Tales of Magic Swordsman
119 Rich Man 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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119 Rich Man 2

Auron stepped forward and gave out the epic skill book to the player beside the rich man. However, before the player could receive it, the rich man already grabbed the book first and inspecting it.

"Superb, this is that I am looking for."

What he meant by that was not the [Stealth] skill but rather the high grade item. This was what his money supposed to buy.

Seeing the happy face from the rich man, the player who was supposed to receive the item asked to Auron, "How much do you sell that item?"

Auron thought quickly in his mind, "Since this was an epic grade skill book it would be valued around 100 golds. However, from the class the rich man have it seems he was not a thief, hence he could not use the book."

Auron thinking of selling the epic skill book for 100 golds. Although, the rich man could not used the skill book, it was still and epic grade. Moreover, with the attitude of the rich man whom he observed, Auron thought that the rich man would not mind to buy this skill book for 100 golds.

"How about...." However, before Auron could say anything, the rich man interrupted.

"I will buy it for 150 golds, Kemdall give the money." Still looking at the skill book, the rich man commanded the player beside him to give the money to Auron.

Hearing the price the rich man gave out, it surprised Auron and could not help but thought, "This is really some rich guys. He didn't bat an eye when calling out the price."

On the contrary to Auron's expression, the player beside him, Kemdall, was not surprised as this was like a normal situation, instead he hurriedly whispered to the rich man.

"150 golds is to expensive for this skill book. I bet if you give him 100 golds he would gladly accept it. Why the need to spent more money for this?"

The rich man turned over his head to Kemdall, frowned, his expression started to turned ugly, and said, "Just give out the money. This was to give out the lesson for other people since they kept their precious item when I am so generous. After this, stopped the buying and continue it tomorrow. I want to talk to this man."

"Why? This man is just an ordinary player that you can find anywhere. Why the need to talk to this man? He is just lucky enough to get this skill book."

"You know nothing. He is ordinary? Look at his equipment, you will probably can guess his level from that. With that level, he could get this skill book. If he is a rich man, I can agree to what you say since he can hire many service. But, looked at his attitude, it was very ordinary which mean he was not rich enough to use that service."

"He must get this skill book hunting by himself or with his friend. If he have a friend helping him, with such expensive item, do you think that friend will let him just bring the skill book anywhere you want without accompany him"

"But, look here he is alone. This indicates, he gets this skill book alone or this man was very trusted that his friend could leave him bring this expensive item all by himself. And, it looked like he was the latter."

"Don't you think we should be friend with a trusted man. It was hard to find a man we can trust and I do not want to skip this opportunity. Just believe and leave this to me. Give him the money... no....no... no... I will be the one that give him the money. You just need to announce the price loudly so everyone can hear it and do not forget to stop this buying thing since I will meet with this friend."

Kemdall was shocked to what this rich man had said, when he was first hired by this man's father, he knew that this was just a babysitting job, he thought that he would get an easy money from the father. It turned out what he thought was wrong, this man was very hard to control and predict. It was like taking care of a naughty 5 years old kid. He was very naughty and made a lot of mess around but you could do nothing to discipline him since you would lose your this high priced job.

He do what he wanted just like before he named a very high price for the skill book. At first, he thought that, "Here we go again, this mindless rich person do what he want once more". That was why he tried to persuade the rich man. But, to his surprised, from what he had told him, the rich man seems to have analyze everything in such a short time.

The analysis that the rich man made was very thorough that it made Kemdall could not help but believed. However, Kemdall quickly got rid of that thought, there was no way that this man could do such thing. He just spouted what he had thought. Kemdall firmly believe this. But, he could do nothing since he was the boss, he could only comply with the command and just prepared to make a report for the man's father.

"Okay, as what you have heard before, you will get 150 golds for this epic skill book." Kemdall purposely raised his volume.

"Now, as my boss is very happy, he just spent 150 golds for an epic skill book that this friend has brought. He want to give thanks to this friend since he has make him happy. That is why we will conclude today's buying and continue tomorrow. All of you can leave this place." Kemdall once again announced loudly and intentionally pointed out the 150 golds and epic skill book.

Of course, this announcement raised a lot of discussion and noised around the area. A lot of people disappointed as it was not them that get this privilege. Some of them regretted not present item more valuable. But, all of this didn't matter to the rich man, as he walked towards Auron with a bag of money in his hand.
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