Tales of Magic Swordsman
91 Practical Period 1
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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91 Practical Period 1

For the last 20 days, Auron had ensured to follow the class properly and tried to get as many free attributes as possible. However, reality was not always beautiful. At first, Peter's class still gave some free attributes, but as the days passed by, slowly the free attributes that Peter's class gave reduced.

At the last 10 days, Peter's class didn't even give any free attributes. And worst, the penalty for failing the task was harsher than before. For the last 10 days, was like a hell for the student in Auron's class. Even Auron felt worst as the task was visibly more difficult but he didn't gain anything from it.

Luckily, the Alice's class could mend some of the bad vibe from the Peter's class. After the class examination, Alice began gave more of her attention to Auron. Alice helped Auron in the class and outside of the class. She even gave Auron a private lesson for the [Fire Combination] spell. This surely made the others student in Alice's class grew jealous. They tried to unleashed their rage towards Auron.

Auron who already knows what their intention, avoided them. When the class was over, Auron would directly followed behind Alice. After that, he would stayed at the library or the dorm to practice and would not get out from it until the next class. With what Auron had done, his other classmate could not bully him anymore. They could only gnashed their teeth and tried it at the practical period.

With his level raised, his hunting visibly gone faster than before. From the 20 days, Auron could raised his level to level 40. His level gone faster than before since he changed some of his equipment with more better. Moreover, when he was level 35 he directly equipped the [Pirate's Saber], he got from the boss before. This helped his swordsman class to hunt faster than before.

Also from the last 20 days, he stayed a lot at the library, this helped his mage character's spell level. He gain several level for some of his spell by learning at the library. Although with the raised spell's level, he needed to spent more on his mana potion. However, it was cheaper than to buy all of the skill books needed. Sadly, he could not raised his fire elemental understanding or got another elemental understanding from another element.

Another thing was his auctioned weapon before was sold. With the money from it, he began to flourish little by little. His financial condition become better little by little. Although he still spent a lot and reserved some of his money for urgent condition. But, he had paid one fifth of his debt to Roan for buying him the nutrient solution. However, Roan didn't want to accept it. Auron could not help but give it to the Dragon's Den and said it was an investment from him.

With his level raised and his equipment got better, he was stronger than before. Moreover with another 10 free permanent attributes from Peter's class, He even could defeated level 65 monster. Auron believed that he even could defeat a level 50 player with decent equipment and skill or level 60 player with poor equipment and skill. However, he never actually test it out with another player since he still wanted to stay low.

A crowd of students filled the academy's field. Today was the last day of learning period for all of the students. Tomorrow, they will started to enter the practical period which made them needed to collect point, so they would not get punished.

Since today was the last day of the lesson period, there would be no class and there were only briefing for the practical lesson. After that, the student could prepare themselves to face the practical lesson.

The field was filled with the student and noise could be heard from there. There were several student that showing off his progress to his friend from another class. Also, there were still some low class student that boot licking to the noble student.

Auron and his roommate chose to stand by the side. They didn't want to attract unwanted attention like at the opening ceremony. Four of them chatting happily and asking each other condition. Actually, although the four of them were a roommate, it was very rare for them to meet each other at the room. The reason was because of the tight schedule. When one could came back to the room, they would have no energy to even chat and directly went to sleep. Moreover, Auron also chose to improve himself at the library rather to went to his room, so he didn't really know how his three roommate doing.

However, the disaster could not be avoided and should be faced. When four of them was chatting happily to each other, a group of student walked. A burly man was leading in front of them. Beside him, Pollack was following from behind. This was the man that drove Auron away from his room, the first time Auron came to the dormitory.

"So, I heard you were so scared that you always followed behind Ms. Alice like a cat?" The burly man mocked Auron.

"Amazing, no wonder he became a gigolo. He always hide behind a woman?" Pollack followed.

"You... Sarden and Pollack, shut your fucking mouth!" Black Bull shouted.

"Come fight me one on one. Just you and me!" Deadly Tower shouted.

"Come you all. Let me defeated you with just a flick from my hand" Feather Slice was ready to launched and attack.

While Black Bull, Feather Slice and Deadly Tower was in rage, Auron kept his calm demeanor. He slowly looked at Sarden. Auron could see that Sarden's level was not improved as much as the other noble students.

"Wow, your mouth become fiercer after the learning lesson. Sadly enough, your level improvement was not as fast as what your mouth learnt."

"Relax, you have your turn. Don't you know that your lovely lackey, Pollack, had already been defeated under my hand?"

"And next is your turn. Just you wait for it!" Auron smiled mockingly
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