Tales of Magic Swordsman
90 Level 25
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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90 Level 25

[Your nutrient solution is ran out. For preventive measure, we will force logout you in 1 minute]

The alarm sound was actually a notification from the game capsule which indicating that Auron's nutrient solution was running out. The preventive measure which mentioned was actually to force the user to logout from the game. This was done to make the user knew that his nutrient solution was running out, so he could buy another or could arrange his schedule.

"Wow, I just replenish my nutrient solutions two days ago, and now it was running out."

After 1 minute, Auron was logout from the game. He opened his game capsule and get out from it. He was shocked by the fact that his nutrient solutions already running out.

"This must be because of the [Walking Chanting] and intense battle that I do."

What Auron thought was correct. The reason his nutrient solutions ran out so fast was because the fact that he used a lot of [Walking Chanting]. To use the skill he needed more concentration than normal. And, to supply the energy needed, the consumption rate of nutrient solution raised. Moreover, for the last two days, Auron also doing many battle that needed a lot of concentration.

"I need to buy another nutrient solutions. I am broke"

Auron cashed out some of his money enough to buy nutrient solutions. With that he broke once more. After cashing out some money, he quickly login to the Black Sheep's website and ordered some nutrient solutions. Luckily, Black Sheep opened for 24 hours a day.

Actually, Auron could still played the game without nutrient solutions, however he dismissed the idea. He wanted to take this chance to break from gaming and took a little rest. In the morning, the Black Sheep's courier arrived delivering Auron's order. After accepting the package, Auron instantly putted the nutrient solution at the game capsule and went back online.

When he logged on, he spawned at the same place as before, in front of the dungeon's entrance. As soon as he logged in, a two moths sensed his presence and quickly attacked him. With the [Male Moth] in the front, they charged towards Auron.

Auron also sense their presence and he was ready. He took out his swords and blocked the [Male Moth]'s attack. Then, Auron jumped back to dodge the [Female Moth]'s attack. After training inside the dungeon, Auron's growth was visible. He was getting used to fight with this character.

A [Fire Bolt] shot out from Auron and targeted the [Male Moth] at the front. Although the damage was not so high, however, it was enough to make the [Male Moth] flinched. Auron did not missed the chance, he made used the chance to move further back from both of the moths. With the distance made, Auron could prepared more. He didn't want to waste many nutrient solution for these small fries.

After some times, Auron managed to kill both of the moths. Then, Auron went to loot the items dropped by the monster. Auron looked at his experience bar. He almost went up to the next level. After killing the last boss, it made his experience soared up until he almost went up to the next level. Then, he looked at the current time, it was around 6 am in the morning.

"There's still time until the class. It was enough to raise my level."

The class that Auron talked about was the military academy's class. However, he decided to raise his level first with the swordsman character. Auron began to lure the nearest monster from him. Since he was about to level up, he wasn't in rush. He took his time to kill the monster.

After several minutes, he could defeated several groups of moth. With that, he leveled up to level 25. He took the item from the ground. Since, he had achieved his goals, he used a return scroll to go back to town.

He wanted to sell up his loot and geared up before he leaved this character to another self-hunting. After he arrived at the town, Auron directly went to the shop to sell his item. He picked some item that could be sold to player. He saved all the equipment he get and sold the miscellaneous item.

After that he went up to the auction hall to sell his equipment. Although, it was a low level equipment, however, there was still someone that wanted to buy it as long as the price was made sense. Even though, the price was not as high as when the game first release, it still higher than went sold to the NPC.

Auron registered all of his unused equipment. Now, he only needed to wait until the registered item sold. From the item he sold before, he get around 2 golds. It seems a lot, however with a character like Auron, 2 golds was far from enough.

Seeing the money was not enough, Auron dismissed the idea to change his equipment. Instead, he bought a lot of potion supplies. This time, he didn't want to be so stingy. He bought a lot of potion until he only got 50 silver left. Using this 50 silver, he bought a staff for his mage character.

After he finished his preparation, it was time for him to change character. He went up to his mage character and waiting for the class to begin. He commanded the AI controlling his character to went up to another place, [Kobold's Camp]. It was much safer than [Mud Swamp]. Moreover, it was a hunting ground for level 25 player, which was the same as Auron's level now.

Time passed by, more than 20 days. And now, it was the end of the months. Which mean it was the end of the learning period. Starting tomorrow, it would be the beginning of the practical period. All of the students was gathered up for a briefing at the first place they gathered, the academy's field.
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