the part when Auron was resting and only played Auron's fighting scene.

After around one hour, all of the student knew how Auron got his first rank. Some of them acknowledged that Auron close combat skill was higher than them. However, there was also some of them that felt Auron only got lucky to learn [Walking Chanting] skill. They felt that Auron could past the assessment was thanks to that skill and if they also got the same skill they believed that they could also achieved what Auron achieved.

"Okay since you all already looked at the video, now all of you get back to your dorm. For the top 3 that get the equipment reward, I will let you take time to choose your equipment. Tomorrow, I will asked you on what equipment you want."

"Everyone except Smiling Wizard, disperse now and do what you want. For Smiling Wizard follow me" Alice declared.

When everyone was about to disperse, a voice stopped them, "Wait!"

"I think you guys forget about something" Auron was trying to remind them something.

When Auron said that, all of the eyes of Alice and the other student instantly gaze onto Pollack. Auron walked to Pollack, pointed at him and said with a mocking tone, "Didn't you owe me an apology?"
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