Tales of Magic Swordsman
76 Mud Swamp 1
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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76 Mud Swamp 1

Auron left Alice's office and directly went into the training ground in the academy. The academy's training ground was an open field. The size of it was nearly as wide as a housing complex. On the side of it, there was three huge building. Inside the three building there was a simulation room, the same as the one that was used in the assessment. However, to use that facility, they need a teacher to watch over them. And, if they were not close enough with a teacher, usually they need to give some compensation to teacher. That was the reason why the simulation room was rarely used by the students.

When Auron arrived at the training ground, there were few student still lingering around. It was because two reasons. First, it was almost night, so most of the student were stopping their practice. Second, since it was so rare for them to get opportunity like this, only attending one class, they chose to spend their free time to have some fun.

Auron chose a spot near the corner of the training ground. He started to practice the [Fire Combination]. However, since he only had a limited number of fire spell, he could only chose from what he had. Auron seriously practice the skill. To no surprise, he failed. Since Alice who had a higher understanding of the spell than Auron had a difficult time to use this spell, Auron could not help but failed. He didn't even produced produced anything.

From what Alice said, there was several stage that was considered a failure. First, if you were produced nothing, that would obviously be considered as a failure. Second, when you only produced the original of your base spell without any characteristic of the other spell. Third, when you produced a spell with a weak or only half of the characteristic of the other spell.

In Auron case, he didn't produced anything, so he could be considered was in the first stage of failure. Although, he failed, Auron didn't give up. He tried once again. Another failure was produced. He tried again and again. He even used mana potion to quickly replenish his mana.

Another 5 hours passed, since his understanding of the spell was very low, Auron failed every attempt he made with no progress. Auron was exhausted, so he could only stopped training for that day and back to his room in the dorm. His room was empty. His roommate was still playing outside and haven't got back to the room. Auron went straight to his bed and let his mage character pretending to be sleep and he directly switch on and changed to his swordsman character.

When Auron had switched successfully, he felt a hit to his body. A damage appeared at the top of Auron's head. There was a [Crazy Bull] attacked him. Auron regained his mind and fought the bull calmly.

"It looks like I had to look over the other's situation first before switched over. Luckily, what hit me just ordinary monster, what if it was a boss monster." Auron thought.

After he defeated the [Crazy Bull], the first thing he did when he switched to his swordsman character was to look at his character's inventory. There were a lot of item inside his inventory and needed to be sorted out. Auron need 30 minutes to sort out all of the item in his inventory. After sorting it out, he used a [Town Portal] and went back to his safe point in the town.

He visited the shop and sold out his unused item. Then, he used the money he gained to buy some hunting supplies, he didn't forget to buy a lot of mana potion for his mage characters. He also upgrade some of his swordsman character and his mage character. First, he used some decent equipment he gained from hunting, when he could not find any suitable equipment, he looked it at the market.

Next, with the leftover money, he tried to look for a cheap skill book. Auron still needed to upgrade his skill level. The skill book was very expensive. It was cost a lot of money. After spending some of his money to buy skill book, he finished his shopping session.

He looked at his money left and sighed, "It was really difficult to accommodate two characters". After the shopping session, his only got 5 silvers left. Actually, he could spend that 5 silvers, however, he chose not to and decided to save it for emergency fund.

"Where should I go?" Leaving his money condition aside, Auron was tried to choose a suitable hunting ground for him.

"Maybe, I should go to [Mud Swamp]" Auron decided to go to [Mud Swamp].

[Mud Swamp] was actually a hunting ground for a level 35 player. Auron was still level 22, but he was confident enough that he could defeat the opponent there. Actually, there was a reason why Auron chose [Mud Swamp], his goal was not the monster in [Mud Swamp], but the dungeon in [Mud Swamp].

The reason was for the reward. The dungeon itself was not so rewarding, but the reward for clearing the dungeon was pretty decent. It was a lucky random box. Although it was named as a box actually, the content of it was not an item, instead it was money. And, as it names, the amount was depend on the user's luck.

From what Auron's knew the lowest amount he could get was 1 copper. Meanwhile, from Black Sheep's confirmation the highest amount that a person could get was 10 gold. With an average amount of 10 silver. Although, it seems small, however, this was a level 35 dungeon, for a level 35 player 10 gold was enticing enough for them to go for it.

After making up his mind, Auron checked his preparation once again before he set off to [Mud Swamp]. He checked his potion supplies and his equipment's durability. When he felt that all preparation was enough, he set off and walked to [Mud Swamp]
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