Tales of Magic Swordsman
108 Move On
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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108 Move On

Black Bull could not help but let out a sighed. His expression sunk. Although, he had prepared with the consequences, but his heart still hurt. Moreover, in his opinion, the sentence was pretty harsh. The reason was because, although, he used a prohibited item, the target for the item was not innocent civilian. Moreover, it was to save one of the noble's family in Gaia.

After the sentence was announced, whispered and murmured could be heard from audience. Some of them shocked upon the sentence because they felt that the punishment was not heavy enough. They thought that Black Bull would be sentenced for jail until the rest of his life, or got a dead punishment. But, the reality was opposite of what they thought.

Some of the audience nodded as if they had known the reason why Black Bull only got this punishment. The one who nodded their head came from family with pretty high influence in the Gaia whether it was from high level nobility or rich merchant with wide connection and power. They thought that Black Bull's family obviously intervened with the judges.

What they thought was only some of the truth. What they didn't know was actually when Black Bull's family wanted to intervene, there was already someone else who already intervene and Black Bull's family only reduce the sentence a little bit more.

Of course, the one who intervene was Daniel. With the help from the king, Daniel managed to changed the sentence to expelling Black Bull from the academy and some money fine. They also knew that Black Bull's family surely would not left Black Bull neglected on the street when he was expelled from the academy.

Meanwhile, Black Bull's family also got the news from Daniel's messenger about his intervention. They thanked Daniel. At first, Black Bull's father felt that the intervention from Daniel was enough. He knew that Black Bull could not pay the money fine of 500 golds and would came to him to ask for help. When Black Bull asked for help, he wanted to make Black Bull followed him and not goof around playing. But, Black Bull's mother relentless complained made the father surrender. He intervened by paying up 400 golds up front so as the fine not to high for Black Bull. He didn't want to pay up full so as to give raise the chance that his son would came back to asked for money.

As Black Bull accepted the reality, Auron and his other friends could not accept this but they also could not protest to it when the main defendant already accepted it. They could only comforted Black Bull.

"Silent! Now, the court dismissed!" The judges end the court and started to leave the room.

After the judges left the room, Auron and the other was escorted by court's guard to finished some administration before they could be released.

"Remember! you only have 2 days to pay the fine. If in 2 days, you still haven't pay up. You will be forcibly picked up!" The officer who managed the administration reminded him.

After all of the administration processed finished, the four of them went back to the academy. After arriving, they immediately went back to their room as Black Bull needed to pack up his thing as he need to get out from the academy as he was already expelled from the academy.

When Auron and the other was outside of the academy to accompany Black Bull out, Auron said, "Black Bull don't be too disheartened. We will helped you to gain 100 golds in 2 days. What the urgent thing we must to thing is where will you go now? Will you come back to your family?"

"No! Not a chance! I will not come back after this long. I will looked for a merchant guild and joined them" Black Bull rebuked.

"Do you have any specific merchant guild?" Auron asked. When Black Bull told Auron, his intention, Auron remember his best friend, Roan.

"Not yet, but I will find one for sure!" Black Bull felt optimistic.

"Actually, I had a friend that just made an upstart merchant guild. If you want to join, I can introduced you to him"

"That would be lovely, I don't care whether it is a new merchant guild or not. As long as, it can help me to live and learn."

"Okay then, come to this place and meet with my friend. I will also try to ask them to pay your fine."

"Okay. I don't need for my fine to be paid." Black Bull declined the offer.

After that Black Bull set out to the designated place. Meanwhile, Auron also contact Roan and told him about the story and told him to help Black Bull. As the condition on Roan's side, their business was growing in the good direction. As their business started to grow, they felt that they need to expand however since the manpower was not enough, the plan was postponed.

When Auron introduced Black Bull to Roan, he immediately accepted it. Even though Black Bull still needed to be trained, it was better to have someone that can be trusted. Roan had already told the other about Auron's 'cheat', so it was not a surprise for the other that Auron introduced someone from the military academy.

Roan also offered to pay up the sum, but Black Bull declined the offer. But, Roan didn't give up as he kept on offering it saying that it was Auron's gift and he didn't want his member to be distracted by such things. At the end, Black Bull accepted it as a loan and will paid it back in installment.

As thing already sorted out for Black Bull, Auron felt relieved. He still felt resentment that he could not help much for Black Bull, but he knew he need to move on. He focused back on his plan ahead. Auron asked Deadly Tower and Feather Slice to accompany him to collect the mission's rewards as well as picking another mission.
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