Tales of Magic Swordsman
118 Rich Man 1
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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118 Rich Man 1

"Selling King's grade equipment.. Come here and take a look."

"Selling all kind of weapons"

"Buying raw materials for alchemy."

"Looking for..."


These kinds of shout was commonly heard here as the place bustling with people. A buyer was surrounded by two sellers as the sellers offered their best product to the buyer. However, the buyer kept on shaking his head indicating he didn't want to buy any of it and kept on walking forward ignoring both of them.

At another place in the market, at a weapon stall, two buyers was at a price war against each other. This situation made the seller smiled happily as he kept on prayed that the price was will be prolonged.

"Can you raise it a little bit more?" Auron said.

"Nope, sorry. I can only buy it for 30 silvers, no more. It was too low leveled for me." A stall owner shook his head.

Meanwhile, Auron was offering his equipment to one of the stall owner. However, the stall owner offered a low price and it made Auron dissatisfied. This was the third stall owner that offered the low price.

Auron knew selling these equipment was difficult. But, he could not imagine it was this difficult to get the price he wanted. Before, as a guild leader, he just needed to give the equipment he get to the guild member that managed the financial of the guild.

30 silvers was a joke for him. He knew that these equipment could be sold for 1 gold and if there were people that really needed it he could even sold it for 2 golds and more.

Auron knew he had wasted so much time that he could used to raise his level. But, he could not do much as he needed money to resupply his potion. He moved again to another stall that put sign said buying any kind of equipment.

Arrived at the stall, Auron immediately put forward his items, "Here, take a look. And, give your price"

The stall owner received the armor and weapon from Auron. He inspected it slowly and murmured while inspecting, "Hmm... pretty low level..."

Hearing that, Auron was ready to be disappointed once more. However, he didn't showed it and just waited until the stall owner give him his price.

The stall owner calculate something with his hand. Then, a few seconds after that, he said, "To be frank, I don't really needed this low level equipment, but I can still use it. How about, 3 gold for all of it?"

Hope was bloomed inside Auron's heart as this was the highest bid he get. "Erhm.. Although this was a low level equipment, but this still have some use. Why don't you raise it 60 more silvers?" Auron negotiate the price

"Nope, can't do. I can at most raise 20 more silvers? 3 gold 20 silvers that was my last offer. Take it or leave it."

"Fine, you win. 3 gold 20 silvers" Auron agreed to the offer half hearty. 80 silvers per items, it was by far the most highest offer he get. Also, it was close to 1 golds that was the normal price. If he declined the offer he didn't know how long he could get the same offer and he would wasted more time. He would rather hunting as his first priority right now was to raise his level.

Receiving the money, Auron prepared to resupply his potion and continue to another hunt. When he was about to leave the market area, a stall took his attention. A crowd of people surrounded the stall.

Curious about the stall, Auron went over for a little bit and looked. At the stall, he found the reason why this stall was so overcrowded. It turned out, a man from a rich family was buying stuff for himself. As long as the price was slightly higher than normal, he would buy it without even negotiate.

He even hired 5 NPC guards to kept his stall safe. In additions, there were also some high leveled player guard him beside the stall. Auron guessed that the high level player were hired to help him and managed his guild as Auron could see an unknown guild emblem on each of the player even the rich man also had one.

"Next" The guard shouted.

The next person in line went forward. He offered some item which the man refused. The person disappointingly leave, while the next person went forward. Auron didn't want to let this opportunity went away, so he also stood in line.

After waiting for 30 minutes, it was Auron turned to offer. Before Auron could offered anything, the man yawned and complained, "So boring, nothing precious. As I have said before, this would not worked. It will be better if he just hire an adventurer group to look it for us."

The man complained to the player beside him. It was not like the man hadn't buy anything, he had already bought several items but it was as the man said it was an ordinary item that he could easily bought.

The player beside him tried to console him, "Relax, see the line. There is still a chance. How about this? we try for another 10 people if we still didn't get anything precious we will just hire an adventurer group."

"What do you got?" The player tried to exchange the topic, so he asked towards Auron.

"Umm, I only got this skill book." Auron awkwardly showed the epic skill book he got before. He didn't want to sell this book, but for his future progress he rather sold this now and hope that he could get another skill book when he hunting.

As the epic skill book showed, the rich man's eyes, who already bored and annoyed from this exhausting worked, glittered.

"Ha... ha... ha... this is it. This is what I am looking for. Come... come... come closer. Let me have a look." The rich man excitedly asked Auron to come closer.
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