Tales of Magic Swordsman
96 Mission 128 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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96 Mission 128 2

Feather Slice crashed down on the ground. Auron immediately chanted the [Fire Wall] in front of Jackal. From behind, Deadly Tower launched [Power Shot] towards Jackal. With the [Fire Wall] in place, Jackal just stood in his place and deflected Deadly Tower's [Power Shot] with his sword.

Feather Slice stood up and gathered around with the rest of his teammate. Looking at the situation, it was worst. From the short fight before, Auron's group almost collapsed. Feather Slice and Black Bull who got hit had their health almost depleted. Fortunately, their equipment was pretty decent that they could endure the hit. Moreover, Jackal only used his fist and kick to defeat both of them.

The difference in power could be seen. With the level difference so high, it was no surprised that Auron's group got defeated. Auron's group was so miserable, that they clenched their fist. However, there was not even slight trace of fear or even gave up could be seen on each of their face.

With [Fire Wall] dividing between the two groups, their fight froze for a while. Actually, Jackal, with his high level and high grade equipment could break through the [Fire Wall] easily and defeated Auron's group. However, he deliberately used a weaker attack to see the group's potential. It was also what Kelial wanted.

Auron faced his group and signed at his group that he would be the one that went to the front. Hearing that, Auron's teammate shocked and wanted to forbid Auron from doing that. However, before they could do anything, Auron already went to the front and attack Jackal. Seeing this, their group could only supported his attack.

Deadly Tower used his most powerful skill that he had right now, [Explosion Arrow]. Meanwhile, Black Bull and Feather Slice charged up towards Jackal. Seeing Auron's group action. Kelial, Jackal and the other person frowned up. All of them had one thought in their mind, "Are they already gave up?"

Auron changed his weapon while he was charging towards Jackal. Auron unequipped his staff and equipped his dagger. Showing his dagger towards the enemy, Auron made a stabbing movement. Jackal who had seen the dagger, only smirked and shook his head.

"Too naive. A mage wanted to fight in close combat. No wonder he showed so such basic mistake." Jackal thought.

Jackal raised his left hand in attempt to stopped the dagger. Meanwhile, his right hand already in position to counter the attack. His strategy was to stopped the dagger with his left hand and launched a punch with his right hand towards Auron. A mage could never stood a hit from him. In addition, the difference in power was huge.

When Auron's dagger was so close with Jackal's left hand, Auron already finished chanted his [Soft Earth] spell. The ground underneath Jackal become soft like a wet cement. Caught in surprise, Jackal lose his foothold and limped.

Jackal's left hand that tried to stop Auron's dagger missed his target. Auron directly used his dagger to slice Jackal's stomach. Auron's dagger hit Jackal. However, Jackal wore a decent equipment that made Auron's slice like a knife trying to cut an iron.

However, Auron didn't just stop there, a [Fire Bolt] launched toward Jackal's face. Jackal swung his hand in front of his face to block the [Fire Bolt]. It made a little explosion. Using that explosion, Auron moved behind Jackal and launched another stab. This time, his dagger managed to hit Jackal's hand.

Actually Auron wanted to stab Jackal's shoulder, however Jackal could dodged Auron's attack from behind. Meanwhile, Auron's teammate got another shocked from Auron's performance. They shocked for a bit and managed to recover. They continued their attack and supported Auron.

Jackal was a professional guard that had been trained. After taking several attack from Auron and his group, Jackal recover from the [Soft Earth] spell. He didn't let Auron's group to bully him. Jackal unleashed his sword and used [Whirlwind Slash].

With Jackal's power, there was nothing that Auron's group could do. All of them could only backed out in front of Jackal's [Whirlwind Slash]. Auron came to regroup with his friend and made distance from Jackal.

"Stop!" Kelial stopped the fight.

All of the eyes went to looked at Kelial, "It was enough. The difference in power was so visible. There was no point in continuing the fight"

Kelial ordered the guard behind him to invite the lord, Daniel. Meanwhile, he observed Auron's group. On the other hand, Auron's group expression sunk. They knew that the difference in power was so large and they could never passed the test. But, it was still depressing to know that you could not passed a test.

"I have a question. Why you asked a preparation time before, but with only less than a minute you already ready for battle?"

Auron step up and answered, "Actually this was my mistake. At the beginning, I was worried since this was our first time fighting together. In the end, I worried for nothing."

Not long after, Daniel came to the field and went to Kelial. Seeing Daniel came, Kelial saluted to him and whispered something in Daniel's ears. Hearing what Kelial whispered, Daniel kept nodding his head.

After that, Daniel announced, "Based on my head guard's opinions, your power was not enough"

Auron's group immediately letting out a sighed. It was so depressing, if only they could be stronger they would surely passed this test. Fate was cruel. They could only looked for another mission.

"But..." Daniel continued, "my head guard's also said that although you power was not enough, you could still be some help and be the patrolling guards around. He believe that your group could handle one opponent and stalled the time until our guards came."

"However, since you will only became the patrolling guards, then the rewards would surely reduced. I can only offer you 40 points for the mission. Now, it was all up to you to accept it or to decline it."

"Now, what is your group's choice?"
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