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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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117 Ganci

[Heavy Club] (uncommon grade equipment)

Type: Two Handed Mace

Requirement: 320 Strength, level 93

Class: Swordsman, Merchant, Cleric

Attack: 1320 - 1750

Strength +1

Attack Speed -5%

Effect: There was 1% chance of stunning the enemy each success attack.

[Padded Armor] (common grade equipment)

Type: Body - Upper

Requirement: 200 Strength, 120 Vitality, level 95

Class: Swordsman, Merchant

Defend: 190

Vitality + 30

Effect: no effect

[Silk Robe] (common grade equipment)

Type: Body - Upper

Requirement: 100 Vitality, 80 Dexterity, level 85

Class: Mage, Cleric, Thief, Archer

Defend: 90

Vitality + 10

Dexterity + 30

Effect: no effect

[Steel Greaves] (common grade equipment)

Type: Body - Lower

Requirement: 80 Vitality, level 87

Class: Swordsman, Merchant

Defend: 70

Vitality + 10

Effect: no effect

[Stealth] (Epic grade Skill Book)

Type: Skill Book

Class: Thief

Effect: A skill book to raise skill level up to level 50. Need some specific quantity to raise skill to the next level. You could visit Skill Trainer Meija in Miderian for more information.

Auron scanned through the expensive item he got. He smiled happily. None of the armor and weapon could he used since the level requirement for each of the equipment was way higher than his current level.

Well, Auron could kept his equipment and wait until he reached the required level to use it, but Auron decided that rather than saved it and use it later, it would have been better for him to sold it and used the gold to speed up his hunting speed.

These days, for equipment below level 300, the equipment with epic grade and below was not very popular. So, it was rather hard to sell it to others. However, there always some people that would accepted any equipment regardless their grade.

That people were the one who had sub class as a blacksmith. They would buy the equipment not for their own used, instead they would used it to get the raw material from the equipment. Usually, they would accept equipment starting from level 100 and above. But, there were still rare case that some of them accepted equipment starting from level 50.

Auron could find that person and sell the equipment he received to them. Of course, the prices the offer would not be as high as when it sold to the player for used, but it was slightly higher than when it was sold to the NPC.

And Lastly, this was what made Auron very happy, the skill book. It was an epic grade skill book. It was very hard to get a common grade skill book, but here he was with an epic grade skill book in his inventory.

Yes, the skill book was not the skill book he could use. But, it was still worth it. Till this date, there were still many player that didn't have that high skill level. Moreover, there were still rich person that getting bored in playing some class which made them delete the character and playing a new class. And, they needed the skill book. However, the supply could not keep up with the demand which made some of them still required various skill book.

Auron decided to keep the skill book while looking for another player that want to buy or exchange it with the skill book he could use. Well, if he could not find such a player, he could still collect skill book until he had 10 and exchange it to the NPC for a skill book he needed. A skill book was still precious whether you could use it or not.

After making sure that he didn't miss any more item on the ground. He happily left the camp. He could not continue to hunt since his potion supply was not enough to support him cleared another camp. Auron went back to Gancit.

After 30 minutes walked, he arrived once again to Gancit. When he was at the entrance of Gancit, the two gossiper from before were still there.

"Look, that person is back! Did he die?" One of them told the other gossiper.

The other person hit the person who asked behind his head, "Are you stupid? If he die how could he come back from outside of the city?"

In Two Worlds, there was no skill that could revive a player on the spot he died. Every time, a player died, they needed to resurrect at their designated resurrection point. This was also that made Two Worlds different from other games.

"Then, why did he come back? It was only more than one hour before he went outside." The stupid gossiper confused.

"Well, there can be many reason for it. Maybe, he was kicked out since he cannot pay the required amount. Or maybe, he decided to stop hunting."

"Looking at his condition, it seems the later situations that had happened. If it was the former, then he would already died. Well, there was a chance that his companion was such a good person that he let off him go safely. After all, there were still good people out there."

"Maybe, you could ask him personally."

"Hmm... you seems to be correct. But, why I should ask him? I don't care about him anyway. Do you know that female cleric before still single? Could you help me to get her? If you...."

Since, he didn't waste his time, Auron ignored the gossip and directly go to the market in Gancit. He didn't have enough money to buy equipment. So, he needed to sold the equipment he got first. He walked forward to an intersection before turning left towards a big area.

In Gancit, there was a big area that accommodates player and NPC to sell their item. This area was also the same spot when a person arrived the first time in Gancit through teleportation. When Auron arrived at the area, Auron was welcomed by a huge crowd and many stall around the area. Shouting and conversation between buyer and seller was common. If a child came here without any proper supervision, he would already lost in the crowd of people in this place.
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