Tales of Magic Swordsman
111 Orc“s Camp 1
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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111 Orc“s Camp 1

A man walked on a narrow path outside of Gancit. As he took his time to walk on the path, he became center of attention. All eyes around the entrance of Gancit were focused on him. It was not because the man was a high leveled player instead it was because the man was under leveled around the area. Obviously, the man was Auron.

The average monster's level around Gancit was level 90. So, it was rather eye catching when a person with half of that level was roaming around the area. Actually, it would not be so eye catching if the person was walking within a group with player above level 90. If that happened, people would think that the person was a rich person that hire a group of people to power level him.

The group would wound the monster until the monster almost die while the hirer would last hit the monster. Of course, the experience point that person would get greatly reduced however since the difference in level between the one that last hit and the monster was wide, it still gave the person a huge amount of experience point.

Right now, the person who became center of attention was walking alone. It was a very strange sight. Although, the person hide his personal identity, but from his equipment people could guest that he had a magic class. And, the chance that person had a mage class was high.

Many people shook their head, "A novice player looking to die."

"Who knows if he had a group waiting for him to power level him?" Another person said his opinions.

"The chance for that to happened was pretty low. It was never heard before that a low level player visiting the party without any escort. Usually, there would be one or two player accompany the player. But, look at that person, no one escort him"

While these two person gossiping, a group of 5 player coming towards Auron.

"Hey, man! Do you need our party to help you power level? Our cost was pretty cheap! 50 silver per level until you reach level 50. Then, 1 gold per level until you reach level 60. 2 golds per level until you reach level 70..."

"What do you think? Are you interested? Other party would cost twice the price" The leader of the group advertised his service with warm smile.

Actually, the price was not cheap, it was the normal price for the service around the area. The leader of the group felt that this was a newbie, so he thought that the person must not know the market price for the service. That was why, he fabricate the truth as what he had offered was cheap in hope for that newbie to buy his lies.

Auron stopped in his track and faced the leader of the group, "No, thank you. I already have my companion."

"Really? Then why don't they escort you to the designate hunting spot? Is their price was cheaper? We could lower our price" The leader didn't want to give up since it was rare to meet a low leveled player. There occasionally a low leveled player, but it was a player that repeat his character to farm specific item in the low level area for their guild or sell it for real world money. So, that player obviously already had their own group.

"No, it is fine. I can manage to get the hunting spot alone. Thank you for your offer"

"Really? We will give you 50% discount! There would not be another chance to get this privilege"

"Enough! It was none of your business. Just know that I already had a companion." Auron felt irritated by the continuous offer. Auron decided to continue his journey ignoring the group.

"Pui! What an arrogant man! I prayed for you to die thousand time under the monster's hand!"

That leader also getting annoyed at Auron's shouting. However, he didn't want to seek for revenge because of some low matter like this. He could only vent his anger by shouting and cursing Auron.

"See, I told you he must have his own party" One of the man which was gossiping before proudly said.

"What do you know? Now, I am 100 percent sure he was a newbie that overconfident with his skill!"

Auron didn't heard these gossip around him and continued his journey leisurely. Finally, he arrived at the vicinity of the orc's camp after walking 30 minutes. A man stood in the vicinity of the camp waiting silently.

As Auron arrived, the man walked towards him. It turned out the man was waiting for Auron. The man approach Auron closer. That man was Auron's other character. It was his swordsman character.

As the two of them met, Auron nodded and looked at his other character. With both of them hunting together all of the experience point Auron get will be given to him. They would get full experience when one hunting alone while they split the burden as to two people. They would also get to collect all of the loot and not share it to other people. This was obviously a dream for all people to hunt this way. Unfortunately, they cannot.

Auron's goal right now was to get level 50, to change his mage equipment to the set that he recently get. Although, he needed four times experience point than normal people, he was sure that he could fulfill it soon. As the orc's camp was the right place to easily fulfilled it.

Auron looked at the nearest camp, two orcs was guarding the camp entrance. As he gave several command to the AI which controlling his swordsman character, Auron moved closer towards the orc's guard.

A fire bolt was appearing beside Auron and flew towards one of the orc guarding the entrance. As the fire hit the orc it explode and alarmed the other orc guarding the entrance. Both of the orc spotted the source of the fire spell and ran towards to it with the goal to killed the intruder.
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